John Zareba
Joined BCAL check-in at LGW in 1974 and again in 1975 after being laid off for a few months. In 1978 I joined the ticket desk where I spent most of my time except for a spell at T1 LHR (1982-1986) working for the BCAL transfer unit (at the other end of AIRLINK -helicopter transfer LHR-LGW-) where there was a wonderful small team of people under Peter Sawyer and Lana Mitchell. The growth of BCAL kept me and all of my colleagues well on our toes at the LGW ticket counter with technical advances all the time.

I was involved in a small team organizing the "Door-to-Door" cars which BCAL had introduced run by the ticket desk!, I don't know how Cherry Jackson managed as there was a busy sales desk and now this to run... I had started a photo gallery (mostly of colleagues) on one of our back-room notice boards which caught on. When I realized with sadness that BCAL was to be no more, I prepared a little album with some added memorabilia. It was done, as one would do, to remember the airline which looked after me so well and all the people who made it. The memorial service for Sir Adam on September the 5th 2000 was a tremendous ceremony, moving, and fitting to the man who started it all.

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