Eddie Woodhouse
Sadly Eddie passed away on 3rd March after battling cancer. Ed's service was held at the Sussex and Surrey Crematorium on Tuesday 15th March 2011.

Eddie Remembered

From John Theobalds
Eddie was an unforgettable guy who had the driest and acutest sense of humour. He didn't do rancour, work and people for him were elements to enjoy, and our hearts go out to his wife Josie. They lived in Ifield for many years.  Eddie was with BUA in the early days of the '60's like most of us, and like some of us he left to join the ranks of the U.S. Supplemental carriers. Eddie went to TIA and latterly Capitol Airways.

From Phil Bowell
I first met Eddie when I was with Aircraft Flight catering (those pink vans). He was TIA then and shortly after went to Capitol. When I moved to BUA in '69, he became a customer again. As you say, very dry sense of humour. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen, especially when getting ready for the MAC flights operating out of Lakenheath and Mildenhall. He used to drive up in the truck with us, I had not seen him for a time but sad to say goodbye to another colleague.

From Nigel Dale : A great guy Eddie, he'll be missed.

From Tony Realff
I first met Ed. In 1966. He was a Load Control Supervisor. I was impressed with his seemingly laid back attitude. He left BUA in 1969 representing a number of US supplemental carriers. Our lives crossed again when he was station manager for Continental Airlines during their first years at Gatwick. After he left Continental I persuaded him to take up a temporary post as a relief operations manager with my company AMI. Ed. stayed 13 years as the operations manager of our Heathrow distribution Hub. Over these years and through 13 years of retirement Ed and I have been close friends . We spent many happy golf holidays and golfing days together. He was a kind and generous man. An extremely dry and subtle wit and a constant pleasure to be with. My condolences to Jose and the family. He will be truly missed. By the way he hated being called Eddie. Just Ed was good enough.

From Mo (Maureen) Brock nee Williams
What sad news about Eddie - I remember him as such a fun guy with a great sense of humour. 

From Sue Seales : Kevin and I are very upset to hear of Ed's passing. Kevin has kept me laughing with his recollections. 

From Wendy Dudley: I can't believe it - he was always so full of life and a perfect gentleman.

From Pat Mulcare nee Timmings : Please pass on my condolences - very sad. 

From Pat Farchy nee Barling
A big shock this evening…………. After BUA and Laker, I flew with Capitol for 2 years and then worked with Eddie at Gatwick for the third. He was unique - laconic, dry and no drama. 

From Jim Novis : Very sad news…………….. He was my supervisor in Load Control when I started with BUA in '65.

From Pam Whitehouse nee Rutt : Eddie was a good friend to many of us. What a sad day.  

From Mick Fletcher
So sorry to hear about Eddie. He was my supervisor at one time and I had great respect for him, he used to hold our shift together very well and it was a privilege to work alongside him. This is very sad news indeed. When I left Gatwick in 1971 I lost touch with Eddie but I remember him very fondly as a really genuine person who worked in Load Control and was always helpful and supportive of us cargo people. 

From Douglas Holland : Another good man goes silent key.   Douglas Holland

From Sheila Williams nee Hall : So sorry to hear about Eddie - I have wonderful memories of him in BUA - he was a great guy.  

From Ricky Cuss : Always enjoyed 'Redcapping' Capitol flights. Eddie was a great bloke, full of wit, relaxed and really knew his stuff - sad news indeed.

From Tim Trowbridge
I worked on Eddie's shift (in Load Control/Ships Papers) and enjoyed every minute of it. He was a great guy and he even managed to sell me my first life insurance policy. Viv (Tim's first wife, now sadly also no longer with us) worked with him at Capitol and they were good friends. 

From Derek & Caroline (nee Birrell) Ritson
I worked with him at Capitol as well as knew from BUA onwards as a friend. Your description of him is exactly how we will remember him too. He came to our house to sell us life insurance - left several hours later rather the worse for wear but without opening his bag! Sad news indeed. 

From Phil Baker.
With Pete Barrie and Fred Stone, Eddie was one of my first supervisors in the very first week after I left school and started work back in 1966. Later on, I recall buying one of his insurance policies, but that was many moons ago. He was a great bloke.

From Gerry Lydon : Just got back from 2 months in Australia and so saddened to hear of Ed's passing.

From Annie Hatt - TIA : Very sad news indeed, Eddie was a great character, much loved by all over many years. 

From John McCarthy : Eddie was one of the finest people I've ever met and had the privilege of working with.

From Richard Tassell
I remember Eddie as a very special man. At 18, I was on an uncharted adventure into a career when I joined BUA as a Ships Papers Clerk. All our Load Control Supervisors had special qualities but it was Eddie who helped me as a young man when I was troubled in my own life, even welcoming me into his own home. His calm and unassuming manner were great counsel. The world is less for his passing. I send my heart out to his family in their loss. For myself, I will spend a quiet time at 1645 next Tuesday. Thank you Eddie. You're not here anymore but I will never forget you.

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