Neil Warringer   30/05/23
Sadly Neil passed away on Monday 29th May 2023, he had been battling cancer. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this sad time. Neil Remembered

Neil's original crew room entry: Pleased to have found this site, a good idea. The ex BCAL fraternity in Bahrain is now much reduced but a few stalwarts remain from Pax Services plus myself. Good to see who has surfed in and are contactable Site improves all the time. Just an update on e mail address. Moved to GF at beginning of this year from CAA Bahrain.Nice to be back in an airline but perhaps not at exactly this time. Good luck to all the Golden Lions out there. Have now retired from Gulf Air, I did my forty years in the business, half of them with BCAL and that remains the highlight of everything I did in aviation. All the best with the site

Robbie Wass  01/05/13
Lovely site, and so many friends. Yes I'm still alive and so is Millsie, Big G, (visited Rothesay to see him last summer) Frank BRADSHAW, Jack MULLEN Reggie GODDARD ETC,ETC ETC. How did I find the site? Two names only making a noise - as they always used to! Jackson & Youtan, of course. Try it and see! Anyone coming through this old SilverCity/BUA/BCAL outpost, GNA we loved you, let me know. Robbie.

Brian Wassell
   30/08/16  I worked at LGW from June 1968 - Nov 2003 in a/c engineering with your father, Ron. Very interested in a reunion.

Bob Waterfield   23/04/20   Hello to all ex BCAL colleagues. Left BA in 2006. Love to hear from any ex colleagues

Doug Waters 02/11/16
Sadly Doug has passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his friends, family and former colleagues. Doug had a long career in airline catering starting first with Transglobe before joining Caledonian Airways in the 1960s as Catering Equipment Controller and staying through BCAL and BA until 1990 before joining Air Europe. Doug Remembered.

John Watkins  17/09/14  Spent nine very happy years flying with B-CAL on the BAC1-11, B707 and DC-10 between 1979 and 1988.

Keith Watson 23/11/14
Sadly Keith passed away on 17th November 2014 following a brief fight against cancer. Keith leaves behind his wife Debbie, and was just 69 years old. Keith was BCal Sales Manager North of England (based in Manchester) in the mid/late 80s. Keith Remembered

Andrew Watt 14/03/19
It is with sadness we learn that Andrew passed away on Friday 8th March, our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this time. Service details and remembrances Andrew Remembered
Andrew's crew room entry from December 2012 : I worked on check in and the ticket desk at Gatwick from 1972-1975 when I moved to the BCAL town office in Amsterdam. I'm still in Holland after almost 37 years working now for B.A. but my happiest memories are of those 3 years working for BCAL at Gatwick.

David Watt  
I have just discovered the site and have seen some very familiar faces. I used to be BCal's man in the northern shires covering Yorkshire/Humberside/Lincs. I regret that I did not bring flat cap and whippet when visiting LGW as some people seemed to expect. Let me know if their will be a reunion and obviously would love to hear from any body in the interim. Just for the record the Manto based staff ie Jack Mullen, Frank Bradshaw, David Watt, Ken Bromfield were still alive and kicking at our last some what liquid meeting !

Alan Watts 01/02/22    Alan Remembered
Sadly Alan passed in late January 2022. Alan was an Engineer at LGW on Line 2, after the takeover, Alan worked for Dan Air in their LGW Hangar.

Richard Webster  01/03/20 
It is with sadness we learn that Richard passed away on the 19th February 2020, my sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Richard's service was held on 20th March 2020, remembrances here Richard Remembered.

Richard's last entry from June 2012: I started off in Apr 1972 in Reservations at Gatwick, then moved into the Ticketing and Correspondence Department. I then was promoted to the Regent St Ticket office. When that was closed down moved around the corner into Pan Am Building, before moving across to Central London Air Terminal at Victoria. I stayed after the take-over with BA in 1987. Then moved into the new terminal working in the Ticketing Dept. Then the department was moved across to Buckingham Palace Road with UK Sales above the coach station. It was then decided to close down the office and transfer over to Hatton Cross and into BA HQ. I worked in Specialist Sales, and then we became part of Uk Operations. I was then redelpoyed and managed to get a secondment over to Cabin Services Administration at Compass House. I then got moved back to UK Sales as one of our team was taken ill, and i had to cover for them. It was then decided that I would be offered a special package which i accepted. I left BA in June 1996. I then took some time out to look for something different and went for various interviews with Tour Operators but was always shortlisted. I signed onto an agency and did some temping in Surbiton for Pepsi COLA. I then went to work for Air Zimbabwe in Piccadilly in their Sales Office up to 2002. I then had a serious operation so had to take a break. My mother started to develop various symptoms, so i spent the last few years of her life looking after her. I now work part time at my Sports Club looking after the dressing rooms. I shall be 60 in November

Captain Ossie Weisz   21/02/13
Ossie passed away peacefully at Beechlands Rest Home, Seaford. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. We think Ossie worked at Blackpool with BUA  then came to Gatwick on the Viscounts then 1-11, ending up on DC10 before “retiring” and joining City Flyer. Ossie's service was held on Monday 4th March at Woodvale Crematorium in Brighton.

Mick Wells 21/01/11
My association with BCal goes back to 1974 until 1980. I worked as a Ramp Catering Loader Driver, and then from 1987 through the BA merger as an MT driver, and loved every minute of the day I was there. I eventually left BA (early retirement) in 2005.  It is great to see some of the names pop up now and then that I remember. Maybe we should try and organise a reunion for the old catering / bonded stores / stores staff. There must be a few of us left??

Alan West and Deanna West  07/09/22   Alan Remembered
Sadly Alan passed away peacefully on Sunday 4 September in his care home in Malmesbury where he had been for the last few months. My sincere condolences to his wife Deanna, friends and former colleagues.

Their original joint entry: I joined BUA in 1968 on the Ticket Desk and saw in (nearly BOAC!) Caledonian /BUA and B.Cal. I Met Deanna Vanhouse (Deanna was in LGW Coupon Control at the time) and she became Mrs West in 1976. I Moved to Traffic Services and then Agency & Interline and after a short stay with BA, joined IATA in 1988. Deanna went on to work in Passenger Services Recruitment and left B.Cal to be an Estate Agent in 1980. We left West Sussex 2 years ago and are now both retired to a small village in Wiltshire enjoying the rural life. Our time with B.Cal was great and we still fondly remember the good times we had and the friends & acquaintances we made. May the memories endure and best wishes to all!

John West     A short time with BCAL towards the end.

Michael West  Former BCAL Account Executive in Miami 82-88, brings back good memories of a great airline and a great bunch of people to work with

Robin West 24/03/12
I joined the BUA Traffic department on 6th April 1970 and subsequently worked in Service Control and Flight Watch. Great Times! In later years I was an RDC then ADM. I stayed on with BA for a while after the merger but have been with Virgin Atlantic since March 1991. A great Website. Good to see so many familiar names.

Maureen Whale 16/03/19
Sadly Maureen passed away on 5th December 2018, she was 77 years old. Maureen was an air hostess for BUA in the early - mid 1960s and was well known to many of her colleagues at the time. Maureen, who never married, always lived in the family home in Bells Hill, Barnett. Maureen worked as a nurse, medical secretary and librarian after leaving BUA and she was very independent. Sadly she suffered a heart attack during a home-invasion / burglary on 4th December and passed the following day in hospital, a terrible end to a good life which has shocked former colleagues all over. RIP Maureen

Debbie Wharton (now Gahan)  16/08/15
I flew for BCal as a Flight Attendant (or Air Hostess) from January 1981 to July 1982, flying to Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Bahia de San Salvador, Brazil; Lisbon, Madrid and, of course, London (where we always stayed at the Copthorne Hotel); based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I still live, am married to an Irish-Argentine, Tommy Gahan. Unfortunately along came the Falklands - Malvinas War in 1982, and sadly BCal closed its base in Argentina, after a couple of months positioning to Lima, Peru, and flying from there to Guayaquil, Bogotá, Caracas and Puerto Rico and back again. I have very happy memories from such a short time, I flew with Carmen Geoghegan, Teresita Ceppi, Jorge Codazzi, Margaret Smiles, and 4 or 5 others.

Jack Whetter
My name is Carol, Jack's daughter. He was a Flight Engineer with British Caledonian, and he died in an accident at work on 25th September 1969, whilst inflating an aircraft tyre. It is great to look through all the entries on the page, and see what a happy bunch of people you all seem to be.  Does anyone remember my Father?  It would be nice to hear from you. I know his job was practically his life and he was never happier than when at work. Carol can be contacted by email

Bob "Chalkie" White  03/05/18
Sadly we have heard that Bob, known as Chalkie to many, passed away on the 25th April. Bob started off as a loader, then porter before becoming a passenger services agent in the First Class Lounge. My condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bob's service was held on 9th May at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.

Yvonne White (then Simpson, now Adams)  13/11/10
I think this is the third update I have put on this fabulous website. I flew as Yvonne White in the mid sixties with such wonderful people as Dilys Hart, Pauline Kirkman, Freddie and Jeannie Goudie, Colin Stovell, Jack and Rina Docherty, Sheena Docherty, Pam Goering, Doris Glaeser, Corrine Bradley, Hilary Frampton, Tina Thompson and many, many more fantastic comrades. I still keep in touch with some and actually see others, which is amazing after so very, very long! Where does the time go - it only seemed like a couple of weeks ago.

I originally married Freddie Simpson and had two sons, who now tower over me, and I have two grandchildren. Freddie passed away some years ago and I am now married to a wonderful man and my name is Yvonne Adams. I am lucky enough to have a sailing boat in the Greek Islands where I spend three months of the year, but am still living in the Crawley area.

I met and had supper with Rosie Mason in September and had a wonderful time, along with Pauline Kirkman whom I see often. I would love to hear from anyone who flew at the same time as me, who might like to ‘catch up’ have a glass of wine and mull over some old, but funny, photographs.

Julie Whitelaw (now Day) 06/04/12    
I found this fantastic site - in November '11. Cabin crew between 78 and 86. Already found quite a few familiar names which is wonderful. I married in 85 and still am. We live in Ruscombe (near Reading) in Berkshire with our four children, Lucy 22, James 20, Eleanor 18 and Harry 14. Only James is away at the moment at university, so life is still busy but I'd love love love to hear from old friends and colleagues. Ab initio June 78, let me see; Yves Miege, Judith Oliemans, Sally Lewis, Christine Hughs, Lynn D'Agostino, Barbara Baldwin. Then Liz, Christine, Kathy, Sylvia and lovely Trudy whose surnames I can't remember. I was hopeless at remembering to take my camera on trips and have few photos, but I do have our ab initio photo somewhere. Old housemates, Tricia Sharp, Jilly Slater, Michelle? (can't believe I've forgotton your surname). I do hope you're all well. Anyway, please do get in touch, anyone who remembers me, reminiscing is such great fun, especially in person over a couple of glasses of wine! if possible.

Barry Whitford
I have flown with BCal several times and as I child I would be excited going to Gatwick to get on a BCal flight as it was a great event and I wish BA had left it alone as the destroy all they touch. Maybe one day BCal could make a come back

Mark Whiting
I had the privilege to fly for the airline others wanted to emulate but couldn't. That was down to the people who worked for BCal. The number of entries which have been posted seem to bear testimony to the fact that at the time, BCal was the envy of the airline world. Having spent 7 years with the airline as Cabin Crew and to contrast that with the subsequent 11 spent with BA, the fact that so much more of the BCal experience is preserved in my grey matter than the latter tells me what a special, special company it was for which to operate - work would just be the wrong word in this context. As Russ Gowen says, some great names appear here and others come to mind, along with memories of some of the outstanding trips we undertook. I was also very sorry to read and to hear of Phil Sinnott's passing. Phil was a top man, colleague and occasional fellow glass emptier! Some say...I look back with rose tinted specs...others that memory can be selective....All I know is BCal was the best. Period! (With apologies to The Stig & Top Gear!!)

Steve Whiting 13/03/15
Great site. Had 2 good years with BCAL Comms Dept. Also had several BCAL crews round for bbqs and a few sid and cokes here in Jeddah. Hello to anyone who can remember me

John Whitley 22/12/16
I was involved with BCal from 1971 through to the end, firstly as an auditor with Whinney Murray (1971-1980) and then in Group Finance (1980-1988) as Group Accountant - one of Trevor Boud's "boys" - staying on after the BA takeover until September 1988 to help with the transition. Many years of very happy memories !

Rosemary (Roz) Whitten nee Curle 05/03/20
Rosemary, aged 73 and who lived in Australia, passed away on 3rd March whilst recuperating from a successful operation. My sincere condolences go out to her husband David, daughter Julia, family, friends & former colleagues. Rosemary joined the Cabin Crew in May 1970 and was soon promoted to Senior Hostess in Sept 1973. She will be missed by many.

Dave Whittington 25/03/19
Dave passed away in early March 2019, he had been suffering from Parkinson Disease over the past few years. Our sincere condolences go out to Dave's wife Bette, family, friends and former colleagues. Dave was very active in the Aviation world not only as an Avionic Engineer with BCAL/BA, but also his commitment in ALAE organisation supporting Aircraft Engineers. Dave's service was held on 29th March at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium, and a Wake followed at the nearby Wire Mill.

Condolences were extended by Ian Haines, Hugh Cowan, Jim Street, Brian Parker, Caron Phillips, Christine Wood, Fee Flee, Sally Simmonds, Belinda Burton, Robert Rice, Keith Stevens, Jim Williams, Grahame Williamson, Jackie Hebert, Mike Hawkey, Belinda Burton, Ian Cue-Holland, Sandra Currie, Julie Nuttall, Peter Durran, Ian Jones, Malcolm McCluskey, Christine Jegu, Marjorie Anglesea Jackson, Kris Massie, Susie Douglas-Smith

Chris Whittle 15/09/14
Congratulations on the site! I went to St Clement Danes to pay tribute to Sir Adam and meet with old friends. I was proud to work with Sir Adam and his airline from 1981 until the end. Greatly missed.

Dudley Wickens 19/03/16
Joined Transair in 1960 and progressed through BUA. Position Load control, left company 1970 and joined Capital and was also running the Limes Bistro in Charlwood with my wife Pat; I still live in Charlwood and the restuarant is still a family concern. Would be great to hear from anyone.

Ray Wiggin 11/05/21
Sadly Ray, QA / Engineering Manager, passed on 20th April. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues.
Ray Remembered

Captain Ron Wilcock
Sadly Ron passed away on 25th January 2017. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife June, family, friends and former colleagues.  Ron lived in Braunton; Devon and in his spare time loved singing in a choir. Ron started his flying career at Croydon Airport and in his time had flown Dakotas as well as Spitfires during the war. Ron Remembered

Dr Alex Williams 22/11/13
Sadly Alex has passed away, our sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Alex worked in the Gatwick Medical Centre with Peter Chapman. He was very well known and liked by BCAL staff particularly the aircrew. When he left BCal, Alex worked at the Canadian Embassy, then in Harley Street and lastly at The London Clinic where he was also very very popular. A sad loss of a fine doctor and person recalls Keith Dagwell.

Colin Williams  18/09/22 Colin Remembered
Colin sadly passed away on the 9th September 2022. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Colin's entry from March 2015: I was employed by Transair in March 1959 as an aircraft electrician and continued my unbroken service until 1989 by which time B-CAL and its predecessor's had been taken over by BA. After December 1989 I joined Virgin Atlantic. B-CAL will always remain as the ultimate favourite and Adam Thompson commanded the respect to help endorse the pride that I have to be privileged as being part of this special Airline.

David Williams    Joined Caledonian, then Caledonian/BUA, then BCAL, then BA, 31 years has flown !!! long time no speak.

Iona Williams (nee Jones)  28/01/14      Member of the cabin crew from 1976-77

Jack Williams 
I joined British United Airways (BUA) a few days before Glasgow (Abbotsinch) Airport opened in 1966 on coupon/ramp and load control duties before transferring to Edinburgh Airport in 1967 with a view to set up a cargo operation in 1968. By 1971, as Cargo Supervisor, when the company became British Caledonian Airways (BCAL), was heavily involved in the cargo and mail operation, including the setting up and operation of the nightly ‘Mailjet’ service, until the cargo section closed in 1984 and was transferred to a similar position at Glasgow Airport.

After the ‘merger’ in 1988 joined British Airways Cargo as a cargo agent in the warehouse. In 1993, became Business Information Executive, having been involved in attempting to gain BSI 5750 accreditation. 1999 saw the role changing to Business Manager and then in 2000 took on the role of Acting Customer Service Manager which was confirmed in 2001 as Customer Service Manager Scotland (British Airways World Cargo) which developed to my final position of Operations Manager Scotland (British Airways Regional Cargo). I took early retirement on 31st August 2003 and still miss the airline and its friendly staff.

Jim Williams 03/09/15
I started at Croydon in 1957, moved to LGW in '58 the time with Transair, BUA then BCAL have got to be the best years I have had in the aircraft industry. Unfortunately once BA took over it went downhill very fast I never thought I would be glad to retire.

Captain John Williams.   Sadly we learn that John passed away early in 2011.

Pete Williams   I was a tug driver on BCal-BA from 1978-2001. I look forward to a reunion.

Trevor Williams   29/07/16
I joined B.CAL in January 1972 as a teleprinter operator in Communications, when Reservations was computerised I was one of three people seconded to look after the control equipment, we were known as Shares Control. Later I became a supervisor back in the comcentre, and sometime after our move from the Terrapins (remember them?) to Hangar 1, I was fortunate to be elevated to a Senior Telecoms Officer assisting my Manager Terry Storer with helping to plan, install and look after B.CAL Reservations, Check-in and other computer systems. I look back very fondly at my time with B.CAL which lasted right up to the takeover by BA in 1988. I stayed with BA until my retirement in February 1998.

Grahame Williamson  
I worked for BCal from 1979 to 1988 in Engineering, Hangar Line 1 & 2. I was a regular player for British Caledonian RFUC, I was also Captain & Coach for one of the most successful seasons that the club ever had. The France airline UTA did not take too well being beaten for the first time on home soil. Hello to all my friends who remember me, what a great time we had. I retired early and I am now living in Tenerife. Great people everyone!!!!! Special mention to Doug Bennett (My Best Man), Brian Parker, Ron Butt, Colin Lowes, John Rooke Stevie Gurton, John Faulkner and others too numerous to mention. As I said your all great people.

Captain Tim Williamson 12/01/23
Sadly Tim passed on the 10th January 2023, he was surrounded by all his family as he left us. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Tim joined in 1977 and flew as a DC10 captain, in 1981 he was flight crew on BCal's first flight from Salvador to Gatwick. Tim Remembered

Janet Willis (Bristow)
I joined Caledonian/BUA in March 1970 and stayed in Reservations until October 1978 for the birth of my first child. I married Bob Willis in June 1973, who worked as a Purser on 707's/DC10's and 747's, he continued on with BA and worked as a CSD on 747's and 777's out of LGW. We were married for 34 years and it is with great sadness that I have to tell everyone who knew my lovely husband Robert Willis (Purser on DC10's and 747's with BCAL) that he died in September 2007, suddenly from a heart attack.

Jack Willmot  18/04/18
Sadly we learn that Jack passed away on the 14th April at the grand age of 101; four months short of his 102nd birthday. Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Jack joined BUA in the early 60s an old school engineer he worked mainly on the ramp maintaining all the company aircraft until he retired in the early 80s. Jack lived in Bournemouth and swam in the sea on Christmas days into his 90s. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Clive Willsdon (Captain) 11/12/20
With so much time on ones hands searching the web found this wonderful site. So many memories of the worlds finest airline staffed by the best people. Nothing was ever the same after its demise! I joined from the RAF in1977 on B707s then on to DC10s, we had so much fun but always worked hard for the airline we loved. Went to BA after the sad merge-over but life had changed. Retired in 2001 and looked forward to a slowe r[slightly] pace of life. Sadly my wife Tricia was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and after we had moved to Sale, to be near family, she passed away. An awful disease and a very sad time. I have since moved to Anglesey, house overlooks the beach and we have been spared some of the covid pain. Would love to hear from old friends, there is always a bottle of red open if you are in the area. Thank god for Laithwaites! Best regards to you all.

Andy Willsher 05/04/24
Sadly Andy has passed away, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Andy was a member of Cabin Crew, he started in 1977 and retired from BA as a Purser. Andy Remembered

Barbara Wilson now Armstrong  12/03/15    Great memories---great times ---great people---who all can remember "EVERYBODY HAPPY....?" from big GM, and the ever energetic Rita!

Dave Wilson 24/05/19
Sadly Dave, (a CSD), passed away on the 19th May 2019. Our sincere condolences go out to wife Laura, his family, friends and former colleagues. Dave's service was held on 12th June at Woking Crematorium in Surrey.

Captain H V "Bluey" Wilson 12/01/17
Sadly Bluey passed away on Tuesday 10th January 2017. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bluey's service was held, in Australia, on 23rd January. The family would like to thank all those who were able to send messages to Bluey, he valued all of those friendships and only ever spoke fondly of all the people he knew. Bluey Remembered

Lynne Wilson  now Le Maitre  10/03/11
I joined Caledonian Airways as a Stewardess on DC7’s and Britannias in 1965. I gave up flying in 1968 and went to BUA as Ground Staff and worked on check-in and PHU. Later I became the 2nd female Red Cap after Anne Hazel. Next I transferred to Special Services and the Clansman Lounge just as we became BCAL. After this I joined the Training Team in Hangar 4 and then in 1978 I became Uniform Standards Officer for Ground Staff.

Chris and Anne Winckworth 
What a great web site. the superb pictures bring back the nostalgia of working for a great company. Anne and I were both in Passenger Services LGW (I was a Ticket Desk Supervisor, Anne was an Asst. Supervisor on Check-in). I am now with BA at LHR (Waterside)

Captain Michael Winter-Kaines  16/02/20
Sadly we learn that Michael passed away on the 7th January 2020 aged 82. He passed peacefully at his home in Arundel (West Sussex) and is survived by his wife Geraldine and siblings Mary & John. Michael was a popular First Officer and Captain with Caledonian and BCal. Geraldine, formerly Geraldine Eyre, was Cabin Crew for BUA and BCal. My sincere condolences to family, friends and former colleagues.

Beverley Withecomb 03/06/13  Cabin Crew 1979-86. Great days, such fun!

Anna Wood (now Webber)
What a fantastic site and I recognise a few names but would photographs would be great. Flew from 1979 to 1982 and now live and work in Canterbury. Would love to hear from some old friends and still see Lesley Armitage (Wood) and Maureen Mahon (now Dennis). Have some wonderful memories of great people, luxury hotels and fascinating countries.

John Wood    BCAL Cargo LGW, 10 years to 1988.  Hi to anyone who knows me.

Nigel Woodall   06/03/23
I joined BCal in 1982 to finish my airframe/engine apprenticeship (started at Laker Airways).  I then went on to base maintenance in Hangars 1 & 3 before ending up mostly working in hangar 5 (with the usual temp transfers to line maintenance during the summers) and during this time I also secured my CAA 'A' licence. A great team of colleagues and friends with many, many, happy memories of the fun and laughs we had together.  I'm still based in the UK and am now working as a self-employed aero aftermarket consultant. Happy to hear from anyone that remembers me."

Reg Woodcock  17/07/14
I joined BUA in 1962 as a fitter working on DC6, Viscount, Britannia, and all the other aircraft that sported the Golden Lion and the A320 in that horrible blue, ending up as a supervisor on the ramp at LGW. I remember many of the names in the 'crewroom'. BCAL was the Best in world and BA will never match it.

Eddie Woodhouse
Sadly Eddie passed away on 3rd March 2011 after battling with cancer. Our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Ed's service was held at the Sussex and Surrey Crematorium on 15th March 2011. Eddie remembered

Caroline "Carrie" Woodward 
I joined BCAL  in Sussex House in 1976 as a junior sales ledger clerk, my boss was Richard "Dick" Bonner, Margary Dutton was my supervisor and I worked with Sue ??, Audrey? ? Chris Spurgeon, Sue and I used to have a thing about blue labels (silly girly thing),  I left BCAL in 1980 (ish) and then rejoined in 1984 in the Tariff Publications dept working with Sue Manvell.  Then went to work with Laura Baker (Barclay), Sarah Champion, Angela?  Deirdre Drewitt, Tina? Liz Perrin (Staff Travel), Iris Whitehead, Karen? and Alan West.  I left in 1988 and joined Gatwick Hilton after the BA takeover.  Where are you all now, it would be great to hear from you.  Lovely to find this website.  I now work in Brighton at firm of accountants.

Seona Wooley (now Craig)
I joined BUA in 1964 as a s/h typist to John Byrne, the then 'Traffic Manager' and after about 6 months I went over to 'Engineering to 'Smithie' - got fed up with him chasing me around the office - no, not really, but anyways moved up to the terminal after that on Check-In and from then on worked at VAT and in Reservations and was also a Training Officer.

Ian Wollen  19/08/20
Sadly Ian has passed away, one week after being involved in a car accident in Florida; in which he lost his wife who was driving. A pick up truck crossed the central meridian and crashed in to them head on. Ian was 89. My sincere condolences to Ian's family following this dreadful accident. Ian Remembered

Ian's last crew room entry  :  I was a F/O on 1-11s for several years before being made redundant (!) and joining Danair. Would be delighted if anyone seeing this and remembering me e-mailed me. All best wishes for your super web page - v nostalgic!!!! I was told about you by Jean Lyon (nee Baxter)

Janet Wolofski      I worked for B-Cal in Houston back in 1982 in the reservations office

Captain David Wright 08/05/15
Sadly David passed away on 30th April, after a short illness. Our sincere condolences go out to David's family, friends and former colleagues. David was amongst other things a very talented artist and a member the Guild of Aviation Artists recalls Leo Murphy, and he believes David was with BCAL for about 20 years. David also flew a number of first scheduled DC10 services for BCal in his flying career.  David's service was held on 18th May 2015 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium

George Wright  30/04/19
Sadly George, a Flight Engineer for BUA and BCal passed on 21st April 2019 aged 89 years old. My sincere condolences go out to wife Margaret, his family, friends and former colleagues. George's service was held on 7th May at Wivelsfield Parish Church (St Peter & St John The Baptist), Church Lane, RH17 7RD

Richard Wright 20/10/10
Well I got here in the end….I worked for BCAL between 76 and 87. Originally joined Golden Lion Travel, eventually transferred to Cargo Sales, then UK Domestic Routes and UK/European Routes. Left just before the takeover to work for Continental/AMI at LGW. Set up a cargo GSA operation in 91. The business was sold last year and I was lucky enough to be able to retire. I gained my PPL 5 years ago at Shoreham with Sussex Flying Club - CFI is James Crabbe who some of you will recall from BR/BCAL. Am now part owner of a TB10 based at Goodwood, along with Peter Atkin who is also ex BCAL ( Assistant Co. Secretary ). If any old colleagues see this - or want lunch in Le Touquet? - do please get in touch.

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Katy Wadwell  (nee Kirkham)  
I joined BCal in1981 as a summer temp and stayed until we merged with BA! I loved every minute, such wonderful times and people too. I worked as ground staff on check-in and the helicopter. Was lucky enough to work in DXB during the take over. Travelled the world with the best airline ever. Love the site its fab, just like the airline was.

Hugh Waghorn  19/05/12 Pleased to hear from old colleagues

Chris Wakelam (now Felton) 26/01/15
Sadly Christine suffered a heart attack on 22nd January 2015; my sincere condolences to Toby, Christine's partner of 10 years, her family, friends and former colleauges. Christine was very proud of her time at BCal and had been a friend of this site since it's early days

Christine's original crew room entry :-  I joined Caledonian/BUA in February 1971 and was with BCAL until 1986. I was an Air Hostess first trained on the Boeing 707 and BAC1-11, I wore BUA Blue for the first year and worked on schedule short haul for the first 3 months before being transferred to the long haul roster. Flying was an adventure in those days. My first trip was to the far east and was scheduled to be down route for 10 days flying Karachi Singapore Karachi. The schedule got changed once back in Karachi and we were sent to Hong Kong, then positioned to Bangkok before returning to Karachi where our flight deck got sent on a freighter and we were left there for a whole week before we could return to London! This was not unusual in those days.
So many memories. When people ask me what I did, everyone remembers BCAL with affection. I have lived on the Costa Blanca, Spain since 1987.

Ken Wakerell 30/06/17
Sadly Ken passed away aged 85 on 21st June 2017. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Ken was an Electrician in Hangar 2 with BCal. Ken's service was held on 11th July at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium (map)

Ken is remembered by colleague, Hugh Cowan, "as Avionics, I worked with Ken a lot, especially when doing mods. He always was good to work with."

Mike Walder
Joined BUA in 1969 in Load control, onto Service control (Redcap) finally Training dept, prior to the 'oil crisis' and redundancy in 1974. Met and Married Diane nee Jeffs who also worked in BCAL load control, we are still together after 27 years. Recently met up again with old Load control mates Tom Crossman and Ray Bridgeman. Still miss the buzz of those days after all this time. Would like to hear from any one else from that time

Geoff Walford
- 03/09/14 
Sadly Geoff passed away on 3rd September, in St Wilfred's Hospice - Eastbourne. Our deepest sympathies go out to Geoff's family, friends and former colleagues.  Geoff remembered

Jackie Walford (now Lloyd)  31/07/15
I joined BUA/BCAL in 1970 in Passenger Handling. Then moved on to the ticket desk until 1986. I did 6 month's relief at Entebbe airport just as BUA became BCal. Also worked in Lusaka and Kitwe for short stints.

Lyndsey Walker (nee Robinson)  09/11/13
Flew between 1971-1982 and then went off to Bahrain after marrying a Gulfair pilot I picked up on a beach there! Best days of my life ever - it will never be the same. Still in regular touch with Beryl Hulme, Kathy Acton amongst others. Would love to hear from anyone that flew with me!

Donald Wallace - BCal Chaplain  25/05/18
Sadly Donald passed away aged 92, on 9th May 2018. He served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, was later ordained, and had a long and distinguished career in the Royal Air Force. He reached the top of the chaplaincy branch and was appointed an honorary chaplain to the Queen.....and also much enjoyed being chaplain to British Caledonian Airways and blessed planes as they came into service. A full obituary for Donald can be found here, on the Herald website 

From Simon Ames
Donald was an RAF chaplain for most of his working life, retiring as a Group Captain in the 70's and joining the Royal Caledonian Schools as Chaplain.   The school was based at Bushey in Herts. During the early 1980's the headmaster of RCS, a retired naval Captain, made contact with Sir Adam Thomson seeking some kind of link with BCAL.  I was asked to research and advise.  I attended a formal dinner at the school and met the headmaster (whose name escapes me) and of course Donald.  The outcome, as I recall, was  an annual visit by RCS pupils accompanied by Donald.

It was around the time that BCAL were taking delivery of DC10's and holding the formal naming ceremonies that the Chairman favoured and encouraged.  Donald offered to officiate at one of these and his offer was accepted. He did it well.  He gradually became an ex-officio Chaplain to BCAL and was also asked to do the Address to the Haggis at various Burns Nights for BCAL which he also did very well and with the same kind of panaches as Big G.

When the merger came with BA in 1988, Donald offered his services to become Honorary Chaplain for BA at LHR but this was not taken up.  In 1996, the RCS premises were sold to the Purcell School and the proceeds were used to establish  a Royal Caledonian Schools Trust which continued to support needy children of Scots who had served in the Armed Forces and also the children of poor Scots living in the London area.

I am aware that Donald's son lost his life in a motorcycle accident while in Papua New Guinea, it is very sad that Donald was killed in the same kind of accident when in his 90's.

Peter Wallace 25/11/23    Peter Remembered
Sadly Peter passed on 25th November 2023 in Worthing Hospital, with his family around him. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Peter served in Morton Air Services, BUA and then BCAL, being predominantly in Passenger Services, attaining the position of Passenger Duty Officer.

Angela Waller  (nee Austin) 
I was never actually a crew member if British Caledonian, though I was with the parent airlines of BCal for some years. I joined Hunting-Clan on 20th May 1957, and left (by which time it had become British United Airways) on 29th June 1962. I had a wonderful time for all those years. Since then I've lived and worked around the world -- Libya (I met and married my American husband while working in Libya in 1966 and we often flew BCal in and out of Libya for some years), California, Texas, Canada I always try to get to the British United biennial reunion. I've just fulfilled a near lifelong ambition -- my first novel has been published! It was launched on 7th February 2009, called "The Snows of Yorkshire" and its doing well.

My next book is non-fiction and is called Before There Were Trolley Dollies and it was published on 3rd July 2009 and the 'info' on the back reads as follows:  "Angela Waller, who was an air hostess in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was considered a glamorous and highly sought after job, tells everything you ever wanted to know about what went on in that golden age of passenger flying. In this fascinating book, she shares her experiences and tells stories from the hilarious to the harrowing, the factual to the funny, about the famous and the gossip. And she tells how very different things were, back in those says before there were trolley dollies...."  I'd be happy for anyone I knew when I was flying to get in touch with me through here or through my website.

Mike Wallis 
Moved from Air Charter to BUA in 1960 then progressed to BCAL and finally BA, for two years.Originally based at Southend I flew the B170, DC4, Carvair and DC6. Then to Gatwick to fly the BAC 1-11, B707, DC10 and the B747 100/200. Had a wonderfull time in both BUA and BCAL and have many fond memories of all those I worked with. Retired (forcibly) by BA in 1990 I have since been living the life of a country yokel in darkest East Sussex. My best regards to anyone who remembers me.

Trevor Warburton
Joined BUA in 1960 as a Junior Airframe Fitter. Stayed 27 years. Last two jobs, VP SW USA Atlanta, before that GM Ground Ops Gatwick. I attended Sir Adam's memorial in London. I was working in Macau, MD of joint venture ground handling co...part of Menzies Aviation Group, the is CEO Peter Smith ex BCAL Marketing Director, David Coltman is on our Board and Phil Bowell with us in Bahrain. I retired June 2007 from Menzies and I'm now a consultant. Currently working on a ground handling project for Tiger Airways in Singapore. Then maybe off to Iraq, or wherever else I can keep busy! Hello to all old BCAL friends. please drop a line.

Karen Wardle
I just happened to look up BCAL and found this whole web site on it. I worked as a hostie from '76-'79. They were really great days. Shared a house in Balcombe Road with a couple of hosties from BCAL, Dan-Air, and Laker. I also did some advertising work. Was Miss December on one calendar. We had a really great time shooting for it in Scotland in this huge purple van that used to draw the crowds as they thought we were a rock group. Probably acted just as debauched as one!! I am still in the flying world as I am married to a pilot who works for Air Mauritius. If anyone remembers me please drop me a line.

Debbie Ware (Nee Radford)  16/07/15
The best airline ever. Worked for BCAL from 1977 to 1988 in Reservations at Gatwick and the P.T.A department at Gatwick until the take over. Went to live in Australia for 5 years, then decided to come back to Zambia. Would be great to hear from people I worked with in Caledonian House - Gatwick Airport. Very sad to hear the news regarding the death of Sir Adam Thompson

Anthony (Tony) Wareham  18/03/21
Sadly we learn that Tony, an Avionics Engineer, passed away on 8th March 2021 at Totara Hospice in New Zealand after a short illness. My sincere condolences to his wife Pauline, family, friends and former colleagues. Tony Remembered

Tony's original crewroom entry: I found this site and as an old BUA engineering apprentice for 1965 I was just thinking what has happened to the other 11 apprentices of that year.
I now live and work in Auckland, New Zealand. Still on aircraft as a team leader for ANZ, but do remember the great time we had back then. BUA and BCAL was a great airline to work for.  Updated 26/05/15 Tony is retiring from Air NZ in June 2015 and recalls "It has been a very interesting working life in the aircraft engineering side of the industry, with such great changes from when we started 50 years ago. From the Prop aircraft to the B787 what great technical changes have been made. It is now time to enjoy life with some good trout fish and to walking some of the great tracks in my adopted home land of New Zealand. Hope everyone keeps well".

Joe Warkentine 04/06/17
I was the Cargo Supervisor DFW - the first and last in that position.  Those were the days of hard work and learning. I spent the first few weeks visiting BCal Atlanta, St Louis, LAX and Houston.  Taking the best working procedures from each station, we developed our staffing and freight management program for DFW.  We had only three cargo staff who were BCal - the remainder of the force was Air General Staff (Handling Agent). By the time BA began their takeover of the station there were four BCal staff and two sales representatives; Will Blunt and Kathy David. Operations and sales worked hand in hand in generating cargo sales with the over 100 freight forwarders in the DFW area.  We introduced density discount rates, carried the first EHU shipment consisting of tropical fish to Manchester (all survived).  A number of other firsts occurred during the BCal age.

I left BCal/BA during the merger when the position was made redundant and transferred to the Handling Agent.  I remained with the handling agent with the same title until I had my first heart attack.  All were taking pay reductions and the stress of the job and paying bills just became too much. My wife and I tried various jobs outside of international - some of which were rewarding and fun, but one day I woke to find my wife asleep on the sofa.  When, expecting the worst I woke her and she told me "Go get a real job"  That day I visited one of my BCal customers - MSAS -  where I took an agent's job cutting air waybills.  Within nine months I as management again, this time in house with one of MSAS's major customers.  Once again mergers and redundancies spelled my leaving when DHL took over. By 2011 I was with another freight forwarder, Aeronet, leading its international office in DFW.  This time however, it was word from my doctor that I had Stage IV cancer of the liver that put me on a different path.  The doctor told me I should quit and enjoy life. That ended my 42 years in the industry as I retired shortly thereafter to pursue trout, bass and shovel snow during Colorado winters. Yes I miss BCal and the freight industry and all the challenges I faced over four decades.  I can tell (as I often do now) some real stories of those wonderful days if I can corner anyone into listening.
British Caledonian - A Tribute