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The following photo was kindly sent in by Martin and I am pleased to be able to show it here
From Martin Welland

Iíve just read a very interesting article in the latest edition of Airliner World (December 2013) about the history of British Caledonian. It also gave this web site address, it has been fascinating to look through all the old pictures and memories of this airline.

I had forgot that I have a very slight connection, around July & August of 1985 as an Electrical contractor I worked on refurbishment the B-Cal hangar at Gatwick, which used to belong to Laker Airways it was situated next to the British Airtours Hangar. Any aircraft that came in for maintenance would only be there for a day we were allowed on the aircraft while in the hangar. I can remember sitting in the cockpit of a DC-10. The tail used to stick out of the hangar, as it was not big enough to accommodate the aircraft, I think the hangar was extended in the end.

I always thought that B-Cal flew Airbus A300s but they were A310s that I saw. When we were working at the hangar the terrible accident at Manchester occurred with a British Airtours 737, I remember B-Cal giving apron space to engine-less 737s while they were waiting for new ones.

There was also an Anglo Cargo 707 regularly parked on the apron as well. We were also allowed in the deep maintenance hangars further down the airfield and were able to look in some aircraft.
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British Caledonian - A Tribute