The Eunice Musgrave Gallery

The following photo was sent in by Eunice and I am pleased to be able to show it here
Here we have a super photo of Eunice taken just before joining BUA at Gatwick...Eunice started with Silver City and you can see their emblem on the cap badge

"Those were the days as they say!" recalls Eunice

Eunice's BUA uniform was designed by Dior, but there is no photo of that one. But after a year at Silver City, then followed 9 years with BUA.

Eunice's husband, Bill Musgrave had a very interesting flying career. Before civil flying he flew with Bomber Command throughout the entire war. Afterwards working for the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, then Silver City, BUA and then BCal

Bill was also an Empire Test Pilot and when he joined BUA, he did a great deal of the air testing on all the civil aircraft.

He was also one of the test pilots that air tested the Comets to find the real reason for the Comet air crashes... and he was the test pilot who took the VC10 off the drawing board into the air for the first time. 

We both remember Jock Bryce well and are sad that yet another pilot has hung up has flying boots.

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