RSA Summer BBQ - September 2017

The RSA Summer BBQ (Gatwick Branch) was held on 9th September 2017

My thanks to Bob Cooper & Mel Sanders for sending in the photos / names from the event and to all who help organize this one.

BA Retired Staff Association - The Gatwick branch has many former BCal staff and the RSA has useful pension & travel info too

The Gatwick group meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Crawley Jubilee Club from 2.00pm to 4.00pm:-
New and old members are most welcome.
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L to R Brenda, Les Hawkins, Bill French, Pete Fagence, Dick Chamberlain, Pam Fagence and Carol
Marc and Sharon Staplhberger, Graham and Beverley Eggleden, Paul and Sheila Farnham and Geoff and Sue Wright
L to R John Constable, John Jenner, Jim Williams, Eddie Wicker,
Ron Archer and Bob Dow.
L to R Christine Jarvis, Jim Wilson, Mel, Bob Dow, Ron Butt, Dave Jarvis, Marion Wilson.
L to R: Barbara Lewis, Noel & Brenda Peazold, Miles Davis, Mrs Miles, Brian Wassell, Chris Wassell, Geoff Lewis
Mel, Brian Wassell, Chris Cloutt, Elaine Cooper, Marion Wilson, Christine Jarvis, Bob C, Jim Wilson, Dave Jarvis, Vince Cloutt
Jim Wilson and Mel Sanders

(watch out Jim, Mel wants those coasters!)
Roll on the next RSA event - watch the Reunion Diary for more the details
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