The Timetable Collection - Pt 1
Below is a selection of BUA, Caledonian//BUA and British Caledonian timetables. The original Caledonian Airways was a charter airline, and as such no scheduled services
The artwork and advertising within the timetables is superb, and always showing a different aspect of the airline. Whether it was a regional timetable, system timetable or commuter services, the same attention to detail showed
The timetables were always keen to show their fleet aircraft, the great VC10 image in 1972,  the B707's of the Mid 1970's, and onto the DC10's and B747's in due course.

1973 saw the introduction of what must be one of the most popular and well known airline phrases, when "Lets Go" and "Lets Go British Caledonian" were intoduced.

In 1976 the timetable took on the "BCAL World" and "Bigger BCAL" titles, and this was in readiness for the arrival of the DC10-30 into BCAL's fleet

The hosties played a big part too, and their world renowned Tartan uniforms, always popular. Towards the Late 1980's, the tartan transferred onto the globe, and 747's were shown flying over a Tartan planet

The last 2 timetables shown are dated 25 Oct 1987 to 26 Mar 1988, and are part of the last timetable series ever flown by BCAL, for in April 1988 they sadly ceased independent operations

Please enjoy the timetables
tt001 tt002 tt003 tt004 tt005
tt006 tt007 tt008 tt009 tt010
tt011 tt012 tt013 tt014 tt015
tt016 tt017 tt018 tt019 tt020
tt021 tt022 tt023 tt024 tt025
tt026 tt027 tt028 tt029 tt029a
tt030 tt030a tt031 tt032

If anyone has any others, I would be pleased to show them here, please drop me a line anytime   email