Paddy Callahan
My name is Jem Bowkett, and I'm trying to find a cousin who worked for BCAL in the '70s as a pilot.  His name is Paddy Callahan (born 1940), wife Marie, daughter Lisa.  I have vague information that he went to fly for another airline in the West Indies after leaving BCAL. with thanks

Adelaide Campbell 05/02/12
Joined BUA cabin staff on 6/6/66, left BCAL on 7/7/77. Now living in Ontario. My first love was always children (I trained as a paeds nurse) so I have been working with the behaviourally-challenged (remind you of anyone’s crew?) for 20 years. I have two teens at home, but I still have that travel bug. So I’ve just managed a volunteer trip to Salvador, Brazil. Would you believe ... an American Airlines flight attendant heard me mention something, and asked who I had flown for, and she remembered BCAL. She said: “You had to wear those white gloves!.”

I read some other entries and all I can say to the person who hated his peaked cap is - I LOATHED those gloves and left them wherever I could. Other than that … wonderful years; then I left and had to grow up. (Working with children helps with that problem!). I too would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (as long as they are the GOOD memories; I really was NOT a very good girl - which helps me deal with naughty girls - lol!)

Bruce Campbell  06/06/18
Sadly we are learning that Bruce passed away suddenly on Saturday 2nd June 2018. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bruce's service was held on 26th June 2018. Bruce Remembered

Bruce's crewoom entry (last updated April 2018)   I joined BCAL in 76. Since 88, I’ve been posted to Asia for 10 years. Now based in LON covering Africa, Asia and Australasia. Welcome contact from old friends with whom I’ve lost touch.

Dave Campbell 23/11/17
Sadly we learn that Dave passed on Sunday 19th November 2017. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Dave was employed by Rolls-Royce at Gatwick as a field service engineer. He left R-R to join BUA, subsequently then BCal and finally, British Airways. For most of his time with BCal, he was in the training school as an instructor. Dave is remembered well by colleague Keith Dagwell, "Dave was a first class Rolls Royce engineer and a fine instructor". A photo of Dave can be seen here BCal Training School  Dave's service was held at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium on Monday 11th December in the Memorial Chapel. The family kindly extended an invitation for Dave's friends and former colleagues to join them for the service.

Peter Candy
Was first part of the Pipe Band in 1978 and later joined the Company in 1980 until the end. Worked in Insurance and Claims Dept, firstly in "Dallas" and then in the old BA Helicopters building with Stores. Now with Virgin. Great memories.

Cheryl Carey  16/06/15
I worked for BCAL from 1980 to 1985 on 7th floor of Caledonian House as a legal secretary firstly to Chris Rouse, Legal Exec, then later to Alan Jones, Solicitor. So sad to hear of Sir Adam's death. It's wonderful to see such a fabulous tribute to what was the best airline of the last century. Still miss everyone who worked there. Would love to hear from any of you.

Penhair Carloti 18/01/12
I worked in BCAL as Air Hostess. I started in 1972 and am in Coreen O'Flaherty's AB Initio group photo. I am Brazilian and I still live in Rio de Janeiro.  I would love to be in touch with friends and colleagues.

Jean Carlyle Lyon (nee Baxter, Wollen)
What wonderful memories you have given me. I am an ex-BUA and British Caledonian Stewardess, started in 1970 and left in 1986. I flew on all the 1-11's, VC10s, 707s, DC10s and 747s. It was a great company to work for, people mattered and it could and still would knock BA into a cocked hat. We were known as the friendly airline and it was true. I would love to hear from any other crew members, and I send regards from Trish Stafford who also flew on all the above and worked earlier for Morton Air Services. I left in 1986 and am now working at the Salcombe Harbour Office in Devon.

Sue Carne 09/04/2011
Hi. I worked as cabin crew from 78 to 86. Fantastic to stumble across this web site. May even dig out some old pictures if I can find anything interesting. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Those were the days!

Adrian Carroll (05/09/13)
Sadly Adrian passed away late in August 2013 aged 74. Adrian was in Engineering first with BUA, then BCAL and then BA, he is remembered working with others in the VC-10 Hangar (3) at LGW by colleague Bob Cooper. Adrian's service was held on the 12th September 2013 at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium

Del Carters   08/07/15
Sadly Del has passed away. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Del worked on the busy Ticket Desks at LGW and was known by many. Del's service was held on 24th July 2015 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium with a gathering at the Parson's Pig afterwards.

Adolfo Carvalho 30/08/23
With sadness we learn that Adolfo, ex BCal GIG Ground staff and ex BA GIG Station Manager, has passed away, following a heart attack. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Adolfo Remembered

Peter Casey   
Started with BUA 14th April 1969 as a temp loader, moved to PAX services in 1970 where i met my future wife. Bernice (Robinson), we are still together with 2 grown up kids that have flown the nest. Moved to Cargo in 1976, still there with the likes of Paul Barnes, Brian Bonsells, John Smith and others, all old BCal. Great memories of my BUA and BCal days, and will not be forgotten (proper airlines). I retired on 1st June 2009 after 40 years in the airline business. Great Site, keep it up.

Robert (Bob) Cass
Sadly Bob passed away last weekend (21st July) after a short illness, aged 92. Bob started his flying career in the R.A.F. and then became one of the first captains to join the fledgling airline Caledonian Airways when they had their head office based in Horley. Our condolences go out to Bob's family and friends.

Edward Cecil
A great site! BCAL were the best airline during my 34 years in the travel business. I had the cheek to ring on a Friday morning for a agents rebated ticket for a weekend in Edinburgh travelling up the same day, and they always squeezed me on somehow. The staff were great and no major airline has equalled them

Renato Cerpa 
Great site. BCAL was my airline while studying in the UK. Spent hours on board BCAL's 707s flying from London to holidays in my home town, Rio de Janeiro (stop in Recife), always with excellent service. Loved BCAL and it's a pity not to be able to GO BRITISH CALEDONIAN anymore. Still, to remember is to live. Congratulations to all who made up BCAL such a special airline, thanks.

Dave Chalmers 23/06/15
Dave passed peacefully, aged 92, on Friday 19th June 2015. Our sincere condolences to Dave’s family, friends and former colleagues.  Dave joined BUA in 1966 and retired in 1984. He was Station Engineer at numerous BUA/BCal outstations including Entebbe, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Freetown, Malaga & Paris. Dave's service was held on 26th June 2015 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium. David Holder recalls that Dave was a perfect gentleman.

Richard (Dick) Chamberlain 
I was an aircraft mechanic working in the VC-10 hanger from 1971-77. I have many fond memories of the guys I used to work with and have made contact with one of them, after 30 years, through your web site. The years I spent with BCAL were most enjoyable, and like a lot of the guys, I was glad to leave before BA took over and ruined one of the best airlines I have ever worked for.

Robin (Robby) Chamberlain
17/06/23   Robby Remembered
Sadly Robby, a former BCal Engineer, passed away on 1st June 2023. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Heather Chapman (nee Brechin) 
Cabin crew 1973-78. So great to find this site, and all because of my daily rag!! Wonderful memories and some amazing people, from the Delmon in Bahrain, (crazy parties) to the Norfolk in Nairobi, to some extended stays in Lagos thanks to the military junta (twice). It really was like a large family, and would really like to get in touch with Iain Gardiner, Angie Rivett, Gill Stubbs, and Reece Ridley. Ring any bells? Will try to come to the next re-union, and would also love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Paul Chapman 13/03/24    Paul Remembered
Sadly we learn that Paul, from BCal Engineering, passed away in hospital on 11th March 2024, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Peter Chapman (Dr)   01/02/15 We are pleased to mention that Peter, former BUA and BCal doctor, retired on 31st March 2014 aged ninety years young.

Peter's Centenary Salute & 100th Birthday messages - 18th July 2023 : click here

Connie Charles 
Connie was a member of Crew for British Caledonian, she sadly passed away on Christmas Day in 1988. Her fiancé was Peter Wieland and he was wondering if there are perhaps some friends who still remember Connie? He would be pleased to hear from them, email Peter

George Chatwin  28/11/23  George Remembered
Sadly George passed away on 21st November 2023. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. George worked as an Licensed Aircraft Engineer on helicopters and is remembered from Airlink days. George dedicated over 15 years of his life to the Wings Aviation Museum, leaving an indelible mark on the organisation and all those who had the privilege of knowing him. He is remembered well.

"Chop" Chopra  27/12/21
Sadly Chop has passed away, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. He worked for BUA/BCal before British Airtours, but on the merger was re-integrated in to the engineering teams and would have worked with many former BCal Engineers. He was on D shift in the hangars. A private family service was held. Chop Remembered

Sandy Christie 05/08/13
Sadly Sandy passed away on Sunday 28th July 2013 in hospital after a short illness. Our deepest condolences go out to Sandy's family and friends. Sandy was with British United at Renfrew Airport and then at Glasgow Airport in the Traffic Department.

Phil Christy   26/02/20
Sadly Phil passed away on 20th February 2020 after a long battle with cancer. My condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Phil worked in aircraft engineering at Gatwick and joined BCal in 1976. He is survived by his partner Maggie, and his children. Phil's service was held on 19th March, at the Surrey and Sussex crematorium. Phil's original entry: 1976-1988,engineering, great site, good to see old colleagues and the rampant lion again

Laurence Civil
   10/03/15  BCAL was simply the best, great training, the best product and a family that it was an honour to have been part of

Marion Clamp 10/07/2011
My first flight ever was on BCAL. The flight to my new home in the US was on BCAL. When we moved to Houston our second day we were driving north on I.45 and I saw the BCAL sign. I told my husband "Now that's who I want to work for". Several years later my dream came true. I worked in the US Corporate Office as Asst to John Story, then the Executive VP North America. The reality of working for BCAL was even better than the dream. We really were one big worldwide family. I remember our joy when we thought SAS was going to win the bidding war and our sadness when it didn't, since we knew our identity was going to disappear. I was on the last flight returning to Houston that the in-flight BCAL crew could wear their wonderful uniforms. We took photos, we cried. It was the end of an era. BCAL may no longer fly, but it lives in our hearts and always will. The people made the airline great and how could they not with Sir Adam at the helm.

David Clark  22/08/20
I have recently retired after 49 years working for BCAL, BA & IAG Cargo in various roles within cargo. I enjoyed my time at BCAL and worked with some great people. It would be good to get in contact with any of my former colleagues through this site

Peter Clark       I worked for Air Charter, CAB, BUAF, BAF from 1958 thru 1974 in Traffic, OPS, Movement Control and later the Charter Dept

Bill Clarke 04/02/17
Sadly Bill passed away on Thursday 2nd February 2017. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Angela, sons Phil, Laurence and Matt, daughters Helen and Lizzie, family, friends and former colleagues. Bill, a licensed aircraft engineer, spent his entire working life with the company, starting as a teenager with Transair at Croydon and then BUA, BCAL and BA at Gatwick. Bill's service was held on 17th February, details can be found here. Bill Remembered

Brian Clarke 
I joined as Cabin Crew on ab initio 3, March 80. and stayed with BA after the merger until 98. Days as BCAL were by far the best. Went to easyJet as cabin crew trainer and left after 4 years then went to Royal Caribbean Cruiselines as Guest Services Manager sailing out of Miami.  Would love to hear from anybody from the Great days of BCAL.

Tim Clarke
Thank you for the great memories. My first contact with BC was back in Feb.1977. I was flying in from Nairobi to Lagos. I was homesick and still had about two months before I could return to the States. As the Pan Am 707 was taxing to the gate, I remember slowly moving by a BC DC-10. It was dusk and the maintenance crew was preparing it for it's night flight. I just remember wanting to get on that plane and go home. It was the first time I had seen a BC but many had told me about the airline's wonderful reputation and service. It looked majestic with the familiar logo on the tail. 

(Continued below)
Clive Clemson 07/01/17
Some of the best and most memorable years of my life were spent working for BCAL from 71-79 in Traffic at LGW, in the latter years as a Redcap, a great airline and great people to work with, many of whom, like me, are overseas working for other airlines, the training we had in BR was second to none, this excellent Website is bound to attract a much wider audience in due course and I look forward to hearing from old friends.  Jan 2017 - Clive has recently retired from work with Emirates.

John Clingo  14/06/19
Sadly John passed away on 6th June 2019 after a long battle with lung cancer. John was diagnosed some years back, but he had fought it stubbornly and with determination. My sincere condolences go to his family, friends and former colleagues. John is remembered here:-  John Remembered

John's entry from 11/01/14 :  John was a former Airframe Fitter & Engineer for BCAL from 1979 - 1988 and then went on BA. Sadly we have learnt that John is terminally ill with lung cancer, but he has been commenting to his family about  how he misses his BCal days. He would be pleased to hear from old friends and colleagues who shared the best days of his life as he recalls. John's son Mark can be contacted via the website (Dave Thaxter) or directly at

Barbara Clough 19/02/18
Sadly we learn that Barbara passed on the evening of 15th February, she had been ill with Parkinson's. My condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Barbara flew full time for BCal, then BA, before retiring in 2008. Barbara's service was held on 8th March 2018. Barbara Remembered

Pat Cockell   06/12/08   Entry made by Pat's son, Nick
My Dad flew out of Gatwick for BCAL for many years until his retirement, and before that for BUA (before this he flew for Silver City based at Lydd). When he retired he was a captain (possibly a training captain) and I know that he flew to (amongst other places) US, S.America, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Africa. He was on 1-11's, VC-10's, 707's and lastly DC10's. Sadly he died of a heart attack in 2002, and some of his former colleagues attended the funeral. I know he would have loved the website, and often went to reunions.I have many memories associated with BUA/BCAL, and can recall as a child being allowed to accompany my Dad on the flight deck of a 1-11 to Glasgow and back - impossible to imagine now! He told us many outrageous stories of his travels, although he always took his job seriously, and loved flying. I'd love to know if anyone remembers him.....Nick's email is

Stephen Coffey 20/10/21
Stephen worked for BCal at Edinburgh. Sadly, Stephen died following his long battle with cancer. His funeral was held on Thursday 4th November 2021 at Shamley Green Woodland natural burial site in Surrey. Stephen Remembered

Mike Cole 13/06/13
Sadly Mike passed away on 10th June 2013 in Florida, USA at the age of 92. Mike was one of three brothers who all served with the Armed Forces during War World 2 - with great distinction. Mike joined Civil Aviation after the war, and took his pilots licenses and enjoyed a wonderful career of some forty years of flying. He flew on the Berlin Airlift, then with Silver City Airways, Lancashire Aviation, British United Airways, and eventually with British Caledonian Airways. He retired from his role as Captain in 1980. Mike remembered

Roger Colebrook
Sadly Roger passed away on the morning of 28th December. Roger was a highly respected and very popular Captain and Training Captain with BCAL and he’ll be greatly missed by all those privileged to have worked with him. During his career Roger also flew with Sierra Leone Airways. My sincere condolences go out to Roger's wife Trish, his family, friends and former colleagues.  Roger's service was held on 12th January 2016, details can be seen here Roger Remembered

Hilary Coleman 23/06/17
Sadly Hilary has passed away. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Hilary was 98 and suffered a fall at home; which she did not recover from. Hilary was a Chief Petty Officer in the WRENs during WWII, before starting work with Scottish Airlines. She moved to Hunting-Clan, then on into BUA as Chief Hostess (Training) by 1963. She went on into BCal and become Supervisor Special Services; looking after the prestigious Clansman Lounge amongst her duties. Hilary's service was held on Tuesday 11th July 2017  Hilary Remembered

Neville Coleman  I joined BUA May 1968 in Traffic and then BCAL. Currently back in BA in Compliance at LGW and welcome opportunity to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Bob Coleshill  24/05/15   Hi to all from BCal. I was there from 1960 through until 1990 in MT. It would be nice to hear from anyone who know me or wants a chat. I am now living in the West Country.

Ian Colgan  25/07/15
I was a temp Traffic Officer at GLA for about four summers as a raw 17 year old. Gave me the taste for the Airline business. Worked for Air UK, Loganair, Manx Airlines, BA and now Travel2; where I still work with Carol Bone nee Devlin. So it was great to see her and Cath Turnbull nee Lang in Mansel Dinnis’s video! And thanks to Tony Elfverson for employing me for all those summers!

John Collins 25/01/21
Sadly John passed away on 23rd January 2021. John started his career with BUA in Ships Papers around 1964 and transferred to Crew Rostering in 1966 working on 1-11 Pilot Rostering for many years. John Remembered

Tanya Collins  28/04/20
I signed on with BCAL when the non-stop service between Houston and London kicked off in 1977. We had maybe 10 agents in the office at that time. When I tell people I worked for BCAL, they always say what a great airline it was! Would love to hear from my ex-co-workers.

Ken Collis 03/02/17
Sadly Ken passed away on 29th January 2017 after a long illness. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Margaret, two daughters, Suzanne & Jayne, family, friends and former colleagues. Ken was an airframe and engine licenced aircraft engineer who started his career in the RAF before joining Transair at Croydon Airport. Ken's service was held on 13th February; details here; Ken Remembered

Linda Collyer 26/07/15 and Ken Collyer (see below)
I joined BUA in 1964 and Ken in 1968. I started with lost property and then to staff records. Yes I was the one that probably turned your leave down!! Worked in the office for Derek Richardson (now with Excel (Sabre) and finally ended my days in the office where the Chapel at Gatwick is now situated. Holy ground and all that! Ken commenced with Loaders then lost property and finally Load Control. I am still at Gatwick with G4S which was the joining of Securicor and Group 4 together, still pushing the papers around but now on to computers!! Every time I turn a corner there is always an 'old' face and we can always go over the 'old' days and good times. Ken is now fully retired but does not have time to sit around. Either working in garden or garage making things i.e. bird tables, fencing etc. Love to hear from anyone that remembers us.

Ken Collyer 12/06/23
Sadly we learn that Ken passed away peacefully on Friday evening the 9th June 2023. My sincere condolences go out to Ken's family, friends and former colleagues. Ken worked in Load Control. Ken Remembered.

David Coltman

Sadly David, former BCAL Managing Director, passed away on the morning of 9th June 2011 after suffering a long illness. David's funeral, at his home in Scotland, was a private family affair. David's Service of Thanksgiving was held on 9th November 2011 -  David Remembered

Alan Comber   Great to see the BCAL colours again! I joined in 1976 until the end - now BA. Keep on with the good memories.

Janice Connelly (Friend)  10/05/18
Sadly we learn that Janice passed away on 5th May 2018, my sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Janice Remembered

Janice's original Crewroom entry: Cabin crew 1973-1984, anyone remember the raffle?!! Still at LGW, now BAA. Loads of good memories, still regret wishes to ex-colleagues and friends. Great idea for a web-site.

Shiela Connolly  (nee Parker). 19/10/12
I worked for BUA from 1964 until 1970 in aircrew rostering.  I loved my years working for BUA and have very fond memories of my time there.  I met and married my husband Patrick during those years and we are now living in north Kent, we have two daughters and four beautiful grandchildren.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Tom Conway 01/12/12
Sadly Tom passed away suddenly on November 14th 2012. Tom, formerly a Ticket Agent at LGW for BCal, was still working with BA at the time of his passing. Our sincere condolences go out to Tom's family and friends. His service was held on Friday 7th December at Dorking Cemetery.

John Cook   Sadly John passed away on 2nd March 2003. Our sympathies go to his family and friends  John's original guestbook entry : Pre 72 Royal Navy, 73 - 74 Passenger Services, 74 - 83 Cargo B707 Loadmaster.   83 - 88 Load Control Ground Ops Training.   88 - 98 BA Load Control (Despatch) training.   98 - 03 Retired, Thank you Robert Ayling.  We (Mary & John - yes still married to Mary, how she puts up with me is anybody’s guess!!!) still live in Crawley, but spend a lot of time on the Isle of Wight in my renovated Chalet/Cottage on the cliff tops overlooking the sea.   Probably slide into the sea in 20 years or so.    Have restored an old Triumph Classic Convertible which spends most of its running life on the IOW with me. Cheers, whose round is it anyway?

Stuart Cookson  11/11/15
I joined on 9/1/1978 on ab initio course. I was air crew on 707, BAC 1-11-200 and 500 and DC10. I made the rank of No.1 Steward and was one of the cabin crew union reps and on the interview panel for air crew. I took voluntary redundancy just before the merger with BA. Would be happy to from anybody who may remember me.

Bob Cooper
Having pestered Arnold Sheed each week for a job I finally joined BUA at LGW as a trainee/apprentice engineer in November 1964 just as all the other engineers were about to go on strike. I initially spent time in the Engine Bay with some real characters and learnt a lot, then into the Hangar environment first on Viscount’s and 1-11’s and then the Bristol Britannia and VC-10’s. I had lots of encouragement from the older engineers to get my Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence which I did at the age of 21 on the VC-10 Conway engine. Finally went on the Line in 1970 then back in the hangar on a new Base Maintenance shift system, 12 hour night shifts on 707 “D” checks not a lot of fun, left in July 1975 to join East African Airways in Nairobi. Throughout my time at BUA then BCAL I worked with some terrific engineers and learnt so much from them and I shall always fondly remember those days with a great airline and great people

Bob Cooper (Ops / Cabin Crew)  04/02/16
Sadly Bob has passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Maggie, his family, friends and former colleagues. Bob leaves Maggie, sons George and Sean, grandson Oliver, plus brothers Martin and Phil, sisters Elaine and Alison. Bob worked in Operations - in Load Control and Service Control and later joined Cabin Crew flying for BCAL and then BA. Bob's service was held on 22nd February 2016 at Worthing Crematorium, Findon, West Sussex.

David Cooper  05/06/17
I joined BUA from BOAC in 1968, which then became Caledonian / BUA, then BCAL. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Sales in the UK, as an Overseas Manager in Seychelles, Liberia, Italy, and Nigeria, - when the BA takeover happened. I continued overseas with BA in Middle East and Eastern Europe until 1996. After BA I worked as an aviation consultant during which time my travels took me to Southern Africa, Swaziland, all over West Africa, Ireland, Russia & CIS, UAE & China. I am now fully retired and living near Crowborough in East Sussex. I continue to enjoy this website which keeps me in touch with old contacts, news & memories of a great airline & happy times

Gladys Cooper - Wife of BCal Manager David Cooper  21/03/15
Sadly Gladys passed away on the 19th March. Our sincere condolences go out to Gladys's family, David, their friends and former colleagues. A service was held for Gladys on 1st April 2015, with around 80 attendees including former BCal colleagues. The family are grateful for all the kind messages sent to them.

Gladys was very much part of the BCAL team, recalls Tony Cocklin, she supported David and the airline throughout his career here in the UK and in numerous overseas postings, notably West Africa, Seychelles and the Middle East. She was well known by so many in the airline for her warm, generous hospitality and her overall commitment to the airline’s cause. Sentiments echoed by Andy Gearystevens.

Rebecca Cooper    ex hostie Gatwick based (1973-1976). Still in touch with a few of the girls.

Mario Coperella 25/10/21 
Mario worked in BCal Catering department and Bonded Stores. My condolences go out to her friends, family and former colleagues. Mario will be missed by all who knew him

John Coppendale
I joined Caledonian Airways as a Chief steward in April 1968 after being Americanized by East African Airways. My first flight was on a Brit positioning the crew operating the HADJ From Benghazi. The next eight years were to be the most enjoyable in the all my working life. In 1976 I came here to Canada to start a new career and, although enjoyable could never match the joys of working for Caledonian Airways. Would love to hear from colleagues who still remember those days. .

Ian Corby 19/12/10
Joined BCAL in Oct '76 as F/O on 1-11's and ended up retiring on 22 Sept '99 as 747 Capt with BA. Happiest time of my flying career, met my future wife who joined just before I did. Not sure if your aware but we have a flight, crew reunion every Sept, great way of seeing some of the old faces. Keep in touch, Ian.

Debbie Cornford  10/03/15 
Joined Passenger Services in 1983 and left in 1988 due to the takeover. Worked on check-in and PSU then Flight Control and finally became an Assistant Supervisor. Worked for Servisair as a Supervisor for 10 months then moved to Air UK at LGW. I was a Duty Manager for Air UK when I left the airport in 1996 to become a Fitness Instructor. Those 5 years with BCal were 5 of the best years. A great company, the best bunch of people and the best training. Those years are sorely missed.

Phil Cornford   10/03/15 
Joined Caledonian Airways March 1970 left BCAL October 1987.14 years in crewing and then passenger services. Best years of my life, great bunch of people. Never be another BCAL. Now with GB operations at LGW.

Jerry Cornish  20/11/16 
Sadly Jerry passed away on 19th November 2016 after a long battle with cancer. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Jerry's original crew room entry
: I worked for BUA and then on to BCAL in Traffic Services and Reception from 1961 to 1979. Then moved on to IATA  in Montreal from 1979-1991. I still reflect back to perhaps the best days of my life. We worked hard and had lots of fun. Particularly when aeroplanes still had propellers and then the swift transition to the jet age. Miss those days. Still in Canada just east of Toronto

Geoff Cornwell  02/06/13
I joined Caledonian Airways February 1969 after the demise of British Eagle. Worked at Sussex House with Wally Waterfield in Commercial Planning until Caledonian formed their own Flight Dispatch at Gatwick.  Stayed in this department until the sad end.  During this period was often to be found down the route especially Africa as I had responsibility for the African outstations regarding flight planning. 

Also looked after our Kenya Airways contract so regularly in Nairobi.  Spent an interesting 10 weeks in Luanda working for BCAT when we sold the two B707s to Angolan Airlines and subsequently went with BCAT to Turks and Caicos for a period looking at their operation.  Had a very pleasant 6 month secondment to Passenger Services returning to Flight Dispatch again. Still doing the same now with BA based at Waterside, LHR but hoping that I might soon escape and find some interesting new projects to keep me out of trouble.

I have spent some wonderful times with BCAL and found some great friends. I have often been told that I should write a book with all my experiences.  I doubt that I ever will but I find much pleasure reliving some of the memories.  I have no regrets that I have spent such a large part of my life with BCAL.

Ray Corsan  01/03/24   Ray Remembered
Sadly we learn the Ray passed away in April 2022, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Ray worked in Africa becoming Regional Manager C & S Africa, before taking a role as Services & Cargo Manager.

Nigel Cotton
Sadly Nigel passed away in September 2010 after a long battle with cancer. Initially given just four months to live, his "I'll live every for day approach" saw him through for 18 months. Phil Bowell said of him "he was a great guy and some to look up too". Nigel's original Crew Room Entry : I joined BUA in 1970, then spent some 18 great years with BCAL through to 1988. Cargo, Ramp, CLAT, and many years in Ground Ops Personnel. 12 years on it is great to find this site, and I hope I might meet up with some of the team again

Sheila Coughtrey (Mitchell) 14/02/2018
Sheila, a former stewardess, passed on 9th February after a long illness. My condolences go out to her friends, family and former colleagues. Sheila's service was held on 1st March 2018.  Sheila Remembered

Andy Coupland 
I spent an unforgettable few years in BCAL Planning from 1977 to 1981. My greatest claim to fame was to write the original discussion paper for the Board on "Main Deck Baggage"! A bit like owning-up to having invented BSE. Has anyone ever heard anything of J Roland Savoir from Houston? If you're out there, Roland, get in touch.

Ian W Covington
Following his distinguished service for the RAF in World War II, Ian started to fly for Hunting Air Travel in 1947. This paved the way for a career in commercial aviation that would span 40 years. Ian flew with Brooklands Aviation, Transworld Charters, Transair and then with Airwork in 1950. He became a senior long-haul Captain with British United Airways flying VC10s and 1-11s before finally retiring from British Caledonian in 1976. Unwilling to give up flying, Ian then flew for a number of smaller airlines including Express Air Services and Channel Express based in Hurn. Ian hung up his wings in December 1986, aged 65, having accrued more than 20,000hours. Ian passed away in 2000. Ian remembered

Anthony (Tony) Cowan 29/08/22 
This is my 1st post to the crewroom. The worse things get in the modern world the more I look back on the good times we had in BCAL. I think of the great times in West Africa - excluding Lagos. Long layovers in Freetown, Robertsfield, Abidjan, Nairobi and Lusaka and also the great South American trips to name just some, We really had the golden days of flying. Dubai when it was not much than a fishing village in the early 70's - now look at it - yuk not my cup of tea; Now many of the crews are no longer with us the latest being Martin Mann. I am now living in Haywards Heath after a wonderful 15 years in Spain. There is a new real ale pub opposite KFC in the high street- The Tap- which I frequent a few afternoons a week (closed mon & tues). Would be a great meeting place for anyone living nearby.

Hugh Cowan  15/09/13
Joined Caledonian at PIK in 1967 in a seasonal job dealing with baggage, loadsheets, flight planning and checkin. In the winter I took the van to school in case of any diversions! Moved to LGW full time in '69 and did a year with Roy Marshall and team before going to Bristol for a radio engineers course. Then back to Caledonian//BUA and BCal in Engineering. Transferred to BA where after some years in Engineering I eventually moved back to Ops before I retired in 2006.

Bill Cox
I joined BCal in July 1983 and had five great years before being 'absorbed‘ by our big LHR neighbour. What fond memories I have of those days … difficult times though they were trying to fight the then governments expansion plans following BA privatisation. Does anyone remember ‘the Way Ahead‘ ? I spent my initial time working as Personnel Officer in Engineering and ended up supporting the assimilation of Flight and Cabin Crew into BA. I retired from BA in 2006 … all the best to all … Bill

Fran Cox 
I miss BCAL and all of you so much!  Those were the days.  I have such fond memories of my days with my BCAL family.  I started in 1982 at LGW in PAX Services, then moved to the ticket office, and later to North Atlantic Routes in HQ down the road.  I ended up in the Sales Office in Dallas and later I had my own one person CTO in the Dallas Galleria.  I left once they closed all the US CTO's.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! I would greatly appreciate any help in contacting two ex-roommates who also worked for BCAL; Judith Dixon Anderson, (FA), and Gabby Graziani, (Pax Serv.) Thanks!

Michael Cox

I joined the original Caledonian Airways as a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-Radio in September 1966.They were the "good old days" of the DC7, Britannia, B707 and BAC111 days before the take-over of BUA. I left in February 1969 to join another UK independent. Would love to here from anyone of that era. When aviation was aviation, and not an accounts spread sheet!!!!

Seona Craig (nee Wooley) 07/07/16 
I joined BUA in 1964 as a s/h typist to John Byrne, the then 'Traffic Manager' and after about 6 months I went over to 'Engineering to 'Smithie' - got fed up with him chasing me around the office - no, not really, but anyways moved up to the terminal after that on Check-In and from then on worked at VAT and in Reservations and was also a Training Officer.

Ian Crawford
I worked for BCal from 1975 to 1979 in Cargo Sales. My area was the Midlands and the South West/ South Wales. My immediate boss was Peter Davies at BCal LHR Cargo. I would love to hear from any of the old cargo team. They were the best. I ran into Brian Day, Ex BCal route development Manager for South America a few years ago, but have now lost touch. I now live in S. Wales, running my own freight forwarding company. Regards to all.

Nick Crawford
I joined Caledonian Airways in July 1970 in the Crewing Dept under the watchful eye of Derek Epps, Chris Selmes and Bob (sweetheart)
Simmonds! After many years of life in Crewing and three very interesting years working in EDI on the ramp I still find myself commuting the M25 from my home in Horsham and currently work In Ops Control in Waterside for BA.

What great memories with BCAL from those early days in Sussex House then the terrapins at LGW and I am still working with some fellow BCAL oldies, Tony (Fella) Roberts, Tony Rice, Alan Boyce and Martyn Gurton and keep up with others outside. Great website for a great Airline.

Marlene Crawley
   09/03/15   Hello to all the ex-BCAL folk out there who I may have known over the years.

Tony Creasey and Dianne Creasey (Withey) 
At last we have got round to adding to the ever growing list of 'BCAL' people on the Website. Dianne was Caledonian joining in 1963 and I joined in Caledonian/BUA in 1971. We were both in Aircrew Records with BCAL and enjoyed working with a great team. I then spent a number of years with 'BA' finally escaping in May 2009. We have a most appropriate email address too.

John Creton
Joined BUA in 1968 (anyone got a copy of the "Gatwick fragment"?) and did most of the jobs in cargo -clean and dirty- right through till 1990 three years after one too many takeovers. So many good times.

Graham Crewe  25/12/23 I've worked for 4 airlines since the merge-over, none compare!

Terrence (Terry) Crook 19/04/20
It is with sadness we learn that Terry passed away on 18th April 2020 after battling cancer.  My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Terry was a Porter and was known by many. He is remembered here Terry Remembered

Leonard Crosbie  15/09/20
Sadly Leonard has passed away, he passed on the 6th September 2020 and had recently retired due to ill health. Leonard had taken on a role as a Councillor in Horsham, and he served the Trafalgar Ward for 25 years. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Leonard rose through BCal to be Customer Services Director before becoming GM Air Liberia. Leonard Remembered

Suzanne Cross (now O'Brien)  07/03/15
I worked with BCal from 1985 to 1988 in Passenger Services at LGW. I then moved to Aer Lingus, firstly at LGW then LHR. My training at B Cal has certainly stood to me throughout the years! Moved back to Dublin with EI in 1997 in Media Relations and only left the airline business this year. I loved working with B Cal and remember my times fondly. It is amazing where BCal people pop up and have met all sorts of people in strange places throughout the world! Would love to hear from anyone out there who remembers me! am going to forward details of the site to all the folks that I am still in contact with

Annie Crow  21/12/20
Sadly Annie passed away on December 11th, 2020, at her care home in Dundee. Annie served as a travel shop and medical centre nurse at Gatwick for many years before retiring to her home town. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Annie Remembered

Paul Crowther
      BCAL Cargo LHR 1976-1979

Mark K Culmer
Howdy from Texas. I used to work in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas Ft Worth. My colleagues were Phil Bowell, Trevor Warburton. How much I miss BCAL. Now working in Houston as Sales Manager for Gulf Air. Anyone remember me , love to hear from you.

Bill Cumbus  06/08/16
Bill passed peacefully on 3rd August 2016 aged 94. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues
. Bill Remembered

Bill's last Crew room entry from March 2014 : I joined Hunting Clan in 1950 then progressed to BUA, I was on Vikings, then Viscount 732 and 833, followed by VC10 for about 12 years and finished on the Boeing 707 retiring in 1977. My wife and I were good friends of David Flett and family, I am sorry to hear of Dave’s passing.  I have lived in Australia since 1980, in W Australia and for the past 15 years in Queensland I will always be English, even with a joint passport. But I find life here very agreeable in my 92nd year. I wish all our friends well and will keep in touch.

Maria Cunningham  29/07/14   I flew with BCal 83-88. So many great times!!! Anyone remember Payne Close And Scotch Corner? Thanks for memories!! 

Mike Cusack 24/05/17
With sadness we learn that Mike passed away on the 24th May 2017, and my sincere condolences go out to his wife Penny and children Andrew and Heather, family, friends and former colleagues. Mike had been ill with cancer for some time but did respond well initially to treatment in late 2016. Mike worked for BUA and BCal and was in their Insurances section which saw him make many contacts across the airline who remember him well. Mike's service was held on 13th June 2017 in Brighton.  Mike Remembered

Ricky Cuss  31/03/15
I joined BUA as a passenger handling weekender in 1967. What a great job for a 17yr old, meeting and boarding flights, making tannoys. Such fun and what a fantastic social life, someone always had a party. 1968 turned full-time and became a redcap, left in 1970 to become a teacher but had met my bride to be - Marilyn White, and it wasn't long before I was back. Stayed to the takeover then left BA in Oct 1988 to go play with biz jets. Now with Virgin Atlantic in Operations, still married to my beautiful Marilyn and living in the house we moved into on our wedding day in 1974.

Tony Cutting  31/12/22  Tony Remembered
Sadly Tony passed, aged 88, in the early hours of New Years Eve 2022. Tony was a great chap to talk to via email and always happy to help. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Tony's entry from 2015: I joined Channel Air bridge in 1960 which rapidly became BUA and finally BCAL having done my National Service with the RAF followed by a spell as a development pilot for Decca Navigator flying a vintage Avro 19. Flew the awful B170 (one million rivets flying in formation) followed by the Britannia, BAC111, VC10, HERON (in Sierra Leone), followed by the B707 and the DC10.  Did not enjoy the impersonal BA one little bit after a fantastic time in BCAL so up sticks took my pension and left for pastures new.I left in 1989 after some 29 years' service and 14 years of which as a training captain.  I then did 5 years with GB airways and then a further 5 terrific years with City Flyer flying the ATR42/72 together with among other refugees from BCAL namely John Kelly, Rex Shilton, John Vetch, Denis McQuoid, to mention but a few, all ex BCAL a great way to round off a wonderful career.

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