Ian Wollen   First Officer (1-11s)
Sadly Ian passed away on 18th August 2020, one week after being involved in a car accident in Florida; in which he lost his wife, Wanda, who was driving. A pick up truck crossed the central meridian and crashed in to them head on. Ian was 89. My sincere condolences to Ian's family following this dreadful accident.

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Ian Remembered

From Mark Whiting :
Oh Jean. So sorry to read this. My thoughts are with you. X

From Valerie Armstrong : So sorry to hear this sad news

From Pauline Robertson :
Sorry to hear this

From Rhoda Pearman :
What a shock and how tragic. I do remember Ian.

From Wendy Jeffs :
So sorry to hear this terrible news

From Margaret Mattocks:
Oh what terrible news, this is so sad!

From Iona McKay :
What a terrible shock, my thoughts are with Ianís family xxx

From Tricia Riley: Iím dreadfully sorry to read this news. Thoughts and prayers are with all the family

From Frances Firmin :
Oh how awful, so sorry to hear this news. I send my sympathies Ian's family

From Susie Douglas-Smith:
What a dreadful thing to happen.

From Lynne Le Maitre :
So sorry to hear this sad news.

From Sara Cunningham:
Oh my goodness Iím so sorry to hear this. Prayers to all x

From Don Eckford :
Sad news, Ian was nice guy to work with and always good company

From Ana Eva Heuberger :
Iím sorry to hear this

From Angela Martin
I'm so sorry to hear this devastating news. I flew with Ian quite a bit he was such a nice man, thinking of his family at this time.

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Jim Williams, Marion Clamp, Linda Boyle, Coreen Wilcox, Yolanda Gamundi, Alan Reeves, Tricia Riley, Don Eckford, Mark Whiting, Susie Caldwell, Philippa Caro-Smith, Chrissie Samuel, Tina Harvey, Alayne Elizabeth, Ana Eva Heuberger, David R Holder, Doug Ledingham, Yvonne Labadi, Debbie Cornford, Terry G Saward, Sarah Perryman, Angela Martin, Karen McManus, Candice Bridge, Diana Evans, Adrian Schilke, Kay Sugliano, Julie Splarn, Elise Riley, John Morgan, Helen Shenton, Shaunagh Perity, Sally Simmonds, Caron Phillips, Austin Wynn-Hayes, Wendy Jeffs, Hazel Austin, Barrie Rawlins, Peter Durran, Linda Arnold, Ian Jones, Marjorie Anglesea Jackson, Cheryll Woolford, Kris Massie, Estelle Rousell

Sara Cunningham, Riaz Butt, Lesley-Ann Hutchinson, Simon Rickard, Elizabeth English. Frank Brejcha, Frank Skilbeck, Kim Widdup, Liz Nettlefold, Laurie Evans, Pauline Robertson, Pauline Chemney Facey, Jette Boysen, Brian Buchanan Aitchison, Valerie Edwards, Joy Old, Claire Vickers, Sarah Perryman. Jo Hewitt, Sheila Berkeley-white, Chris Jensen, Peter Barry, Elise Riley, Dave Phillips, John Morgan, Graham Waters, Dave Surry, Liz Rogers, Brian Wassell, Peter Nettlefold, Wendy Jeffs, Jackie Hebert, Helena Burgoyne, Roz Isted, Jackie Abercromby-Stagg, Patsy Edwards, Paul Marshall, Jenny Thomas, Christine Jegu, Pat Cresswell, Cheryll Woolford, Kris Massie, Carol Boaks, Nicola Shaw, Sally Heron, Suzzi Mills, Mandy Lenanton, Steve Hope, Fee Flee

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