The BCal Video & Media Gallery

Below are a selection of videos and audio from around the internet that feature British Caledonian Airways and their forebears. Some are the super adverts, some are peoples personal video tributes, and some are from movies featuring BCAL.

They are all well worth a watch, and I would be pleased to show anymore that are available. Please enjoy them, and of course the sound tracks too and thank you to all the contributers for their super work

The clips below are from You Tube, all credit to the people who supplied / made the clips

From Nick Burnett
From Simon Falla
Many thanks to
Hugh Waghorn
for sending in this video.

The Car has Wings, nice footage of a Carvair and the Car Ferry Ops of BUA
BCAL Line Engineering Gatwick. "We allowed ourselves 12 hours of grieving to mourn the loss of the BCAL identity as a mainline operation,after which we all had to get down to joining the two airlines together and making it work," This movie captures some of the light hearted banter and snippets of conversation during a day at work.

Many thanks to Ian Haines for this super video capturing many in Engineering and around the ramp. The video also starts with a shot of my Father, Ron Thaxter, with some footage of Dad later on too
These 3 all kindly sent in by Ian Haines
BCAL Netball match includes Diane Hayward sister of Goalkeeper Keith Hayward, and Pat Chambers, and the Toledoes includes Shirley Haines and Rita Puk Franklin sister of Will Puk and Keith who stars in the Football Tours to New York and Toronto.

The World of British Caledonian    Click Here

British Caledonian Inflight Radio Show - April 1981    Click Here

A Better Way to Fly - 1 minute advert soundtrack     Click here

Living out of a Suitcase by Mike Hancock   Click Here

1960s Look at Life film : The Air Hostess - featuring the crew of a Hunting-Clan Viscount (APTB) flying between London and Benghazi. Many thanks to Angela Mansi for sending in the link
Let's Go to NYANDLA  (New York and Los Angeles)

A classic BCal advert from 1973 advertising the soon to start New York and LA services (April 1973).

And the BCal Let's Go jingle, which has not been heard for many years. 


BUA Engineering 1967 by Ian Haines

Ian has been keeping busy. He found an 8mm cine film of BUA Engineering that he filmed in 1967.

Ian has made a story of the activity on the ramp and included Wingspan newspaper clips, he was 25 at the time; some 53 years ago.

We think a few of the men in the movie are still with us, but a few of the men in senior positions of Technical Support have passed on, God bless them.

Many thanks Ian, some super footage
British Caledonian - A Tribute