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My sincere condolences go out to the families, friends and colleagues of those we have lost over the years.

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11th April 2024 Marjorie Angelsea
  8th April 2024  Wendy Brannan

28th Mar 2023 Roger Mills
28th Mar 2023 Richard Brown 
28th Feb 2023 Glyn Henderson
22nd Feb 2021 Ron Blair
22nd Feb 2021 Christine Grant
27th Dec 2020   Anne Jack
11th Dec 2020   Capt Clive Willsdon
22nd Aug 2020  David Clark (Cargo)
16th July 2020    Dyan Humphrey
30th Jun 2020     Steve Bispham
19th Jun 2020     Paul Goodwin
16th Jun 2020     Warren Funnell
15th Apr 2020     John Fitch
23rd Mar 2020    Richard Mudge

Updated Email Addresses and / or Entries

17th Apr 2024  Peter Barrie
25th Dec 2023 Neil Ambrose
25th Dec 2023 Graham Crewe
  5th Oct 2023  Mike Swift
15th Aug 2023 Sally Golds
  3rd July 2023 Terry Storer
31st Mar 2023 John Stiffler
  6th Mar 2023 Nigel Woodall
18th Feb 2023 Julie Alldridge
12th Feb 2023 John Faulkner
14th Nov 2022 Kathy Howe 
  3rd Oct 2022   Pat Jackson
23rd Sept 2022  Anne Lindup
23rd Sept 2022  Lydia Oreegal
29th Aug 2022 Anthony Cowan
3rd Aug 2022  Mike Pettit
25th Jun 2022  John Bailey 
16th Jun 2022  John Haney  
27th Apr 2022 Deanna & Alan West

Linda Palmer 17/06/24
Sadly we learn that Linda passed away on 16th June 2024, my sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Linda joined BUA in 1966, taking early retirement from BCal in 1986 when she was a Senior Flight Hostess on the DC10 fleet. Linda Remembered.
Malcolm McCluskey 03/07/24
It is with sadness we learn that Malcolm passed away on 20th June 2024, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Malcolm started with BCAL in CRC in 1977, soon moving on to Aircraft Dispatch Coordinator as well as time as Airport Manager in Accra and Lagos. Malcolm Remembered
British Caledonian - A Tribute