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I am pleased to bring you this promotional film from British Caledonian.  The original 800 foot cine film reel was kindly sent in from Australia by Roger Henning and I have had it transferred into a digital format.

The film features the travels of a few people from various parts of the world, all using British Caledonian services, and shows their journey's as they use some of the facilities BCal offerered.

There are lots of staff featured in the film, and if anyone recognises them, please drop me a line anytime and I can add their names here as a cast list.
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Staff and Crew who feature in the film - please email in any folks you recognise

Eric Rowley, Captain on the Aztec
Mike Harris, carrying out the Passport check
John Harman, Redcap in office on radio
Tom Crossland, Redcap in office behind John
Jane Carson, the Flight Hostess in the cabin staff meal serving training clip.
Cindy Burt, serving drink to pax in Clansmen lounge. Green tartan, black hat, blonde bob.
Jacqui Boyd, beginning of film on training course in dress black watch uniform, short dark hair
My thanks to Coreen Wilcox, Jean Carlyle-Lyon, Tony Creasey and Derek Jenkins for the names sent in to date