2016 - The G-ARUD Douala Memorial Anniversary
It is hard to belive that it is over a year since we successfully refurbished the Memorial to lost in Douala back in 1962. The memorial had been refurbished in the 1980s at Adam Thomson's request though it had been "lost" with the BA merger. So roughly 30 years later, in 2015, we raised some funds and with the help of local airport staff and a Doualan contractor set the work in hand.

There was a small amount of monies left over so we gave that to the contractor in advance for a maintenance visit in 2016 and I am pleased to say that Monsieur Tonga carried out the work in March 2016 and arranged for flowers and a local priest to say some words at the Memorial on the anniversary of the accident.

It does take a while for the photos to make it out of Africa, but I am pleased to bring them to you below. My thanks to Jacqueline Dillman and Alastair Pugh for forwarding them along the line.
My thanks go to:-

Leonard Bebchick, Patricia Sheldon, William Murphy, Stuart Matthews, David Braithwaite, Ian Lucas, Margaret Trett, Derek Hodgson, George Banks, Ken Honey, Will Puk, Tony Cocklin, Alastair Pugh and Trevor Boud

They all kindly made contributions and supported the Appeal.

Thanks also to Jacqueline Dillman who kindly and ably supported the works and undertook all the liaison with Murielle Koch (Air France - based in Douala) who helped oversee the works on site.

Most of us will never get to Douala, neither will many of the families, but in our absence the memorial will continue to stand watch over those from flight CA153.
The Douala Memorial in March 2016 after its maintenance visit.
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