The DC-10 Friendship Tour - 1972
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The wide body jet from Douglas was up against competition from Boeing and Lockheed, and all three manufacturers embarked on sales and promotional tours to show case / display their aircraft.

It would be a few years before BCal would order the DC10, but regular orders would see eight new DC10 aircraft join the fleet then later the 1 Billion launch order for the MD-11 would follow.

But in 1972 the Douglas DC10 flew in to Gatwick and was shown to British Caledonian, and we have 2 photos from that day.
Left to right :-

BCal Deputy MD Frank Hope, ??, BCal MD Adam Thomson, Charlie Forsyth (McDonnell Douglas) and BCal Deputy MD John de la Haye.
And below we have some BCal Flight Crew and Cabin Crew - if you recognise anyone, please drop me a line
Please, if anyone can help with any names just drop me a line and I can add them in, many thanks
Left to right we have:-

Glenda Smeda, ?, ? Freddy Gorman, ?, ?, Malcolm James (maybe), ?, ?, ?, ? and ?

The lady in the engine is ?
British Caledonian - A Tribute