Anne Jack  27/12/20
Joined, originally, at Southend Airport (now that was a great starting point), on the British United car ferry across to France - so going back to the 1960s - when jumping on the chains around the car wheels to make sure they were secure was one of the pre-flight duties!  With just a couple of trips from Lydd on Mike Fox - even remember nearly grabbing for a life jacket when, fortunately no passengers, the crew had decided to have a look at the boats in the channel, especially Radio Caroline (think that was it).  And the parties we would have!

After that first year, transferred with two other hosties to Gatwick, and the Big Planes.  Then carried on flying for quite a few years. I remember Christmas in Rio, peering over the flight crew as we went over the Andes, the diplomatic messenger tucked into first class with his bags, crossing a windy Tarmac in the uniform tartan kilt. It was ten years of delight, learning about the world, and will never be forgotten. Thank you to everyone who was there too, a part of my life.

After those days, I went back to my original training as a secretary and moved around a bit, but ended up living in London and years as a secretary to the head of Mechanical and Civil engineering (a lovely man) at the Science Museum. So now retired, feet up, love my bus pass, and car takes me everywhere else! All best wishes to everyone who shared those flying days, may they also be special for you.

Phippa (Mary-Philippa) Jackson
(now Barrett)  18/05/16
I joined BCal in 1979. Started working in Accounts for John Eaton, a really nice guy. After a couple of years I moved to Staff Travel in BCal House and I'm still in contact with one of my colleagues there, Cindy Longley. There was a bit of a reorganisation and I was moved to our in-house travel department. Robin Dobson managed the dept but I can't remember the name of it. It was later sold that to a tour operator in East Grinstead, can't remember the name of that either. I then became part of the Sales and Marketing division, working for Mike Bathgate, another great boss. What fun we had in Sales and Marketing, does anyone remember Fred dressed as a school boy for a group sales presentation.

From there I moved to Agency Technology, working Richard Bristow and later, Steve Tester, again, these guys were great to work for. I joined BA at the merger but nothing could compare to the fantastic people and work ethics at Bcal so I left. A long time ago, at an interview with Dan Brewin and Alan Deller, they asked what my ambitions were. I told them I wanted to be the first female director on BCal's board, oh to be young and cocky! Dan even remembers it, cringe.

I now live in Scotland, having recently returned from New York where I have been working as a Chief Marketing Officer for an on-line Travel Agent, putting my career progression down to the training, experience and mentoring I received during my many happy years at BCal. I would love to attend any reunion for staff at BCal House Crawley so please let me know when the next one comes up and I'll definitely come down for a catch up.

Pat Jackson and
Ray Jackson  20/06/22   Ray Remembered
Sadly Ray passed away on Sunday 19th June 2022 after suffering a fall at home. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Pat, his family, friends and former colleagues. Ray's entry from 13/06/17 Caledonian Airways New York 1967 - 1971 then back to London. Zambia 1983 - 1988. Very happy days. Great people. We are now living in Ayr Scotland and playing lots of golf. Delighted to see so many old colleagues here.

Vivien 'Viv' Jackson    
One of the Sales/Marketing gang till 1988. Started up and ran the Apres BCAL Reunion Club for Sales & Marketing friends till handing over to Southern colleagues whose last meeting was yesterday Friday 13th at Wingspan Club - where word was passed around regarding your site thence on to me by long distance phone call. Keep up the good work and if my attic reveals any useful items I will get in touch. Should anyone want to know my whereabouts and whatabouts - my time with BCAL was not wasted - at 60 (shush) I am attempting/embarking on my HND in IT Communications and Computers!!!

Alan Jackson (Late husband of Viv Jackson above) 23/12/19
Sadly I have learnt that Alan has passed away (10th December 2019) after a long and brave battle with lung cancer. My sincere commiserations go to his wife Vivien (UK Sales Team), his family, friends and former colleagues.
He moved to BCal, working for Bill Kerr, and relished his time in Engineering working with many people in the Engineering Division at Gatwick. Vivien would like to pass on her thanks to all in Engineering for making Alan's time so enjoyable.

Derek & Linda James

I Joined B.O.A.C. 1958 as Cabin Crew [Steward] Left in 1964, then joined Caledonian Airways in 1965 as Cabin Crew [Steward] Moved to Houston in 1983 as Catering Manger North America until made redundant by B.A. in 1989. We still live in Houston and would like to hear from anybody who remembers us.

Joanna James  23/04/20
Worked at BCAL 1982 to 1988 - cabin crew, industrial relations and Marketing. Left BA end of 2016 as GM in Engineering. Enjoying my freedom!

Steve James  27/01/20
I started my apprenticeship with Caledonian /BUA in 1971 as airframe / engine apprentice with Dave Evans, Jeff Heap, Dick Stewart, to name but a few. Worked for Trans Atlantic Aviation, an Aviation Group in London, then was with DAS Air Cargo; running maintenance control ref dc10 aircraft. Upon being made redundant I worked as technical consultant ACG; and now retired.

Arthur Jamieson
Arthur passed away in his sleep on Monday 25th May 2015. Our sincere condolences to Arthurís wife, Joyce; and his two sons, Neil and John, friends and former colleagues.  Arthur was BCALís Marketing Controller, In-Flight Communications. After BCAL, he went on to create The In Flight Entertainment Company and ran this very successfully until he retired a couple of years ago. He was a first-rate professional, popular colleague and a very proud Scot recall's Tony Cocklin. Arthur's service was held on 12th June - Arthur Remembered.

Terry Jeffries  16/03/20   I was a Tug Driver in the Aircraft Handling Unit with BCAL / BA from Oct 1976 until retirement in July 1998.

Mike Jeffs  
I was with BCAL from 76 to 88 as a first officer on 1-11 and as F/O and Capt on DC10 until the Murder**** stayed with BA on 747 retired last year. I would love to hear from anyone from those days. I have some old down route photo's may be of interest

Derek Jenkins

I was so sad to hear of the death of Sir Adam. He was an Innovator, an Inspiration and a Gentleman. After twelve years in the Royal Air Force I joined British United Airways at Gatwick in 1970. I was therefore in at the start of BRITISH CALEDONIAN AIRWAYS, as a Security Officer and Security Investigator and continued there to the end of BCAL and the take over by BA in 1988. I continued as an Investigator with BA until being made redundant in 1991. I have really happy memories of the greatest Airline there ever was and of the wonderful BCAL people I had the privilege to meet and work with both in the UK and at overseas stations. The demise of the happy family of BCAL was a great loss to aviation. Ah....but if history could be changed......I was really pleased to find this site to continue the memory of BCAL, Derek

Gwyn Jenkins 09/04/20
Sadly we learn that Gwyn passed away on 8th April 2020, aged 85, he succumbed to the Corona Virus. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Gwyn joined BUA and worked through into BCal, based in the maintenance base at Gatwick  Gwyn Remembered

Paul Jenkinson 01/12/20
Sadly Paul passed away on 30th November 2020, Paul was a well-liked and respected colleague from Traffic. Paul was a huge character who will be sadly missed by many. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Paul was a keen footballer and played regularly in the company football teams. Paul Remembered

John Jenner   17/11/10
I started with BCal on the 25th November 1985 on permanent nights; I was then sent to the ramp and I stayed there until I retired in 2003. I have to say my time with BCal was the best.

Chris Jensen (formerly Elvery, nee Middleton) 13/03/15
Have just got back to sunny South Africa from a 2 week visit to the UK (which was also sunny, for a change!!) and have explored this wonderful website - thanks to Jeanne Stephenson (nee Williams, formerly Longland).   What a wonderful trip down Memory Lane - tinged with sadness when I read of the death of John Cook.  He and Mary attended my first wedding (to Andy Elvery) where he was Andy's best man. I was at LGW from October 1970 - Nov 1980, when I left to come out to SA to get married to Paul Jensen (still married with 3 kids!!). Worked at check in, interline desk and finished up on the Airlink for the last 2 years. Am now in DUR working for a BA subsidiary and have worked for a number of airlines since (all local) but nothing to compare with that wonderful feeling of pride that came from BCAL.  We were the best and we knew that we were the best.  Have met many passengers since who were familiar with BCAL and they all concur!!!
Am about to start a bed and breakfast business here - all welcome if you fancy a break with some guaranteed sunshine and sea.  SA is great - and cheap!!!  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!

Julie Ann Jerams  14/12/19
Sadly we learn that Julie Ann passed away on Monday 9th December 2019. She was 59. She flew with BCal and continued to fly with  British Airways. She left some years ago and was living in Cirencester. Julie Ann Remembered

Sara Jerams 25/04/12
I flew with BCal from 1979 to 1985 when I was grounded following an accident. I carried on in Customer Service Training then went to London Sales. I think of all the great times and parties down route. What a great way to spend your 20's! I am now a Pilates teacher!! I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me!! My cousin Julie Ann flew with BCal and BA and sadly passed in December 2019.

Patricia (Tricia) Jesson  08/02/20
Sadly we learn that Patricia passed away in late January, following a short illness, she was 76 years old. Tricia was formerly a member of Cabin Crew with BUA and BCal, and always remembered those times fondly. She had been an active volunteer member of Gatwick's resident charity; TravelCare, for the last 10 years.   Tricia's service was held at Woodvale Crematorium in Brighton on Thursday 13th February, friends and former colleagues were welcomed.

Babu Jethwa  10/03/15  Please note Emails go via Babu's neice
Just like to say what a great site this is and I recognize many people on it whom I've not heard from in years. I started with BUA in Entebbe 1966 as station officer then BCal. Thrown out of Uganda by Idi Amin. I was fortunate enough to continue my job at Gatwick with BCal then posted to Jedda to look after the Hajj operation then Freetown/Brussels/Lusaka (1973-77).

Posted to Dubai as station officer to look after freighter operations till 1980 then started scheduled flights LGW/DXB/HKG. Taken over by BA, worked for them in Dubai till 1990. Had a fantastic time working for BUA/BCal/BA and with alll the staff. At present living in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. Working at family business in Crawley.

Robbie Jewitt
I am saddened to say that Robbie, a former BCal Engineer, passed away on 12th November 2020. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Robbie worked at various locations all over the world, including Houston and LA, where he is fondly remembered. Robbie's service was held on 25th November 2020. Robbie Remembered

James "Johnny" Johnson  
I was with Eagle from 1957 to 1968 and then Caledonian and BCAL from 1970 to 1988. It is great to see so many familiar names in the guestbook. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in sales and then marketing at Crawley, Haywards Heath and Gatwick. The final three and a half years in Southern Routes were interesting, to say the least. I am happily retired in Emsworth on the south coast and wish everyone well

Liz Johnson nee Lievens  04/11/14
What a lovely way to commemorate Sir Adam and a great airline - BCAL. I started with BUA in 1968 as cabin crew and left in 1974. Rejoined BCAL in Houston, TX in 1981 and worked in the office for David Rushton, then moved to the NYC office and left in 1985. Many fond memories of trips to South America, Africa and Bahrain etc and I used to fly with my old flat mate Chrissie Garcia - who I still see and chat to. I am now living in the USA, Portland, OR and would love to hear from anyone.

Rosemary Johnson   08/05/15
Sadly Rosemary passed away on 4th May 2015. Rosemary worked for BUA and her married name was Arnett. Our sincere condolences go out to Rosemary's family, friends and former colleagues.

Adrian Jones 29/10/23
Sadly we learn that Adrian passed on the 23rd October in a hospice in Alabama. Adrian started with BCal in Load Control the became a 707 Loadmaster. He then worked in Cargo and went to the US to set up the operations at Atlanta and St Louis. Adrian Remembered

Alan Jones (Engineering) 20/07/17
Sadly Alan, a BCal Engineer, passed away on 5th May 2017 following an operation. My condolences go out to Alan's family, friends and former colleagues

David Jones  
What a great website - so many familiar names bringing back such great memories. I joined BCAL in March 1985 as a Progress Chaser in Hangar 6. After a few years I managed to gain promotion to Materials Supervisor, running the DC10 Majors (worked opposite Keith Ambridge but then somebody had to !! Only joking Keith if you read this...). Undoubtedly the best working years of my life to date. In my latter years at BA I worked on the Line in both Long Haul and Short Haul Tech Controls, before ending my time as an FLC in the North Terminal Stores. I still remember with great fondness the 'BCAL Freedom Fighters' whose spirit was never broken. Now working for Virgin Atlantic, in the LGW Hangar (Hangar 7 as it used to be known !).

Robert "Bob" Jones  19/11/17
Sadly Robert passed away over the weekend of 19 November 2017 following complications after a stroke. My sincere sympathies go out to his  wife Pat, their daughter, family, friends and former colleagues. Bob was a 1-11 Captain, rising to Fleet Captain and latterly GM Flight Safety & Tech Services. Bob is remembered well by many of his colleagues.

Keith Jordan  02/06/12
I joined BCAL in 1981 as Sales Manager Mid-Atlantic Region (Washington, DC). I stayed in Sales and Marketing in DC and NYC until the end in 1988, choosing not to go with BA. Instead, I went with Singapore Airlines, staying with them for a couple of years, then leaving the airline business for another mode of transportation--the railroad! I've been with BNSF Railways for almost twenty years in the Engineering Department and enjoy it very much. My wife, Deborah, is retiring from American Airlines this year after 36 years. Amazing that she's been with the same airline for that long (and no mergers). Working at BCAL was the best, especially the people and the experience. It's great to see many names I remember and if any of the North American staff would like to get in touch, please e-mail me.

Dave Jupp 27/04/15
Sadly Dave has passed away. Our sincere condolences go out to Dave's family, friends and former colleagues. Dave was formerly with BCal Helicopters, but was with BA until retirement working in hangar 4 on 737 majors also hangar 6 recalls Brian Wassell. I am sure a lot of the BCal / Air tours engineers will remember him well.  Brian has been in touch with his old foreman Chalkie White who told him about the news.

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