The Peter Nettlefold Gallery

The following photos were kindly sent in by Peter, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

Outside the Central London Air terminal at Victoria Station

Peter with Christine Troth
If you recognise anyone in any of the photos; please drop me a line and I can add in their names
Football team in the Sussex Sunday league
Back row
Paul Finch, Sid Nettlefold (team medic), ?, ?, Arthur Westgate, Peter Barry, Peter Nettlefold, Nigel Elms, Colin Varty, Terry Carr, Trevor Warburton,
Front row ? ? Dave Manton, Russ Davies, Kevin Goody, ?, Terry Carr Jnr.

Back row l-r - Bill McPherson, Martin Smith, Colin Ripley, Peter Nettlefold, Nigel Elms, Arthur Westgate and Zeka Jemal
Front Row l-r Nick Coleman, Neville Coleman, John Haney, Dave Manton, ? , ? Russ Blake.
Trevor Warburton (fer left) and the team including Peter Nettlefold on tour in Houston
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