Tom Moremon : Chief Training Flight Engineer
Sadly Tom passed away on 21st January 2021. Our sincere condolences go out to the family, his friends and colleagues at this time. Tom was a engineer, flight engineer rising to Chief Training F/E. He was highly regarded, well liked and known to many within the airline.

Service details

Tom's service was held on Friday 26th February 2021 at Randalls Park Crematorium (Leatherhead)

Address: Randalls Rd, Leatherhead, KT22 0AG  

Sadly, due to Covid restrictions, it was a private / family and friends only service.

The family kindly arranged for a webcast of the service for colleagues to watch: Click  HERE 

and use details:   Login / Order: 79740      and     Password:   pyzkapfq

Family flowers only please

Any donations can be made to Buglife - The Invertebrate Conversation Trust, who are dedicated to conservation, education and policy change to protect insects, bugs and invertebrates.

Tom used to keep bees and this is something that would be very much close to his heart.

You can donate either by:

cheque - c/o W.A. Truelove & Son Ltd, 118 Carshalton Road, Sutton, SM1 4RL

or via their online donation page
Tom Remembered

From Brian Seares
I first met Tom 63 years ago when I joined Field Aircraft Services at London Airport as it was then known. It was the engineering division of Hunting-Clan. Tom started his F/e career on DC-6 a year before me. We progressed through Britanniaís, B707, DC-10 and B747. I know he knew Dave's father (Ron Thaxter) as I did. Tom was eleven days younger than me and he was my best man (twice. !!)

From Frances Firmin: Such a lovely man, many condolences to his family and close friends.

From Brian Clarke: Condolences to Tomís family. I do remember flying with Tom.

From David Williams
Sad passing of true gent, he trained me on the DC-10. People like this made the world a better place, my condolences to the family.

From Ivor Phillips: RIP Tom Moreman.

From Pat Gough: RIP Tom. Condolences to the family.

Frim Angela Martin
Oh no, I flew with Tom many times he was such a lovely kind and funny man. My sincere condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time. Rest in Peace Tom till we all get together again in that huge party room in the clouds

From Tony Rider: Sad News. RIP Tom Fly High

From Claire Vickers
Such a lovely man and so great to fly with a few stories I could tell !! Ivan and I both loved him. Sincere condolences to all his family and friends

From Ray Astridge: Sad news. RIP Tom.

From Trevor Fisher
So sad Great character. When stationed in Lagos he quite often came to the house for a curry. Great Engineer, Great company over a beer. Fly high Tom Iím sure you will

From Hazel Austin
Iím so sorry to hear of Toms passing. I worked with him in Abu Dhabi as well as BCal. Great man.. very droll humour. May he RIP and meet his BCal mates up there. Condolences to all xx

From Graham Crewe: So sorry to hear of Tomís passing, enjoyed his company and sense of humour. RIP Tom.

From Lesley-Ann Hutchinson
Awww no. So sorry to hear such sad news. Remember flying with Tom, often, during the BCal days. Such a lovely guy. Sincerest condolences, RIP Tom. Fly high

From Barrie Rawlins: So sorry, Tom was a pleasure to fly with and a throughly enjoyable man to socialise with.

From Beryl Mason
We are so sad to hear of Tomís passing. He was a very special fun guy, and I have many happy memories of flying with him. He caddied for my husband Carl when he was in Abu Dhabi playing in a tournament, they had a lot of fun together. Our sincere condolences.

From Fiona Cameron: So sorry. He was a lovely man. Remember him well. Condolences to all his family and friends xx

From Doug Anderson: So sorry to hear the news. My sincere condolences to the family, RIP Tom.

From Kay Sugliano: So sorry

From Lynne Le Maitre
Sorry to hear the sad news. I flew with Tom many times in the old Caledonian days - he was a lovely person and a true professional.

From Ann Roberts: Iím so sorry to hear this. I flew with Tom so many times he was a lovely man RIP Tom - fly high

From Mike Jeffs: Great man to be with, RIP Tom

From Sheena Thompson
Such sad news, I am so so sorry. Tom was such a special man, kind, loyal, funny, caring. He lived with us for many months many years ago, loved his humour and a great person to fly with. Many condolences to the family, RIP Tom

From Jean Carlyle-Lyon: Flew with him many times. Lovely guy. RIP

From Wendy Jeffs: So very sorry, Tom was a lovely man and so much fun sincere condolences

From Margaret Mattocks
This is really sad news. Tom was such a lovely man, I flew with him many times! A true Gentleman. RIP Tom. Xx

From Jim Will: Sad news indeed, one of the best F/E's I have ever known. RIP Tom

From Tony Cutting: RIP Tom a great man sorely missed by all who knew him, condolences to his family and many friends

From Lesley Peacock: What sad news. A loverly man to work with. Condolences to friends and family. RIP Tom.

From John Bailey: Capt Moremon, sad to hear this.... RIP.....

From Susie Caldwell
Very sad news, condolences to all his loved ones. I flew with Tom a lot in BCal, he was a lovely kind, funny man and very well liked by everyone. A good guy. xxx,

From Riaz Butt
So sorry to hear this bad news. Knew him very well when he was an engineer. On becoming a flight engineer he never forgot to come and say hello to us all. A true professional and a gentleman. I am really saddened with this news. Rest in Peace Tom.

From Christina Selmes
Sad news, a great character I remember so well from my days in Crewing. Condolences to all his loved ones. RIP Tom

From Annette Yeomans
Thinking about Tom's family - Tom will be reminiscing with John Yeomans - Jimmy Steven - Dick Angel - great fun all of them

From Chris Rodgers: My thoughts are with you at this very sad time. I worked with Tom many times such a lovely man, RIP

From Bob Cooper: Sad news indeed, RIP Tom.

From Bob Lister: I am so so sad to hear about Tom. He was a great friend. My heart and thoughts are with the family.

From Tracey Washington-Jones
Very sad to hear this. Please accept my condolences and those of my sister, Lisa , too. We have very fond memories of Tom from our childhood days. Tom and my dad Jimmy, were the greatest of friends.

From Michael Selmes
Condolences to the family, Tom was a super chap. Tom also flew the DC7C. My first airliner flight was an aircraft positioning from LGW to LHR; only took 8 hours because Tom was not happy with the spark plug performance of one engine. Captain was Mike Buncombe, can't remember the F/O., and Rosemary Clarke. This took place in late 1965 and was on G-AOIE.

From Dave Thaxter
Very sorry to hear the sad news. Brian Seares emailed me earlier, and also passes on his deepest condolences. Tom was Brian's best man......twice, and they had known each other for some 63 years.

From Angie Marr: Iím so sorry to hear this.... RIP Tom x

From Mike Thrower
A very sad loss...what a great character and many happy memories of great trips....not that I can tell any of the stories !!! Rest in peace Tom, youíll be very much missed

From Mel Sanders
Knew Tom from the old Caledonian days right through BCal and BA always, he had time for the ground engineers, one of the best. RIP Tom.

From Anne Marie Dunn: RIP Tom. Fly high x

From Caron Phillips: RIP and my sincere condolences to his family and friends

From Maureen Booth were one of the funniest people I had the pleasure to work with in BCal. Your take on life was always optimistic and your legacy was always to seize the moment...I know you will be missed by all those who loved, and knew you. Another joke, smile, and laugh taken from this crazy world of ours. RIP buddy

From Tricia Riley: RIP Tom. You were a funny and kind gentleman Condolences to the family

From Alan Reeves: I am so sorry to hear of Tom;s passing, RIP Tom.

From Cos Shiels: RIP Tom. Thank you for all the wonderful BCal memories

From George Banks: So sorry to hear this. RIP

From Maria Hill-Paul
I know John and Tom were friends and I got to know Tom when I joined BCal as an auntie and was lucky enough to work with a Gentleman

From Coreen Wilcox
So sorry to hear this. Tom another of our favourite Flight Engineers, always cheerful, great sense of humour, fun to fly with. Sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace Tom

From Valerie Armstrong: RIP Tom a true gent

From Colette Bell: Very sorry to hear the news, he was a lovely man to fly with, sincere condolences to Tomís family x

From Julie Blackwell: Spread your Angel Wings Tom

From Ruth Spence: RIP Tom a lovely BCal gent !

From Karen McManus: Sincere condolences and deepest sympathy. R.I.P. Tom xxx

From Joy Twigg: So sorry to hear this sad news. Tom was such a lovely gentleman. Xx

From Brenda Murphy: I remember Tom so well from the Wingspan club, he also bought my old VW. RIP Tom

From Reed Purvis: Such a nice kind funny man, Iím so sorry

From David Williams
Very sad day, a great character, he interviewed me back in the day for flight engineer DC-10, he will be missed, condolences to his family...RIP

From Ray Jackson: Iím so sorry to hear of Tom's passing. he was a lovely man. God bless him.

From Susie Douglas-Smith: So sorry for your loss

From Don Eckford: Sad news indeed, Tom was always one of the real characters of Caledonian and always good company

From Linda Boyle: So very sorry to hear this. Lovely man, my condolences.

From Rohan Alce: RIP Tom. Such a nice guy and great company.

From Joanna Dyckes
I knew your Tom. My dad Eddie Pratt started with Hunting Clan and retired a captain at BCAL, may Tom enjoy the great crew room in the sky where my parents are.

From Carmel & Alan Stewart: So very sorry to hear this sad news. Tom was always such fun to fly with. RIP Tom.

From Lynn Jones
So sad to hear this news - I too loved flying with Tom! He always made me laugh and I have such fond memories. He also lived close to us and we used to bump into him regularly - he still had that ďnaughty boyĒ smile. Heíll be making more people laugh now telling them all of his stories! Condolences to all the family

From David Heal: Fly High Tom.

From Rhoda Pearman
What sad news. Tom was such a lovely man and such fun to be with. My condolences go to his family. RIP Tom xx

From Pat Cresswell: So very sorry to hear this news.

From Lorna Henry: So sorry to hear this sad news. Many, many fun trips with Tom back in the day. My condolences xxxxx

From Richard Friend
Sad news. Great character Tom. Liked a beer or two and always good company down route. My condolences to his family. RIP Tom

From Keith Battery: I remember Tom from DC10 days, what a great guy to be downroute with and a brilliant Flight Engineer.

From Mary Dowdall: R I P Thom.

From Ian Corby
So sorry to hear about Tom! Really nice guy, one of the best!! Always enjoyed flying with Tom! RIP. Condolences to his family!

From Ian Haines: A larger than life character ! Every line engineer knew Tom Moremon. RIP Tom.

From Jan Spratt
So sorry. RIP Tom. What a great guy. Did so many Lagos night stops with him and we always had such a hoot with the crew

From Frank Skilbeck: RIP Tom.

From Kim Widdup: Oh dear such sad news

From John Musynske: May his memory be a blessing.

From Alayne Elizabeth: Sincere condolences to family and friends. Had some great trips with Tom

From Norma Marwick: Tom was a lovely man.

From Alan Killick
Such a wonderful man. His usual line when he walked into Crewing was ' us a favour....' even when asking for the most trivial thing. RIP Tom.

From William "Bill" Newman
I was so sorry to hear the sad news about Tom. The many tributes posted says it all really. I first flew with Tom in the early DC10 days and finally on the B747. Always great company both on and off the aircraft....many fond memories. He will be sadly missed by his many friends. RIP Tom

From Diane Smith: So sorry to hear the sad news.

From Brian Wassell: R.I.P. Tom

From Dee Richards: Lovely, funny man, always such good company

From Jeanette Clark: RIP Tom xx

From John Fairclough: Always a pleasure to fly with Tom. My thoughts are with his family on this sad occasion.

From Mike Swift
RIP Tom. He was one of 3 Flight Engineers who interviewed me for the 707 when I joined BCAL . After what seemed like a long time of general and tech questions Tom asked if I drank! After careful consideration, I said it was known, at which point Tom said 'OK let's go to the pub for lunch'. He called me the next day to give me the job. Thanks Tom for the job and a great deal of support through the years.

From Jerry Ball
Tom was a real character! I first met Tom when I started at BCAL & occasionally on DC10s when I was on a trip with my Dad (Vic Ball Flight Engineer). Tom always had time to chat especially about planes.

From Rhoda Pearman
I took my parents to NBO/MOM many, many years ago and whilst in the hotel in NBO Tom comes into the dining room and sees us. We invite him to join us, which he did. My mother thought he was wonderful and he made her evening! Thank you Tom. Xx

From Paula Comber: So sorry to read this news after lovely memories of flying with Tom. Condolences to the family.

From Jim Stott: My condolences to friends and family. Tom actually did my interview when I joined BCAL as a flight engineer.

From Loz Allan
RIP Tom. A great professional and a real pleasure to work with. Sincere condolences to all the family over the loss of such a thoroughly good man.

From Geoff Cornwell
I think that the number of tributes speak for themselves.  A well loved and respected man has been lost to us all.  Always a pleasure to be in your company Tom. You will be sorely missed.  RIP.

From Neil Morrison
Very sorry to learn of the  death of Tom. He is very well remembered from the days when  the Crewing office was basically a corridor in the Horley offices.  A very forceful personality when having a word with Reg Farrell re the Crew programme. A man with a mission to  improve things. Happy landings Tom.

From Hugh Cowan
I remember the day that Tom walked into the Caledonian office at PIK. The room lit up and he was immediately the life and soul of the party - not that there was a party but Tom made it feel like there was one! From the number of remembrances comments you can tell that Tom was a much loved professional. He truly lived respected and died regretted.

From Lyndsey Walker
So sad to see this notice about Tom. A trip to Mexico with him mid 70ís never to be forgotten. He Ďsaved Ď me from a drunken Mexican in Plaza Garibaldi ending up with his 2 front teeth being eliminated totally by this guy with a knuckle duster! Every reunion he was at, he would point at me first and weíd laugh about it, but at the time I had some explaining to do back at LGW to his family on our return . A great guy with a Fantastic sense of humour. RIP dear Tom.

From Jim Wilson: My sincere condolences, RIP Tom.

From Nick Hudson
Sad news about Tom. First flew with him on DC6s from LHR with Hunting-Clan - A great character. Condolences to the family.

From Sarah Hosford (Thomlinson)
I was so sorry to hear the sad news. Tom was a such a larger than life character and always a pleasure to fly with him. Condolences to his family

From Derek G Ralph :
Another fine gentleman, he was a wonder when I did my DC 10 course

From Ray Astridge
: So sorry to hear this sad news. RIP Tom.

From Debbie Norman : Sorry for your loss.

From Ricky Cuss : So sorry to hear the sad news.... a lovely legend!

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Roger Warren, Tehseen Haque, Claire Vickers, Sally Simmonds, Reed Purvis, Richard Church, John R Potter, Jennifer Grail, John Lyons, Geraldene Lambert, Chrissie Samuel, Kathryn Durey, Simon Rickard, Linda Arnold, Dave Surry, Jette Boysen, David John Mercer, Christine Jegu, Trevor Tommy Gunn, Frank Brejcha, Davina Janman, Jackie Abercromby-Stagg, Lyn Ford, Ranjit Bedi, Ian Plumridge, Hazel Harris, Jackie Hebert, David Johnston Ostler, Brenda Painter, Paul Foster, Brenda Mills, Nancy Mortensen, Vanessa Holland, Iain Hutchison, Peter Durran, Maureen Booth, Debbie Dean, Hazel English, Trevor Warburton, Mike Keely, Alayne Elizabeth, Sally McCarthy, David Kilgallon, Anne Marie Dunn, Phil Kemp, Kris Massie, David R Holder, Roz Isted, John Meighan, Terry Lyons, Derek Alstrom, Liz Nettlefold, Lindsay Smith, Mark Whiting, Chris O'shea, Liz Tiley, Judith Groves, Julie Nuttall, Elise Riley, Lesley Peacock, Julie Hourigan, Mike Jeffs, Gary Keast, Helen Shenton, Doug Anderson, Jenny Thomas, Lisa Newton Bellamy, Liz Rogers, Dave Obyrne, Doug Ledingham, Sheila Nutt, Lesley Pickup, Lesley-Ann Hutchinson, Elaine Brown, Tina Harvey, Stephen Mason, Sarah Perryman, Brian Buchanan Aitchison, Judi Beasley, Andrea Bracey, Peter Hollingsworth, Gina Dixon, Wendy Loxley, Joanne Hamilton, Ken Fielding, Susan Killick, Debbie Cornford, Mike Phillips, Victor Attwood, Barbara Crosse, Carol Boaks, Stella Bassett, Adrian Schilke, Austin Wynn-Hayes, Don Passmore, Tim AlstrŲm, Clive Harte-Lovelace, Steve Hope, Peter Nettlefold, Paul Funnell, Robin Frazier, Debee Boerner, Ana Eva Heuberger, Valerie Edwards, Laurie Evans, Fee Flee, Phil Benson,

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