The Louise McNamara / John Blewett Gallery

The following photos and information, were kindly sent in by John and I am pleased to be able to show it here
To the left we have Louise looking very smart in her BUA uniform, in the spring next to a Magnolia tree.

Later on Louise would go to work through the Caledonian // BUA takeover and continue as a Ground Hostess. Though in May 1972 undoubtedly the largest passengers would need a hand boarding. The story follows.

Ground hostess Louise McNamara and Cowfold farmer Mr. Bill Chubb, with one of the specially chosen Hereford bulls to be sent to China.

The bull was one of four, which, with four heifers made up a consignment to be exported to China by Oakdale Estates Ltd.; Cowfold. Mr.Chubb, 29, is managing director of the company.

An 18-hour flight was in front of the cattle before they reached Hong Kong where they were loaded onto a train to be taken to an agricultural centre ay Kwang Chow. The cattle, aged from 12 to 18 months, were loaded onto a British Caledonian Airways Boeing 707 jet at Gatwick on Friday without difficulty.

Bulls and heifers were separated in boxes where they were tethered. Mr Chubb, who will be accompanying the cattle to Kwang Chow to advise the Chinese how to care for the Herefords, and a Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries vet, positioned themselves by each box during take-off and landing to ensure the safety of the consignment.

During the flight the cattle were fed with food from the main cabin which was replenished from holds whenever the aircraft landed. Water was carried in ten gallon drums. Mr Chubb will be staying in China for ten days and hopes to set up a long term contract with the Chinese.
Louise with Bill Chubb and one of the bulls enroute to Chine via Hong Kong
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