Edinburgh - 1976

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In 1976 BCal News had a feature on operations at Edinburgh, the airport was then nearing completion of a major redevelopment, with a new runway and terminal buildings.

BUA had first flown the LGW - EDI route on 4th January 1966, when G-ASJJ, inaugurated the InterJet Service.

The route was flown every day since, popular with business travellers and also passengers
transferring to long-haul services from Gatwick.

There were 19 traffic staff and 9 engineering staff at EDI in 1976

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And lastly a photo from 1971

Many thanks go to

Monica Stronach

for all the photos

Message from Brian Aitchison who was at EDI in 1976

I was taken on by Peter Steel (in the 1971 picture and recently retired) on the 6th May 1974 and as you can see from the pictures Monica sent I was there is 76 and finally left to work at GLA in 78. Ray Hunt, as you can see from the picture is wearing a tartan jacket, he was the first person at EDI to wear one, while Jack Williams and I stayed in the black uniform. I didnt change to a tartan jacket until I moved to the Training Section (Fleming Way, Crawley) at LGW in 84. Between 74 and 77 I was, what they used to call, a Station Officer which covered Load Contol,Coupon Control and Baggage Services. I then moved into Cargo (EDI) from 77 to 78/79, when I moved back home to Glasgow and became the Cargo Supervisor of the new Cargo Unit until 84, when I moved to LGW as a Cargo Training Officer, where I stayed till the end.
Message from Ron Paterson who was at EDI

I joined BCal at EDI in Dec 1976 (from Servisair so I only had to step over the baggage belt to change offices). I was interviewed initially by Peter Steel who right up to retiring reminded me that it was all his fault! A great guy. Worked for Neil Warringer - also in the pics. I have lots of happy memories of EDI as it was a great place to work and there were some fantastic people to work (and play) with. I used to hoon around on motorbikes with Brian Aitchison, fix cars in the cargo shed with Jack Williams and hang around in the workshops with the engineers - Alan Cairns, Andy Band, the two Georges and Fred Kirk were stalwarts and taught me a lot about spanners! Anybody remember Pat Hoey ??  I eventually moved to Load Control LGW in Oct '84. Would like to hear from anyone who has memories of EDI.
From Iain Hutchison
Angie McConville was in our training group at Gatwick in 1973. BCal's Edinburgh Town Office was that of general sales agents GSN Travel, a subsidiary of General Steam Navigation.
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