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The Postage Stamps
British Caledonian Airways and British United Airways
Below we have a selection of stamps that feature the aircraft of British Caledonian and BUA, and further down some featuring Jersey Airlines and Hunting-Clan too.

To have airline services and aircraft commemorated on stamps, especially by countries overseas, is a mark of the impact that these services made to those destinations served.

This is especially so with the stamps issued many decades after services ceased.
The selection features 2 stamps issued by Jersey, B-Cal's links with Jersey going back to services operated by British United Airways, the BAC 1-11 completing the journey in 50 minutes.
Air Seychelles First International Flight was made in 1983, using a British Caledonian DC10-30. The stamp is commemorating that flight.                      

But does anyone know the Wideawake Airfield connection ? 

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Then there was the Silver Jubilee Stamp pack, the one on the right is the same, but it also carries the GLCT logo
If anyone has anymore stamps I would be pleased to show them here, please drop me a line anytime
From Phil Bowell

We used to operate charters there on behalf of Cable & Wireless, Dept of Environment and BBC. We used to rotate the staff down there - I think it was every 4 or 6 months we used to operate, firstly with VC10’s and then B707’s.

The airfield is the name of the airport on Ascension Island, made famous during the Falklands war. We would operate via Freetown, which was also the first alternate as I recall the distance being about 600 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.

I went there 3-4 times when I was in catering. We would operate in and the crew would take minimum rest of 12 hours. During this time I would do all the return catering which had been bulk loaded in the holds. At first we took extra items like smoked salmon, tinned items etc which we thought the other expats (between change over) would appreciate however they had plenty of that - it was fresh items like salads, cabbage, carrots and cauliflower etc that they wanted.

The airfield was operated by the Americans although a British island. They used it as the first “down range” land fall for missile launches from Cape Kennedy so a lot of NASA personnel there. It was run by an off shoot of Pan Am.