Peter Dawes : BUA / BCal Engineering.
Peter sadly passed away on Friday 30th Sept 2022 in his nursing home. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Peter was an engineer with BUA and BCal. He was one of the 2 engineers onboard the 1-11 that accidently got airbourne during a high speed taxi test.

He was well liked and will be remembered by many of us recalls Mel Sanders.

Photo of Pete in 2014 at a RSA reunion, photo by Bob Cooper
Service details

Pete's service was held at Worthing Crematorium on the 31st October 2022
Peter Remembered

From Debbie Norman:
Very sad loss. My condolences to his family.

From Kerry Coles:
R.I.P. Peter

From Liz Elizabeth Figueiredo:

From Geoff Johnston:
Fly high Pete.

From Bob Cooper:
R.I.P Pete a true Gentleman.

From Pat Gough:

Robert Rice:
Fly high Pete. Condolences to your family.

From Ray Davies:

From Lesley-Ann Hutchinson:

From Dave Lear:
Sad News. R.I.P Missed our coffee chats in town in the past. Condolences to the family.

From Brian Parker:
RIP Pete. you were a true mate Ill remember always . Fly High mate

From Fee Flee:
So very sad so sorry. Fly Free Peter

From Jim Williams
Sad news to hear that Pete has passed away. He is now with June flying high together again, rest in peace

From Roger Warren:
RIP Pete

From Jean Carlyle-Lyon:
Remember him well. RIP Peter.

From Tony Rider:
Such sad news RIP Pete & June fly high

From Christopher Bashford
So sorry to hear the passing of Pete, he and his mate Mick Streeter started the same day as me in hangar No1 in 1966 both from outside the industry but excellent engineers and started on the 1-11, I was really sorry to loose them to the ramp.

From Joy Twigg:
So sorry, and condolences to his family.

From Steve Wright:
Sad news, RIP Pete.

From Kevin May:
Very sad news R.I.P.

From Robert Barnett
No doubt hes up there now somewhere saying what do we do now ACE nice to think they may be reunited sad that he has left us.

From Andy East:
Pete was a very good footballer as well. Played with him many times

From Liz Rogers:
RIP Peter

From Robert Hounslow:
Sadly missed. One of us old group.

From John Layton:
Very sad to hear of Pete's passing. He was one of the nicest guys and always a great guy to work with. RIP.

From Terry Jeffries:
Very sad. R.I.P. Pete

From Ian Haines
Peter was a very popular character and liked by everyone. We go back a long way to when I started work in the motor trade at Rice Bros, and then at BUA and socially as a sportsman. Peter was a remarkable all round games player at Football, Cricket, and Golf. In more recent times we would meet in Swan Walk in Horsham with his lovely wife June, until she passed away. Peter was a life long friend, along with many others, he will be sadly missed. R.I.P Peter.

From Susie Douglas-Smith:
My sympathy to his family and friends

From Grahame Williamson:
Sad sad news! What a great guy! RIP Peter!

From Michael Miles:
So sad, my condolences

From Frances Taylor:
Sincere condolences to Pete's family. RIP Pete.

From Brian Wassell: A sad day for engineers who knew and worked with Pete, a real gentleman

From Ron Fuller: RIP Pete.

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Condolences have been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Grahame Williamson, Jane Gray, Mark Whiting, Tricia Riley, Bob Holmes, Denise Stevens, Alan Reeves, Steve Wright, Frances Taylor, Tina Harvey, Dudley Rice, Jean Bagnell, Liz Elizabeth Figueiredo, Lindsay Smith, Peter Durran, Kris Massie, Jenny Thomas, Pippa Barett, Jeremy Berridge, Dave Surry, David R Holder, Valerie Edwards, Brian Wassell, Steven Scott, Robin Frazier, Susie Douglas-Smith, Jan Spratt, Simon Rickard, Lesley-Ann Hutchinson, Joanna Dyckes, Gary Keast, Doug Ledingham, John Meighan, Andrew Wilkins, Wendy Pearson, Janet Willis, David John Mercer, Tim Bellars, Liz Rogers. Jim Street, Jackie Hebert Hayes, Susan Buckley, Julie Nuttall, Steve Taylor, Christine Jegu, Alayne Elizabeth, Graham Waters, Fee Flee, Frank Brejcha, Ian Jones, Nick Washington-Jones, Andy Hudson, Paul Chapman, Pat Cresswell, Ray Davies, Mandy Boon, Terry de la Haye, Lesley Peacock, Sylvia Murphy, Adrian Evans,

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