The Ian Haines Gallery Pt 3

The following photos have been kindly sent in by Ian, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

BCAL football tour to the Seychelles in February 1974
This tour to the Seychelles came about as BCAL started flying into Mahe,as part of a publicity and good will campaign for tourism.

On the island of Mahe this created a lot of interest locally, so when we arrived we were treated like royalty, staying with the families of government ministers.

The day of the match we had 5000 spectators, the match receipts raised funds for local charities around £600-700 for the Seychelles Rotary Club Charity for Handicapped Children, and the Seychelles FC.

This was all part of BCal's tourism publicity through Nairobi and Entebbe.

Unfortunately the Wingspan were beaten 4-0 after holding the Seychelles to 1-0 at half time. The temperature on the pitch was a sweltering 103o Fahrenheit.

Team Captain Andy Tickner presented the Seychelles Captain with a BCal Club pennant and received on behalf of the club a “Coco de Mer”, a rare double coconut found only in the Seychelles
If you recognise any missing names in the photos, please drop me a line anytime
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