The Jim Gatland Gallery
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Many thanks to Jim for sending his photos
Left to right in the first photo
Mike Byrne, Barry Byrne, Ken Woolley, Alan Mitchell, Sir Adam, Fred Mitchell, Alan Rouse, Jim Gatland.
Piper ??, ??, ??, Eddie Taylor, Centre is Larry Conway - manager in Australia, Jim Gatland, ??, ??, Piper ??

If you recognise the stewardesses and pipers please let me know and I can add them in
George Best
George Best
Jackie Stewart
Jackie Stewart
Jim also arranged ad-hoc charter flights and on this occasion, as Old Trafford was FA Cup bound, Stylo Matchmakers who supplied George Best with his boots at the time, flew him and some of their top customers to Paris for the weekend, Jim recalls "I had the pleasure of being asked to go on the trip and I'm pleased that I did, for every kid or youngster or adult that stopped George and asked him for his autograph, he spoke to them, gave them an autograph and thanked them, maybe not what I had expected, but he certainly earned my respect and that of many others that weekend, so sad to see the demise of such a naturally talented person".
The sales team were located on the top floor of Sussex House and we entered a team, aptly named The Misfits, into a Crawley Sunday morning 5 aside football competition, from which we emerged as winners of both the Cup and the League, hence the ties which I had made in Singapore and worn at the presentation, at least Sir Adam seemed quite pleased.
On behalf of the company, Jim attended the Australian premier of the film Mary Queen of Scots in Sydney, and we provided two Pipers from the Caledonian band and Stewardesses to support the occasion.
British Caledonian - A Tribute