Stephen Coffey : Edinburgh / ticketing
Sadly, Stephen died on Saturday 16th October 2021, following his long battle with cancer.

My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Stephen leaves civil partner Jim Lavery.

A photo, on the right, of Stephen

Service details

Stephen's service was held on Thursday 4th November 2021 at the Shamley Green Woodland natural burial site in Surrey
Stephen Remembered

From Caron Phillips: RIP Stephen and my sincere condolences to his family and friends

From Julie Hourigan:
RIP so sorry for your loss.

From Iris Tamburri:
So sad to see another BCal member leaving us too soon. RIP

From Reed Purvis:
So very sorry

From David Kilgallon:
RIP Stephen - remember our route trips in my early days. Condolences to family and friends.

From Helen Campbell:
So sorry. First met him in the 70’s at Ediapt. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP

From David R Holder:
RIP Stephen, sincere condolences to Jim, family and friends

From Ricky Cuss:
Sad to hear this. Rest in peace Stephen. Condolences to Jim, and to the family.

From Liz Elizabeth Figueiredo:
Rest in peace.

From Lesley-Ann Hutchinson:
So sorry. RIP Stephen

From Brian Buchanan Aitchison
This is very sad news. I worked with Stephen 74-78 in EDI and as a small group of staff we got to know each other well. I can still see him sitting at our small ticket desk working out some horrendous rerouting ticket and thumping the Ticket Validation Stamp. Apart from a brief period seeing him in BA Waterside I lost touch with him. EDI was a special time for me and Stephen was a memorable part of that time. RIP Stephen be at peace now. My sincere condolences to Jim and family

From Marlene Crawley
So sorry. I too was part of that small group at Edinburgh and it was a very Happy time of my life. RIP Stephen, so glad you found happiness. My sincere condolences to Jim.

From Sally Simmonds:
So sorry.

From William Gardner-Hunter:

From Trevor Fisher:
RIP Stephen, taken too early condolences to your family and friends

From Paula Davies:
RIP Stephen, sincere condolences to Jim and family

From Roger Warren:
RIP Stephen

From Margaret Mattocks
So sorry to hear this sad news! I knew Stephen well during my time communicating between Edinburgh and Gatwick and out with flying. So pleased he had found happiness with his partner. Condolences to all. RIP Stephen.

From Valerie Armstrong:
So sorry

From James Scotland
I am so sorry. I too was a member of the BCal EDI team from 1975. Stephen was very friendly and always happy to share his knowledge especially about ticketing. It's because of him I ended up working at the Gatwick ticket desk…he encouraged me to better myself. We had a few trips and many route familiarisations together. We went to Budapest with Malev Airlines both had a G&T, Stephen asked for lemon the crew came back with a whole lemon cut in half and handed it to us. Happy Times. RIP Stephen and thanks for everything you did for me as a young man.

From Chris Rodger:
RIP Stephen condolences to Jim and friends and family

From Elizabeth English:
So sorry, my condolences

From Ma Dolors Vila Casellas:
My condolences to Jim and the families...may Stephen RIP.

From Neil Warringer
My condolences to Jim, I was part of the Edinburgh team in the mid seventies and Stephen was a pleasure to work with. His personality helped to create and maintain a generally happy atmosphere despite the usual customer service pressures.

From Robert Wainwright
RIP Stephen. Both Sue and I had the pleasure of working with him in Edinburgh. Always a gentleman and a very kind person.

From Jack Williams
My condolences to Jim, I too was a member of the Edinburgh team between 67 & 84, working with Stephen. RIP.

From Ian Saunders
Very sad news. I worked with Stephen in BCal Flight Watch many years ago. He was a lovely man and I have fond memories of those times. RIP.

From Ron Paterson
Condolences from Anji and I. We were part of the Edinburgh team until 1984 and have many happy memories of working and socialising with Stephen. I can still see him sitting at our tiny ticked desk in North Terminal. He was a proper gentleman and great fun to be around. Glad he found happiness, RIP mate.

From Karen McManus:
Sincere condolences Jim, family and friends. R.I.P. Stephen

From Pauline Bowell
Sincerest condolences Jim & all family & friends. So sad to learn of Stephens passing. Rest peacefully dear man

From Fee Flee:
So very sorry. Fly Free Stephen

Ann Roberts:
So sad, I’m so sorry. RIP Stephen

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Reed Purvis, John J Mallan, Peter Barry, Marlene Crawley, Roz Isted, Julia Perry, Valerie Edwards, Wendy Loxley, Linda Arnold, Susan Buckley, Janet Willis, Linda Haynes, David Williams, Claire Johnson, Susan Killick, Ray Davies, Estelle Rousell, David Johnson, Vanessa Holland, Elizabeth English, John Meighan, Chris Jensen, Ray Bridgman, Adrian Schilke, Jennifer Grail, Sheila Williams Tyson, Ann Furlong, Elaine Brown, Jack Williams, Christine Jegu, Susie Douglas-Smith, Pat Cresswell, Debbie Cornford, Riaz Butt, Sylvia Murphy, Tina Harvey, Lindsay Smith, Tom Stringer, Kris Massie, Betty Wells, William Gardner-Hunter, Alayne Elizabeth, Amy Sales, Ali Ball, Liz Nettlefold, Geraldene Lambert, Mandy Mayne, Peter Nettlefold, Sarah Perryman, Lesley Peacock, Liz Rogers, Keryma Briceño Neff, Ken Fielding, Sandra Currie, David Kilgallon, Candice Bridge, Alan Reeves, Julie Hourigan,

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