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16th July 2021 : Jennifer Jones and son Howard

Flight over Peterborough (Cambridgeshire)

Trip summary and photos by Richard Heywood

Today, my wife Sue and I flew up to Peterborough's Conington airfield to meet up with an old friend in Jennifer Jones, ex BCAL Sales, and her son Howard.

It was a brilliant day for flying, if a little bumpy. After lunch I took Jen and Howard up for a local flight to fly over their houses in St Ives and Ramsey. The former RAF Wyton is looking rather forlorn, covered in car and lorry parking. Former USAF base at Alconbury is a real mess, looking like its covered in sand and rubbish. I remember the A10s flying out of there.
Son Howard, Richard Heywood and Jennifer Jones
British Caledonian - A Tribute