Keith Watson

Sadly Keith passed away on 17th November 2014 following a fight against cancer. Keith leaves behind his wife Debbie, and was just 69 years old. Keith was BCal Sales Manager North of England (based in Manchester) in the mid/late 80s.

Prior to BCal, Keith worked with travel industry giants Thomson and Cosmos. Keith joined BCal from Cosmos Holidays in 1985 as Sales Manager North of England, a position he held through BCal's tenure and on into British Airways until 1997.

After BA itself, a move to associate British Regional / Manx Airlines, then a period with Maersk and Eastern Airways UK before becoming an industry consultant in 2008.

Keith's funeral service was held on  1st December 2014 at St Mary's Church, North Somercotes in Lincolnshire.

Keith Remembered

From Rohan Alce
Sad news. I was in contact with Keith via email a couple of years ago, but don't believe I have seen him since BCal days.

From Peter Kenworthy - Sad news indeed

From Mansell Dinnis
Iím very sorry to hear of his passing.  As I recall, Keith joined BCal in 1985 (a Dan Brewin appointment) after working in tour operations (Cosmos and Thomson). After the BA takeover, he stayed on for some years with British Airways in Manchester. I spoke to him on the telephone a few years back while he was with Eastern Airways but hadnít met up with him since BCal days.

From Tony Cocklin
So sorry to hear this sad news, Rohan. Although I hadnít seen Keith since BCAL days, I remember him well. If I recall rightly, he was a talented draughtsman and used to produce splendid cartoons of life in the airline. I have a vague idea that he went on to work at Manchester Airport, but I canít be sure.

From Chris Gilbert
Very sad news. Keith was certainly a larger than life character and was liked by everybody who knew him. I remember I hired Keith into the Sales Manager North of England role when I was National Sales Manager UK, so that must have been circa 1983/4. I believe he had previously worked for BA and Thomson, now TUI of course. After BCAL he worked for Eastern Airlines, the commuter airline, based out of Hull I seem to remember. I think he was with them for quite a few years. 

From Barry Prior
Sad news.  I can't really add much to CGs comments  but I do recall handing over the Sales Manager North of England  reigns to Keith in Manchester in 1985 - a lot of fun through a Hamlet cigar haze - and that he held on to  the position when BA came along in 1988.  I met him a few times when he was with Eastern Airlines, post BA.  A good colleague.

From Mike Bathgate
Sad sad news about Keith. After his "big BA" stint covering North of England he then joined British Regional Airlines as Sales Manager doing his best to work alongside BA's own sales teams looking after all the BA franchise routes from the regions that were run by BRAL. When BA bought BRAL (and Manx Airlines) Keith left and spent some time with duo - a short-lived airline owned by Maersk, with Dan Brewin as 'special adviser'!  He then moved across to Eastern for a few years. A great guy with a fantastic sense of humour - which was essential when dealing with BA! Very sad news.

From Peter Dunkin
I was deeply saddened to hear of Keithís passing. We moved together from BCAL to BA UK Sales. During the merger, and he was a wonderful colleague and friend over at least a ten year period. I recall many laughs at various conferences and enjoying a few too many cigars together. He was a true sales and airline business professional. We lost contact when I went overseas and have sadly only been in touch a couple of times in recent years whilst he was at Duo, Maersk and Eastern Airways.

From David Rousham
What very sad news. Keith gave me my first placement as a young BA graduate in the Manchester based - North of England Sales team in 1991. He was a larger than life character, full of fun, but with a real charm and professional edge that helped set me on the right track. Sorry I cannot make the funeral. God bless.

From Fred Mitchell
Such sad news. I enjoyed many a good time with Keith during our time at BCAL and BA. My condolences go out to all the family at this sad time

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