Gywn "Taffy" Jenkins (BCal Engineering - Avionics Fitter)
It is with sadness we learn that Gywn passed away on 8th April 2020, aged 85, he succumbed to Pneumonia in East Surrey Hospital.  Sadly he lost his wife Mary, who had been ill, a few days beforehand.

My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Gywn joined BUA in 1967 and worked through into BCal, based in the maintenance hangars at Gatwick. Gwyn retired from BA in 1997.

Service details

Gywn's service details will be added when known

Sadly in these times with Corona; personal attendance may not be possible.
Gywn Remembered

From Ann Furlong:  So sad.

From Austin Wynn-Hayes: Sorry to hear this news

From Riaz Butt: So sad to hear this. RIP Taffy.

From John Bayfield: So very sad. RIP Taff

From Sheila Berkeley-white: Sorry, sad news

From Robert Rice: Fly high Taff.

From Nancy Strafford: Oh that's sad.... night night Taffy x

From Graham Joyner:  Iím so sorry to read this. Praying for his family

From Belinda Burton: Sorry to hear the sad news. Remember Gwyn, nice guy. Condolences to his family.

From Barbara Talman: Sorry to hear this, RIP taff

From Simon Hicks: RIP Taff

From Tony Rider: Sad News RIP Taff, Fly High

From Hugh Waghorn
: Very sad news, RIP Taff

From Andrew Chapman: Such a gentleman rest in peace Taffy

From Debbie Norman: Very sad to hear.

From Mel Sanders: Very sad news, Taff was a very likeable guy, you will be missed RIP.

From Fee Flee: So very sorry. Fly Free Taffy xx

From Lisa Pegler: So very sad to hear that. RIP Taffy

From Gerry Mulhern: Rest in peace Taff

From Fran Cox: I am so sorry.

From Liz Rogers: So sorry

From Lesley-Ann Hutchinson: So sorry. RIP Taffy

From Brian Parker: Sad news, great memories, RIP Taff

From Ann Roberts: So sorry x

From George Banks: So sorry; RIP Taffy

From Jim Will: Why is it the good ones go? I will miss you Gwyn.

From Penhair Carloti: Very sorry

From Geoffrey Lewis: So sorry, R.I P Taff, God Bless

From Ian Haines
Gwyn was on the same shift as me, progressing with BCAL then BA, until he retired in 1997. He always looked on the bright side of life and it was his humour and wit that got him through.

From Brian Wassell:  Sorry to hear about Taffy, remember him from my line days. RIP

From Ian Haines
We were so shocked to hear from my niece Sharon that Gwyn had been taken I'll after he had collapsed at home feeling ill. The other sad news his wife Mary who had been suffering from long illness had died only a few days earlier. Our loss to a very good friend over many years of friendship.

From Bob Cooper: Really sad news, sincere condolences to the family. RIP Taff.

From Jim Will:  A true gent was Taff, RIP my friend.

From Marjorie Anglesea Jackson: So very sorry to hear this sad news, RIP Taffy, condolences to family and friends.

From Tony Dufour: RIP Taff; very sad after all those caring years.

From Mick Morgan: Fond memories Taff. My condolences to the family.

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Iain Hutchison, Jenny Thomas, Belinda Burton, Philippa Caro-Smith, Victor De Giorgio, Caron Phillips, Austin Wynn-Hayes, Tom Stringer, Ian Heath, Linda Daley, Tina Harvey, Lindsay Smith,  Graham Joyner, Julie Nuttall, Clare MacBain-Williams, Erika Browning, Doug Ledingham, Linda Boyle, Debbie Cornford, Brian Buchanan Aitchison, Julie Hourigan, Sarah Perryman, David John Mercer, Andy Hudson, Sally Heron, Lynda Chick, Lesley Shirvell Taylor, Marlene Crawley, Jackie Hebert, Patsy Edwards, Kim Widdup, Valerie Edwards, Keith Stevens, Vinny Stuart Waymark, Steve Hope, David Holder, Richard Church, Alan Reeves, Graham Lambert, Coreen Wilcox, Belinda Burton, Dave Surry, Peter Nettlefold, Ernestina Lake, Penhair Carloti, Daphne Hemmings, Lesley Peacock, Clive Harte-lovelace

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