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The following photos and images were kindly sent in by Jean, and I am pleased to be able to show them here
Jean with Captain Robin "Dick" Barton
Jean with the Daily Mirror "Punters Club", off for a day out to the horseracing in Le Bourget
Airline skirts come down to earth

Take a long look at the girl with the long look. Because unless you’re travelling First Class you won’t be seeing much of her walking down the aisle. British Caledonian has become the first British airline to dress its hostesses in Long skirts.

Its senior flight hostesses will change into their MacCallum tartans - shown on the right by Liz Valentine - when they serve lunch and dinner on long-haul flights.

The other hostesses stay in their familiar tartan mini-kilts, work by Jean Baxter. The senior girls were delighted by the airline’s plan to add a touch of style in the first-class cabins.

Genuine - One said last night, “on a ten or 12-hour flight it makes a nice change being able to dress for dinner. And it is rather special. They are easy to cope with because the cabin is short and we don’t trip over them walking the full length of the plane.”

And the junior girls did not think their knees had been left out in the cold. “They don’t envy us because they would find it a bit difficult in the busy economy section if there was a spot of turbulence,” said the senior hostess.

The company wrote to the Chieftains of the MacCallum clan for permission to use the genuine tartan colours of green and blue. To top their tartan trendsetter, issued at the weekend, the 60 senior girls will wear white shirts with lace jabots.

An airline official said “They look so pretty it’s a shame the whole 700 girls can’t have them, but we know it would not be sensible.”
Top fashion house Hardy Amies also approved. A designer said “I saw a stewardess in long uniform abroad and she looked great”. And a passenger just back from a British Caledonian flight to Nairobi said “we certainly appreciated them. It made a nice surprise when the girls came in dressed up.”

A senior hostess from the 8h 30 minute flight said “The girls in economy could never cope with all the running around they have to do, but we can. And let’s face it - any girl likes the chance to put on something new
.”   Daily Mail - May 1975
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