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Colin sadly passed away on the 9th September 2022. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Colin was employed by Transair in March 1959 as an aircraft electrician and worked for BCAL for many years in the Inventory Department in Engineering. He continued his unbroken service until 1989 by which time BCAL and its predecessor's had been taken over by BA. After December 1989 he joined Virgin Atlantic.
Service details

Colinís service was held on 18th October 2022  at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Crawley, RH10  3NQ
Colin Remembered

From Sally Simmonds
: So sorry. RIP, Colin.

From Debbie Norman: Thatís very sad. Lovely gentleman. Condolences to his family.

From Caron Phillips: RIP and my sincere condolences to his family and friends

From Ray Astridge
So sorry to hear that Colin has gone to the big hangar in the sky. He was a pleasure to work with. Condolences to his family. Fly high Colin.

From Lesley-Ann Hutchinson
: Sorry to hear the news. Condolences to all his family and friends, and RIP Colin

From Roger Warren: RIP Colin

From Frances Taylor: RIP Colin

From Rhoda Pearman: Sorry to hear this sad news. RIP Colin

From Kerry Coles: R.I.P.Colin

From Nigel Edwards: RIP Colin

From Ron Fuller: RIP Colin

From Carolyn Hosier: A true gentleman, so sad. RIP Colin

From Dave Surry: RIP Colin, was always a pleasure working with him

From David Warner: Worked with Colin from time to time. Nice guy.

From Robert Hounslow: RIP

From Fee Flee: So sorry. Fly Free Colin

From Stephen Kerr: Very sad news, Colin was a great teacher and had time for all. Condolences to his family. RIP Colin.

From Bob Cooper: Sad news, RIP Colin.

From Bill Hunter: Colin, total gentleman. RIP

From Tony Rider: RIP Colin, fly high

From Liz Rogers: RIP Colin

From Steve Bentley: Rest in Peace Colin

From John Layton: Sad news. Colin was a really nice guy. RIP Colin

From John Baxter-Smith: RIP Colin

From Brian Wassell: Sad news R.I.P. Colin

From Dave Excell
Really nice guy was Colin, he worked in materials within the stores set up, and then moved on to Virgin doing a similar job. Always a good listener and rarely got upset. I worked with him for around 18 yrs, one of life's nice guys. RIP Colin

From Grahame Williamson: RIP

From Stephen Kerr: Very sad news, Colin was a great teacher and had time for all. Condolences to his family. RIP Colin.

From William Gardner-Hunter: RIP

From Bob Holmes
: Rest in peace Colin

From Erika Browning: Very sad news indeed.  Sincere condolences to Colinís family

From Hugh Cowan
Sorry to hear about Colin. Colin was the "go to" but for all things avionic. His knowledge of connectors and wiring tools was legendary. I still have the wire stripers which I bought from him 50 years ago - and they still work! A gentleman to work with and a pleasure to chat to.

From Iain Davey
I was sorry to read of Colin's passing. He worked in Materials Control all the time I knew him, but had been an electrician before, if my memory is correct. He was always most helpful and very easy to get on with.

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Condolences have been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Jim Will, Kris Massie, Frances Taylor, Jean Bagnell, Tina Harvey, David R Holder, Biddi Geoghegan, Lindsay Smith, Peter Durran, Jenny Thomas, Linda Trettin, Janet Willis, Dave Surry, Riaz Butt, Valerie Edwards, Trevor Tommy Gunn, Joanna Dyckes, Robin Frazier, Judith Owen, Lesley-Ann Hutchinson, Jackie Hebert Hayes, Barbara Harmes, Ray Davies, Liz Rogers, Nick Washington-Jones, Pat Cresswell, Fee Flee, Mandy Boon, Susan Buckley, Christine Jegu, Andrew Wilkins, Tom Stringer, Nick Ridley, Andy Hudson, Graham Waters, Sylvia Murphy, Caron Phillips,

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