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Gourmet & Glamour
a life in airline catering by

George Banks

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George's book is hard to come by now, but can sometimes be found. Its best to ask George if he has any,
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The ISBN is 1904514332  which will help find it online or with book dealer
George Says "My book Gourmet and glamour in the sky -a life in airline catering contains many pictures of British Caledonian cabin crew, catering staff, food service, cabin shots, aircraft, delivery flights,............ and ground staff it covers the period from 1973 to 1988"

Gourmet and Glamour in the sky has been written to explain the interesting, intricate and unique world of airline catering. It uncovers the unusual problems, procedures and enormous complexity of preparing and supplying airline meals successfully, day in and day out all over the world, of which the average passenger would never be aware.
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