Marion Nash (Nee Biggin)  13/02/17
So sad to hear about Sir Adam....What a lovely man! We even named our son after him!! It's great to see website that's keeping those treasured memories alive......Hello to everyone who may remember Paul and me. I joined in 1972 until 1986 mostly in passenger services and ramp. Paul joined 1973 in reservations, CRC, Res.Services and cargo until 1988

Carlos Navarro 13/08/20
It is with sadness we learn that Carlos passed away in early August 2020. Carlos was the Sales Manager in Bogota before rising to Airport Manager and was known to many visiting staff and crew from overseas. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Carlos Remembered

Peter Nettlefold  17/12/2019  updated email
An old colleague, Finlay Jones, let me know about the sight. It brings back such good memories for me. I joined BUA way back in 1966 and went right thru to 1989 when I took the money and ran!! all the way to SA. If there is anyone out there still it would be great to get in touch again. I'm sure there are a lot of the old LGW Pax svc staff who read this. Give me a buzz.

Charlie Newble  18/12/19 
Sadly we learn that Charlie passed away in early December 2019, my sincere condolences to his fsmily, friends and former colleagues. Charlie's service will be held on 10th January 2020, details here: Charlie Remembered.   And Charlie's crewroom entry from 18/01/13 Joined Transair in 1960 working on line as a engineer happy days, after a few name changes retired from BA in 2002 but still keep my hand in by giving the aircraft at Tangmere Museum some TLC.

Eddie Newman 02/12/13
Sadly Eddie passed away on 26th November 2013 in Gloucester Hospital, our sincere condolences to Eddie's family, friends and former colleagues. Eddie started with BUA and later worked with Bob Campbell in the Woodwork shop at Gatwick before retiring October 1988. Eddie's service was held on 9th December. A photo of Eddie at work can be seen here

William "Bill" Newman  12/11/23  Bill Remembered
Sadly Bill passed on 9th November 2023 after a short battle with an aggressive cancer. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bill Newman was a much loved husband to Selina, father to Christopher and Nina and grandfather to Harriet and William and Baxter and Darcy. Bill began his flying career in 1965 with a sponsorship by British United Airways at AST Perth. On leaving Perth his initial appointment was as a co pilot on the B170 fleet at Lydd Ferryfield airport in 1966. Shortly after he joined the Carvair fleet based in Southend Airport.

Captain Freddie Newson
Freddie passed away on 22nd December 2010 aged 84. He was a Captain and one of the chief training officers for BCAL for some twenty years until it merged with BA when he retired. He sadly missed his flying days but took to sailing in his later years

Neil Nice       
I joined in 1980 and stayed until BA took over ( merged!! ) and these were my happiest working years, it was like one big happy family. I still work with ex BCAL workers at BA and the good times are only a memory now. I was in the cleaning section working as a leader/trainer. This is a very good website dedicated to the memory of a really great airline.

Julian Nicholson  20/07/15 
I started working in the BCal postroom in 1976. I then moved to crewing in 1977 working in the aircrew records dept. I then moved to BCal catering in 1979, working in the kitchens and despatch stores. I moved to the aircraft appearance unit (AAU) in 1984 until I moved to the BA Cargo Sheds in 1988 until 2009 when I took early retirement! I spent many a lunch time in the old WINGSPAN CLUB with friends and a pint. BCal was the best years of my life at work and we were one big family! I now live in Spain, relaxing, no more shift work for me!! Best regards to everyone.

Bill Nightingale   01/08/12
Sadly Bill passed away, he had been ill for several years and died in Scarborough on 25th June. His funeral took place on 3rd July. Bill worked for BCAL from 1969, in crewing, passenger services, ground ops and finally manager Emergency Procedures. He was a colleague, both in ATC and BCAL, of the late Lynn Fry. In the last ten years Bill and Lynne successfully ran Brambles Lodge Guest House in Scarborough. He is greatly missed by his wife Lynne and his daughter Rhian.  Our condoleces go out to all Bill's family, friends and former colleagues.

Bill's original Crew Room Entry: Very interesting. I recognise many names from the past. I worked for BCAL from 1969 (then Caledonian Airways) until 1987. A couple of months before the merger with BA. Started in Crewing then Ops and finally Pax Services/ Ramp before moving to Emergency Procedures. Moved to Tenby in 1987 and bought a guest house. After 15 years sold and bought another guest house in Scarborough, Brambles Lodge no discounts, but all will have a warm welcome.

Robert "Bob" Norris 16/09/14
Sadly Bob passed away on 10th September 2014 whilst on one of his regular visits to Cuba from his home in Toronto. Our sincere condolences go out to Bob's family, friends and former colleagues. Bob remembered

Bob's original crew room entry : I joined Jersey Airlines at the Beehive, checking-in passengers to fly from the grass airfield in De Havilland Heronís and Rapides. I was pressed into joining Cunard Eagle by Vic Debenham; first as a cargo rep, then charter sales, then passenger rep under John Lovegrove. John de la Haye, Frank Hope and others were also with Eagle and soon left to start Caledonian Airways. Bernard Fisher pulled me out of Cunard Eagle to join Caledonian in their Horley HQ, where I replaced John Hughes as charter rep. Spent time signing IT services with various tour operators, at the time operating DC-7Cís, of which we had one. Not mentioning some dates as this 74 year-oldsí memory is no longer the steel-trap of old. Wardair asked me to open a London office and Max Ward went on to not take everybodyís advice and started 727 charters on the North Atlantic and was successful. Both on the ground and in the air, Wardair was the nearest anybody came to offering the high quality of service BCal had, and this was also a happy airline.

One day Frank Hope and Dennis Standen interviewed me at Gatwick and I was soon on my way to Toronto, to open a Caledonian office with my assistant Jean Docherty. Being kicked from behind by Ian Ritchie, we (NYC- John Sykes and LAX- Reg Farrell) soon had a huge North Atlantic charter operation now that whatever statute of limitations had expired. I look back in wonder tat some of us didnít end up sewing mailbags. After being in Toronto long enough to acquire a Canadian passport, there was this merger between Caledonian and BUA, and I was dragged back to LGW, with Rohan Alce taking over the Toronto office. I was moved around from North Atlantic sales to Central and East Africa and then to South Atlantic sales which enabled me to spend weekends in Rio, where I was raised.

While floating around Central Africa I did a favour for Pedro Prats, finding him the Lusaka Pamodzi Hotel half-built, which he took over and opened for Caledonian Hotel Management. This piece of serendipity led him to put me to work in his Palma HQ where I went in 1977 and from where I retired from in 1999, having learnt to speak Spanish. My thanks to Martin Harewood who told me about this site and I would of course be pleased to hear from any old friends and colleagues.

Mick Nunn 03/02/16  I had many happy years (1969-1988) working for BUA/BCAL and made many good friends, now retired living in Shropshire.

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