Sue Van-Averbeke  17/03/22 Updated email
I joined BCAL in Houston in 1981, relocated to Gatwick in 1985 and stayed until 1991. I'm now back in Houston, it's great to see this tribute, and to see names I remember. Great job. Look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me.

Peter van Driessel  18/08/12
Sadly Peter has passed away aged 65. Peter was Passenger Sales Manager in Amsterdam during the late seventies. He then moved to Sierra Leone, Dubai and Geneva. Peter left BCal a couple of years before British Airways took over and moved to airlines related industries (catering equipment). About 10 years ago he moved back to Dubai where he died on 26th May 2012.

Lex van der Pauw  03/03/16
Great site and nice to see some old names! Be nice to see a few more Cabin Crew names from 'May 77 onwards. Any Cabin Crew reunions in the offing? A great tribute to Sir Adam. If you remember me -mail me!

Robert (Bob) Vanderhook  25/08/10
Applied to BUA for a job, was interviewed by Caledonian Airways, Started work for BCal in August '71 as "Electrical / Instrument Technician Apprentice" along with at least one other person on this site [and other former colleagues listed here] "Hi Steve". Survived Hangar 1 [1-11s], Hangar 3 [VC10s, 707s, 747s, A320s & DC10s and Navajos], Hangar 5 [DC10s] Was it fun ?? Well working on 707 'D' Checks in January and February, when the water stayed frozen on the hangar floor for up to a week at a time [with the doors closed, and the heating full on !!] remembering not to touch the skin of the fuselage because your hand froze to it, was, as dear old "Fred Ansell" used to say "Character Building" yep, there was 'a lot of character about' in those days ! Escaped the hangars to become a "Pot Plant" as part of the small team running the Engineering Computer System "CAMS". Should have / would have been an Industry Standard', world beater !! I remember well "Pete Whatmores' tours" [more like busman's holidays] visiting USAF Airforce Bases and the legendary Mildenhall Air-fetes. Vivid memories, remain with me to this day, of: Darlington's 'scenic tours' of Olde Amsterdam !!!

Would like to say "Hi" to old colleagues and friends and to offer my apologies to all those skilful staff that "taught me the trade" and had to put up with me for so many years ! Retired in '94 due to health problems which are ongoing, hey Ho.

We gave the world something unique. Indeed, offering to the world the following option "We never forget you have a choice !!" Sold for a quid and completely "wiped-out" overnight, the ignominy of it !!! Let us hope that everyone who worked and contributed to the running of, and success of, the "Golden lion", whatever their individual skills, be not forgotten !!!

May the wind be always at your back, and the sun be in your face. Take care. Be well people, Be well.

Alan Vaughan 27/08/11 
Sadly Alan has passed away. Alan was born in 1935 and was evacuated to Ringwood from Liverpool during the WW2 bombing campaign, and, following National Service in the RAF, then Vickers Armstrong at Hurn, later, joined Caledonian as a Flight Engineer on the DC7. He also flew fixed and rotary wing aircraft as a pilot privately during the late 1950s. He retired early from the DC10 fleet, and farmed goats on a large property in the New Forest. Some of us will remember the incident when an early production Britannia on a test flight force -landed on the river Severn mud flats near Filton. Alan was on fire duty as a National Serviceman that day, and was allocated the duty of driving the tractor that hauled the aircraft away from the rising tide. He was proud of the fact that he was less covered in mud than the others......recalls Richard Fisher.

James F Vaughn
Sadly Jim passed in 2008. Jim was BCal's first Sales Manager in Dallas from 1978 he was a US Airforce veteran and travel industry professional holding senior positions in TWA & BRANIFF before joining BCAL recalls Bryan Reburn   

Jim's original crewroom entry :  Sacked by Horace Cox in 1981, though I still have BCal blood in my veins.

Liz Vaughan (now Daffin) 14/08/2010
I found this website while searching for some old BCAL ads to show my children. I flew with BCAL between 1984-1988. It was a great time. My father Michael Vaughan was a Captain there too (BUA then BCAL) on the 1-11. He sadly passed away a few months ago. Crews don't have anywhere near the fun that we did then. What a great airline.

Captain Mike Vaughan
Sadly Mike has passed away. A service was held at Tunbridge Wells Crematorium on Friday 19th March 2010. Our sympathies to Mike's family, friends anfd former colleagues

Captain John Vetch 10/12/12
Sadly John passed away on 30th November 2012, aged 81. John was formerly BCal BAC 1-11 Fleet Manager in the 1970's, A310 Fleet Manager in the 1980's; followed by 747 Training Captain with BCal then BA. He retired from BA at 60 then flew for City Flyer until he was 65. John was originally in the Royal Artillery, he then flew for the Army Air Corps before joining Caledonian Airways. A Service of Thanksgiving was held on 19th December, at St Margaret the Queen Church in the grounds of Buxted Park; East Sussex.

Captain Ivan Vickers 20/08/23  Ivan Remembered
Sadly Ivan has passed away, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Ivan was a First Officer then Captain with the 707 and later the DC10 fleet. He did at least one Golden Lion Children's Trust flight,  that one we know of was to Le Touquet and back with a 707 in January 1977.

Alain Vincens  28/03/15
I worked with BCAL CDG 1977-1983. Fantastic days in a fighting-spirit airline. Have worked since with SN, BA (of which I got cured rapidly!), was with Air Littoral as a Mgr Ground Handling Contracts but now retired. Good news is that the French Golden Lions have regular outings....keeps the spirit on! Anyone wishing to contact me is welcome.

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