The Cabin Services Training Unit

Hermes G-ALDG

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Sandstone and Blue
Sandstone and Blue
British Caledonian
British Caledonian
Hermes G-ALDG spent best part of 14 years alongside the Perimiter Road at Lonon Gatwick, and she wore four different liveries in that time, BUA (original and Sandstone and Blue), Caledonian//BUA and British Caledonian.
Over the years thousands of new cabin crew would have passed through and undertaken training inside, below we have a selection of photos of just some of those who have trained in DG.
1) Juliet Penry-Davey; 2) Jean Holdaway; 3) Margaret Doherty;, 4) Janet Felger; 5) Wendy Branford; 6) Rosemary Brion; 7) Susan Bateman; 8) Anne Latta; 9) Susan Jackson; 10) Helen Farrar; 11) Julia Boorer; 12) Elizabeth Coleman; 13) Patricia Hamilton; 14) Mary Caffyn; 15) Eve Cruickshank; 16) Marian Smales; 17) Gillian Deadman; 18) Theresa Farrell; 19) Eileen Sheehan; 20) Jo Gregory; 21) Morag Young; 22) Mary Archer; 23) Maureen Murdock; 24) Vivian-May Stevens; 25) Gaye Sinclair; 26) Judith May; 27) Valerie Bradley; 28) Harriett Sonda; 29) Angelika Krebstarkies; 30) Frances Gordon-Smith; 31) Doreen Buckber (Flight Hostess Training); 32) Joan Merriman (Superintendent Hostess); 33) Ethel Carter (Flight Hostess Training); 34) Jill Bradford (Senior Flight Hostess Training)
Left to right    Patricia Holt, Patricia Burrow, Chrissie Lyall and Catherine Critchell in the Cabin Services Traning Unit
Training Course June 1966  - Adelaide Campbell, Brenda Trudel & Lotte Bannister in the front row

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Recollections of Training on ALDG from Una Allman

I remember the Hermes training aircraft at Gatwick in 1963 then British United Airways. In fact as a trainee Air Hostess it was the first time I had entered an aircraft so you can imagine what it was like. In fact on my first flight I was ill and the Captain couldn't believe I had never flown before. .

I would never have guessed at that time that my thirst for flying led me to becoming a private pilot for 36years and still active.

I will always remember as part of the training a nurse came in with a real afterbirth which we all had to man handle which was quite frightening!
From left to right - ? ,  ?  ,  ?  , Eileen Milne, ?  and ?

Many thanks to Jim Monaghan for Eileen's name.