Doug Waters Catering Equipment Controller

Sadly Doug has passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his friends, family and former colleagues.

Doug had a long career in airline catering starting first with Transglobe before joining Caledonian Airways in the 1960s as Catering Equipment Controller and staying through BCAL and BA until 1990 before joining Air Europe.  

Doug's service was held on 11th November 2016 at Church of St Nicholas, Charlwood, Nr Horley. Following the service Doug was remembered with a gathering at the Half Moon Public House.

Doug Remembered

From George Banks
He was a wonderful colleague and had a mine of information about Caledonian / BCAL and aviation in general. He logged every flight he ever travelled on and was excellent and professional as an airline catering equipment controller and highly respected. He and his wife Renee (who passed away in 2015) were good friends and we often went to the Redhill air show together and an afternoon listening to Doug's aviation stories and trips was a treat indeed. Sadly I will miss the service, as I am away, but my sincere condolences to Doug's family.

From Charles Powell
Doug had an important role in in-flight services which was crucial in ensuring the reliable provision of our services. As the company grew he took on additional responsibilities and undertook more travel throughout our network, which he much enjoyed. He was a dedicated professional and always discharged his responsibilities with great cheerfulness which endeared him to his colleagues. After the merger he moved to Air Europe and quickly these qualities endeared him to his new colleagues there. It was always good to meet with him and talk to him. Rest in peace, Doug.

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