Stewart Twaite : MOCON / Duty Airport Manager LGW
Sadly we have heard from Sarah Hayes, Stewart’s partner of 17 years, that Stewart passed away on 28th May 2020 from Myeloma (an incurable blood cancer) which he fought with 7 different chemotherapy regimens for two and a half years.

Stewart was a MOCON and later one of the LGW Duty Airport Managers for BCal.

Sarah recalls that for a while Stewart managed to keep reasonably well, including working 102 locks alone up on the Yorkshire canal system in the summer of 2018, (he wouldn’t mind it being said that his narrow boat driving was abysmal) until Christmas 2019 under a wonderful NHS Consultant - but unfortunately became unable to see any of his 3 children because of the first Covid Lockdown, for the last couple of months of his life. I was luckily able to be with him for his last 3 days in the hospice. He had hung on for his son’s first child Harvey to be born, 6 days early - enabling the Twaite family name to be passed onward: this meant a lot to Stewart, and being able to see pictures of his grandson.

Stewart loved his BCal days and often spoke with enthusiasm and affection for the job and his colleagues. He had kept in contact particularly with Gordon Tedder and Jon Theobalds until they sadly passed.

Service details

Stewart's service was held in 2020

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Stewart Remembered

From Neville Coleman
Stewart was a supervisor in BUA ships papers when I joined, very good at his job and always willing to assist, always very approachable too. RIP

From Peter Barrie
My sincere condolences on hearing the passing of Stewart. He and I worked together in Load Control and on the Ramp for quite a few years. Lovely man with a great sense of humour.

From Alan Flower: RIP

From Phil Bowell
Very sorry to hear of the passing of Stewart. I knew Stewart while still in catering as he would come to the flight kitchen on night shift for a snack, as many did. When I joined Ramp Operations, he was one of the Ramp Duty Officers. As has been stated, he was always cheerful and a team player. RIP Stewart - a good man.

From Trevor Fisher: RIP Stewart

From Ray Bridgman
When I joined BUA Ship's Papers in 1968, Stewart was a 'Number 1' (Assistant Supervisor) and played a big part in my introduction and initial training. We were part of the Eddie Woodhouse shift and it was a great privilege to have worked with them. (Eddie is also, sadly, no longer with us.)

From Sally Simmonds: Very sorry to hear. Rest in peace, Stewart.

From Valerie Armstrong: RIP

From Alan Reeves: Very sad, a delightful chap

From Roger Brown: So very sad. RIP Stewart

From Deanna West: So sad to see this - Stewart was a lovely man - and he came to our wedding! RIP Stewart.

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Lesley Peacock, Riaz Butt, Lindsay Smith, Susie Douglas-Smith, Julie Nuttall, Jennifer Grail. Kris Massie, Tina Harvey, Peter Durran, Jim  Will, Caron Phillips, Jenny Thomas, John Morgan, Jackie Hebert, Debbie Dean

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Stewart (Left), acting Manager System Control (MOCON) and Phil Maslin (right) System Control Officer in 1985. They are responsible for movements at all 33 BCal stations worldwide and act quickly to prevent any delays. They can delay, substitute or cancel flights as needed to keep matters under control and stabilise issues quickly.
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