The John Bailey Gallery

The following photos and images were kindly submitted by John, and I am pleased to be able to show them here
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Signing of a contract for a major charter series of flights between Belfast and Toronto.

Seated Front left is Geoff Pitt, Seated Front right is Jim Murphy (ULMC)

Standing are Bill Whiley (BCal - BFS) and me, John Bailey, on the right.
Reg Goddard, Gordon Mason and myself
Inspection of G-AWYR at Glasgow before with the Scottish Football Team boarded.

The Gatwick Sales Football Match
Standing are:
Pat Wilson, Jackie Turnbull, Lillian Weier,
Sylvia Donaghey, Nicky Waring,
June Groves, Linda Gorrindge, Janet Austin, Gail Craggs, Jenny Wright,
Angela Aldred, Hazel Parker, Pam Henderson.

Bottom row:
Dave Clark, Colin Grove, Fred Mitchell, John Bailey, Ken O’Connell, John Hughes, Berni Kaintock, Graham Henderson, Ian Jones, Hamish Manson, Guy Boyling, Mike Cussack, Simon Rickard, Mike Byrne.

Departure from Gatwick of a charter flight, aboard G-ASJI,for the Kuwait Oil Company, they were off to see the launch of one of their new oil tankers.  The gentleman with the white tie is the Kuwait Oil Minister and I am far right.

British Caledonian - A Tribute