BCal's Hangar 5 and Offices

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In June 1976 BCal announced an order for two wide-body DC-10 Series 30 aircraft.

As well as all the training requirements, there was also the need to maintain them and none of the existing hangars could house the DC-10, it was too tall.

Modifications were undertaken to the existing hangars initially, in time for the DC10 delivery, but towards the end of 1977 plans were announced for a new dedicated facility, Hangar 5 and the go-ahead was soon given to start its construction.

Hangar 5 and its offices would be ready by the end of 1979. The huge new hanger, that could fully enclose a DC-10, was named after W.A. "Bill" Richardson, BCal's Engineering Director.

The roof sat distinctively in the skyline at Gatwick, rather than the box-like hangars, Hangar 5 had a unique shape to accommodate the DC-10's tail.

H5 0
H5 A
H5 B
H5 B1
H5 C 13th Nov
H5 D 17th Nov
H5 D1 17th Nov
H5 E 20th Nov
H5 F 25th Nov
H5 F1 25th Nov
H5 G 27th Nov
H5 G1 27th Nov
November 2009
December 2009
H5 H 2nd Dec
H5 H1 2nd Dec
H5 I 4th Dec
H5 I1 4th Dec
H5 J 9th Dec
H5 J1 9th Dec
H5 J2 9th Dec
H5 k 11th Dec
H5 k1 11th Dec
H5 L1 16th Dec
H5 L2 16th Dec
H5 M 21st Dec
After years of service, looking after the DC10 fleet for BCal (and latterly BA), the sale of the DC10 fleet and the slow running down of maintenance work at Gatwick saw Hangar 5 effectively redundant.

In April 2009 a planning application was lodged for the demolition of Hangar 5, its offices and surrounding ancillary buildings.

Myself and Nick Higson have been recording the work over the past 8 weeks.

Below is the photo-record of the end of Hangar 5.

But we cannot end this page like that, so there is a truly great photo of Hangar 5 below !
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