The BCal Beach Boyz - August 2017

Laurie Price and Richard Heywood contacted the Beach Boyz Tribute Band and their management with a view to performing the famous Californian Girls with the equally famous lyrics for Caledonian Girls

The Band agreed and performed their gig at in Horsham at the Capitol Theatre on the 25th August 2017.

They were accompanied on stage by Lyn Povey and Paula Comber in their tartan uniforms........a great time was had by all, with some 60 former BCal staff and their partners in the audience.

The GLCT came along too and were able to raise some funds and gain some great publicity for their good work.

A big thank you to all who organised this one, the GLCT, and of course Lyn and Paula for being great sports and appearing on stage with the band when they say "I wish they could all be Caledonian Girls".

Below we have a couple of photos and a video should soon follow.
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Here we have Angie Holden in blue (GLCT), Lyn Povey in Red Tartan and Paula Comber in green tartan - with the excellent Beach Boyz Tribute Band
Lyn and Paula on stage
Lyn and Paula on stage
The Beach Boyz featuring Lyn & Paula
The Beach Boyz featuring Lyn & Paula
Many thanks to Richard Heywood for these photos
and if you have a photos or a video to share, please drop me a line anytime
And here we have two videos, the first from Richard Heywood........
....and the second from Ian Haines, who had a different place in the audience
British Caledonian - A Tribute