Geoff Earlam 
Employed from 1969 as a training Captain, on BAC 111 until the BA takeover. Spent the next  few years with BA until my retirement in 1989. Loved every day with BCAL which was a highly efficient airline but with that wonderful comradery feeling which is rarely found in many companies. Everyone seemed content and happy and I will have fond memories of the company and the people for ever. Now living a fairly active life in Henfield  West Sussex .playing lots of golf. Fond regards to all my ex colleagues.

W Earle Just seeing that rampant lion brought a tear to my eye I was with BCal from 1964 to 1983 (in A/C Handling) and loved every moment of it [Big. E.]

Gail Ebling. (Now Williams)
Love the BCAL site....I was with BCAL / BA from Jun 1979-Oct2001 when I took the early retirement offered by BA. I worked as a ticket agent at IAH, a sales rep in Houston , A sales rep in NY, a lead agent at JFK, and finally a Supervisor in ATL . My years with BCAL (especially IAH and JFK) were some of the best of my life. and the friends I met were the greatest....I'm married now and my Husband and I live between Atlanta and Lake Lure N.C.  .......  Miss you all and would love to hear from my old friends......Gail

John Edgar - 01/09/14
Sadly John passed away suddenly in late August 2014. John was a former BCal apprentice who passed out his time in 1986 we think. Our sympathies go out to John's family, friends and former colleagues. A memorial service for John was held on 15th October 2014.

Eric Anthony Edwards
My Father's name was Eric Anthony Edwards, he worked for British Caledonian at Gatwick as an Aircraft Fitter, often on the "Ghost Shift" sometime around late 70's early 80's. He was fond of Mini's and had quite a sense of humour. If anyone remembers him and would like to send me a story or two I would be very grateful. He has since passed away, I grew up listening to his stories about working at BCal and would love to hear more. This message came in from Michael Edwards, Eric's son.

Tina Edwards   
I joined Cal/BUA in June 1971 and stayed until the end of June 1986. They were the best 15 yrs of my life and I will never forget the BCAL "family". I worked in Reservations from 1971 to 1980 and CRC from 1981 to 1986. After leaving BCal I went to Air Seychelles as their Reservations Manager and then on to my last posting at BAA at Gatwick. Now retired and still living in Horsham. If anyone remembers me please e-mail.

Carole Egli   03/10/12
Sadly Carole passed away in Geneva in August 2012. Carole was the PA to the BCAL Manager Abidjan from the start and went on to join BA. and was very well respected.

Cedric Eldred 17/04/20
Sadly we hear that Cedric passed away on 13th April 2020. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Jean, his family, friends and former colleagues. I believe Cedric started with Silver City before joining BUA in 1964 in Traffic as a Flight Controller, before becoming a Passenger Sales Rep for the Sales Dept in London W1 in 1970. He left BCal in 1974. Cedric Remembered

Tony Elfverson 15/11/15
Sadly Tony passed away on 13th November 2015. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Tony will always be associated with Glasgow where he was a key part of the team rising to Station Superintendent and then Station Manager. He worked for BUA and BCal and was there at the introduction of the 1-11 InterJet services between GLA and LGW. I know many will miss Tony, myself included and the letters we exchanged over the years. Tony's service was held on 26th November. Tony Remembered

Nigel Elliott 09/12/15
Very sad to hear about Sir Adam. I worked for BCAL in Gatwick from 1971 till 1980, then BCAL Helicopters in Aberdeen until 1986. Glad to see the memories are all still there to so many!

Jancis Elphick (nee Carr) Peggy
G'Day to any old colleagues from the BCAL Ticket Desk/Passenger Services in the good ole 80's.What great fun it was eh!! Best Airline ever! Really miss those days and all my wonderful friends. Believe it or not I'm still in Oz and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Talk to you real soon.

Hazel English 09/12/10
I joined BCal in January 1985 as cabin crew- still flying, though now at Heathrow with BA. Great website - lovely to see some familiar names. Undeniably - I'm a BCal girl at heart.

Barbara Emery 04/04/17
Sadly Barbara, a BCal stewardess 1970-1988, died suddenly at her home in Wales, in late March 2017. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Barbara's service was held on 25th April 2017 at St.David's Church, Capel Dewi in Wales

Cherry Epps (nee Jackson) 03/02/16
Cherry passed away peacefully on 2nd February 2016 after bravely battling cancer. Cherry was very happily married to Derek Epps, also a BCal manager of long standing, and our thoughts are with him, their family and former colleagues. Cherry's service was held on 22nd February at Bournemouth Crematorium.  Cherry Remembered

Cherry Epps Remembered - 30th July 2016
The friends and family of Cherry held a gathering on 30th July to remember her. They met up in Tilgate Park, near Crawley, and spent a nice afternoon remembering Cherry.

Derek Epps 15/01/20 and
Cherry Epps - their original joint entry
Just shows that Caledonian and BUA merged in more ways than one when Cherry and I got married. Real trip down memory lane reading contributions. Derek now with DHL having taken the money and got out of BA just in time. Regards to all

Jim Erickson    11/2008   I worked for Phil Bowell at JFK. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

Sylvia Esparza 
It was wonderful to see the site -- brought fond memories, it was nice to see familiar names on the list. I started with BCAL in 1980 / IAH - now with BA . For those who remember me, I would love to hear from you.

Amélia Etherington (Now Lourenço)
It was great to see this site started.  Although many years have passed and many a turn life has taken, I will never forget those days with BCAL.  The pride, the companionship, the joy of working with such an airline. I  joined the airline in 83 and for the last two years of BCAL's life worked in the Lounge at LGW, continuing with BA until 88, when I left.  I now live in Portugal and became a Solicitor.  If there is anyone out there who remembers me I would love to hear from you. Please, get in touch.

Eddie Evans 19/12/21
Sadly Eddie passed away on 5th December 2021 after being poorly for some time. Eddie was a catering loader driver 1975 - until the units demise, then an MT driver for BA and latterly a team leader for BA. His service was held at the Surrey and Sussex crematorium on 20th December 2021. My thanks to Roger Humphrey for passing on the sad news. Eddie Remembered

Keith Evans   (on behalf of Geoff) 28/12/11
I am writing this on behalf of my father, Geoff Evans (sadly now passed away) - who worked in Crew Planning for Caledonian/BCAL from 1966 until his retirement in 1985. I know he was very proud of his days at Caledonian, and would love to be remembered on this site. Please email me if you knew my father.

Laurie Evans  13/06/14
I joined BCAL in 1972 as a passenger service agent having previously worked for BEA in a similar role. I spent time as a PSA instructor,  cargo agent and sales executive covering the home counties. Interesting my PSA department manager Phil Baker now lives just 12 kilometres from me in South Australia. I made some great friends during my seven years with BCAL and would really like to catch up. For everyone who was involved in the Golden Lion Amateur Dramatic Society drop me an email,  love to share some memories.

Michael Evans  Joined BUA in 1969 and was an Engineer with BCAL until BA took over.

Raymond Evans   17/06/15
Sadly Ray passed away on 3rd June 2015. Our sincere condolences go out to Ray's family, friends and former colleagues. Ray was an Engineer with the RAF before joining BCal in the 1970s. Ray's daughter, Leanne, remembers flying standby to Los Angeles with her Dad when she was a child and recalls that her father always spoke very fondly of his time at BCAL. Ray's service was held on 19th June at Worthing Crematorium, Findon, West Sussex

Tim Evans   16/02/13    BCAL, 1985-88 the best job I ever had!

Lisa Ewing (Now Pegler) 07/07/12
I worked for Caledonian Airways from 1968, stayed with them through the changes to British Caledonian Airways until the end of May 1980.  In June of that year I married an Australian and have spent the rest of my time in Australia, outside Sydney, still involved in the Tourism Industry.  My name was Lisa Ewing throughout my flying days.  I started as a Junior Hostess going through the ranks to Super Chief.  I still keep in touch with Roy Shaw who is now retired from flying.

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