Harry Leggett : Airframe fitter / Engineer
Sadly we learn that Harry has passed away recently (Dec 2020 / Jan 2021). My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Harry started with Transair at Croydon then on to BCal, he was an Airframe fitter / Engineer, then Aircraft Maintenance Planning Engineer under BA.

Harry was also a volunteer on the Bluebell Railway in his spare time.

Service details

Harry's service was held on 22nd February 2021 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium (near Gatwick)  map here

Address: Balcombe Rd, Crawley, RH10 3NQ

Covid restrictions will apply.

There is a webcast of the service: Click  HERE 

and use details:   Login / Order: 77509      and     Password:   ugrtgrys

Family flowers only please, but any donations in Harry's name to The Bluebell Railway please. donations can be made here via the family or directly here please
Harry Remembered

From Jim Wilson
I got to know Harry during my Apprenticeship at BUA. If you were willing to learn then Harry was there to help and guide you. Fine people such as Harry who imparted their knowledge, skills, and sense of humour which allowed me to go on to achieve greater things.

We met again 40 years later when we were both volunteering at the Blue Bell Railway. A true gentleman; RIP

From Tony Rider: Sad News, RIP Harry, Fly High
From Jim Will: Very sad news. I had known Harry since our Croydon days. Fly high Harry with the BCAL Angels. RIP

From Tina Harvey: Iím sure my dear Dad Peter Scott would have known Harry .. RIP sleep peacefully

From Heidi Creasey
Just showed this message to my dad Roger Creasey and he is shocked by this sad news he was only speaking to Harry on the phone the other week. Condolences to his family x

From Caron Phillips: RIP and my condolences to his family and friends

From Roger Creasey
Harry was among the 90 or so of us engineers at Croydon Airport with Transair Ltd converting ex RAF Dakota aircraft onto the Civil Register. I would like to relate 2 stories about Harry that could not possibly happen in the modern world.

We were working the night shift in Hangar 1 on a Vickers Viscount aircraft, Harry was working with Ron Thaxter (Dave's Dad) they were working in the cabin on the wing spar mods, Harry was getting fed up with the cramped space he was working in so got up found a stick of chalk and drew a set of feet going up and over the emergency exit and along the top of the wing to the wing tip, the feet then appeared on the Hangar floor with a big HELP by the side of them.


The other story is when we had the BUA VC10s at Wisley for mods we had to do full engine power runs and a test flight on completion of the work. The last aircraft we completed was in the winter. We could not do the power runs near the Hangar due to snow and ice so with the agreement of the flight crew we did the power runs at the end of the runway. The airfield was closing at 17:00, we taxied to the runway at 16:50 carried out the tests required and we wrapped the engine run records and the technical log page around a screwdriver and tied them on with a bit of string, we then threw them out of the right hand service door for Harry to catch, it almost speared him, then he had to run like mad out of the way because as soon as the door was closed the captain (Bill Evans) started rolling down the runway at 16:59. The runway lights went out as we lifted off at 17:00 and the airfield closed....Ö.and Harry also instructed car maintenances at Crawley college.

From Caron Phillips
: RIP and my condolences to his family and friends

From Coreen Wilcox
: So sad. RIP Harry

From Fee Flee: So very sorry to see this Fly Free Harry x

From Riaz Butt: Sad news indeed. RIP. My condolences to his family.

From Bob Cooper: Very sad news, RIP Harry

From Brian Wassell: Sorry to hear of his passing, RIP Harry

From Ron Fuller: RIP Harry - a lovely man.

From Hugh Cowan
I first knew Harry in BCal when he was a Maintenance Planner. He could explain any work card that was loaded on the check and if he didn't know the history he soon found out and came back with the answer. Harry also performed a vital role for my wife and I - he maintained our Mini! No matter the weather Harry would be doing a service, or more importantly replacing the front ball joints! He never once said, "Shall we wait until tomorrow when it will be drier/warmer". He had made an agreement and stuck to it. A true friend and gentleman.

From Jim Wilson: My sincere condolences, RIP Harry.

If you would like to leave a message in remembrance please drop me a line anytime at  BCalatribute@outlook.com

Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Roger Warren, Alan Reeves, Lindsay Smith, Paul Marshall, Pat Cresswell, Jenny Thomas, Julie Hourigan, Victor Attwood, Martin Leach, Debee Boerner, Peter Durran, Jeremy Berridge, Jackie Hebert, Jennifer Grail, Julie Nuttall, Dudley Rice, Liz Rogers, Kris Massie, Andy Hudson, Christine Jegu,

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1956 - Harry with Transair Engineering at Croydon Airport
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