The Glyn Henderson Gallery

The following photos were kindly submitted by Glyn, and I am pleased to be able to show them here.

Firstly we have Glyn and colleagues in the WARR, World Airline Road Races, over the years. They were held in 1983 - Orlando Florida, 1984 - Honolulu Hawaii, 1985 - London, 1986 - Atlanta Georgia, 1987 - Sydney Australia.
Many thanks Glyn

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1983 - Orlando, Florida.
The trophy won in Orlando.
L-R, Bob Luck, Richard (Dick) Miller & Glyn Henderson.
The BCal team who travelled to Orlando.
Back row L-R, Bob Freeman, Ian Bagshaw, Mick Evans, Bob Wallace, Alan Moffatt.

Front L-R, Ken Clement, Bob Luck, Richard (Dick) Miller, Ron Fuller, Glyn Henderson.
1984 Honolulu Hawaii

This photo is the BCal team which travelled to Hawaii.

Back row L-R, Bob Freeman, ?, Ian Bagshaw, Mick Evans, Alan Moffatt, Jeremy Chatfield, Bob Wallace, Richard (Dick) Miller, Glyn Henderson, Steve Wright, Ken Clement, ?.

Front Row L- R, Bob Freeman’s wife(Yvonne?), ?, Martin Knox-Crawford, ?, Rennie Smith, ?, ?, Steve Wright’s wife(?).

Any help with the ? names would be much appreciated please, thank you.
The DC10 major maintenance wing team

L-R: Martin Bryant, Dave Stocker, Glyn Henderson, Ben Bowen, Brian Knean, Pete Hardy, Nigel Woodall.
Photos of the 1987 WARR in Sydney Australia can be seen in Ian Bagshaw's gallery : click here
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