2022 - The G-ARUD Douala Memorial Update
I had an email in early November 2022 from Nigel Holmes, the Acting British High Commissioner in the Cameroon. He had seen our web page on the Douala memorial and the refurbishment we did. On the strength of that he was arranging an official visit to the site and kindly asked if there was anything he could help with.

Thus with help and advice from Trevor Boud and Tony Cocklin we composed a reply and sent it off. He kindly agreed to take new photos and also ask after the original memorial plaques which we found were missing.

I am pleased to say that Nigel Holmes, the Acting British High Commissioner in the Cameroon has paid an official visit to the Memorial for those lost in the G-ARUD accident. He met and spoke to the cemetery staff on site as well, on our behalf he asked after the original plaques, no joy sadly. But since we refurbished the memorial; it has weathered a bit and the vegetation has encroached again, it is a tropical environment..

He has offered to undertake a light spruce up from his official funds; we have accepted this very kind offer.

Tony Cocklin has been in contact with Jim Davis at BA with regard to the register of memorials they have and their upkeep. I have forwarded on the Report from the Commissioner to Jim at BA, so with luck a long term plan may come forth now there is official interest.....we hope.

Here are Nigel's photos from his visit on 25th November 2022.
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Victor Dina Dina (Cemetery Manager), Nigel Holmes (Acting British High Commissioner) and a member of his staff.
Victor Dina Dina, the Cemetery Manager, knew exactly where to take Nigel when he asked, so although the memorial has weathered in the near tropical conditions, it is not lost.  And I am sure Nigel's spruce up will bring it back to the 2016 condition.
My thanks to Nigel Holmes for visiting the Memorial, his photos, and of course the kind offer of a tidy up. We will keep you focused on any feedback from BA too.
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