Marion Tampin (now Bell)  01/08/2013 
I joined BCal Jan 1972 and left Sept 1974.  I have very fond memories of flying, all the parties and laughs. I still meet up with Avril Milne. I live in Canterbury and have retired from many years in residential lettings.

Sue Tangstrum 13/09/18
Sue sadly passed away suddenly on 11th September 2018. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Sue worked in Reservations at Gatwick before moving to Astral Towers at Little Dallas. Sue's service was held on 3rd October 2018. Remembrances here Sue Remembered

Roy Tappenden (Captain) 04/01/2018
Sadly we learn that Roy passed away suddenly on the 24th December 2017. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Roy was formerly based at Southend and is remembered as one of the flight crew there in the mid-1950s / 60s. Roy's service was held on 29th January 2018 and his remembrance messages are here Roy Remembered

Barbara "Lulu" Taylor (nee Baldwin) 
I joined BCAL in June 1978 and left in 1982. I live in Claygate with my husband Russell and our two sons Daniel, 23 and Tom, 21. I have been running my own business for the past 12 years. Whilst on my work travels I keep running into ex BCAL and present BA old friends which is great. I have some fantastic memories of my flying days and a few shocking ones especially of Lagos. If anyone knows of the wherabouts of Elaine McIlroy, Kathy Berridge or Maria Robinson (nee Flynn) I would love to hear from them?

Colin Taylor    
As former club manager of Shoreham school of flying, would love information on good friends, Chris and Gaynor Yardley, also Capt. Eric Rowley. I understand Capt. Ken Honey now resident in Cornwall.   Please contact me Colin Taylor

Derek Taylor  11/01/15
Sadly Derek passed away on Boxing Day (26th Dec 2014), our sincere condolences go out to Derek's family, friends and colleagues. Derek was with BUA and BCal and worked as a line engineer, retiring before the BCal/BA merger. Derek's funeral took place on Thursday 15th January 2015 at Worthing Crematorium, West Sussex.

Eddie Taylor 
I was with CAL/BCAL from 1969 - 1973, spent most of my time based in KL and SIN (where I met Graeme Broadbridge when he was Sales Manager - also an Aussie). I was responsible for In Flight Services and Catering for Far East / Australia during the 12 month contract we had with Qantas.

Murray Taylor 27/12/10  
Sadly Murray passed away on 27th December 2010 in Bahrain, he was just 54 years old. Murray was very highly thought-of being one of BCALís key trainers in Customer Services and therefore responsible for the high standards of customer services we all benefited from during those wonderful days recalls Phil Bowell. Murray's funeral took place on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at Chichester Crematorium in West Sussex

Steve Taylor        Ex BCAL Staff 1973 - 1979 Import Cargo Co-Ordinator

Chris Tear  12/08/19
Sadly Chris passed away, aged 79, on the 10th August 2019, he had been fighting cancer for some time. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Chris's service was held on 28th August. Chris started in Publicity and rose to be GM UK Sales. Chris Remembered

Shirley Tebby
(nee Trowbridge) 14/03/15
I joined BCAL in 1984 in Passenger Services until subsequently 'BA ed'!! Still at LGW having served a few months/years in training, FMU and supervisory modes. Great airline, great people.

Gordon Tedder 30/10/14
Sadly Gordon passed away on 29th October 2014 at his home in Storrington, West Sussex. His son Julian and his daughter Philippa were with him. Our sincere condolences go to Gordon's family, friends and former colleagues. Gordon Remembered

Dennis Temple May 2010
Sadly Dennis has passed away, he was with BCal Engineering - Gatwick. Dennis's funeral service was held at the Worthing Crematorium on the 1st June 2010. Our sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Ron Thaxter November 2004   
Dad passed away unexpectedly 11th November 2004 and will always be missed. My Father started back in 1951 with Transair at Croydon Aerodrome through to BUA, BCAL and retired from BA in 1996, though he did some Engineering Inspection work for GB Airways soon after, but then he fully retired. He loved his time with BCal, and got to work all over the world. In 1963/64 he did route proving with the VC10 into Africa, 1-11's from Costa Rica, 747's from Canada to engineering acceptance on new DC10's. He enjoyed his work tremendously. I run the site for his memory, for all those who have left us and and for all the former staff, I know my Father loved to see all the names he remembered and the photos.

Jon Theobalds   11/08/17
Sadly Jon passed away on 10th August. My sincere sympathies go out to Jon's family, friends and former colleagues. Jon suffered a fall at home on Tuesday 8th August, and at hospital they discovered an underlying issue which overtook him quickly. His family were with him when he left us. Jon's service was held on 1st September 2017. Jon Remembered

Jon's original Crew room entry : My 'aviation' career started at the then Victoria Air Terminal (later Central London Air Terminal) in July 1963, and the nearest we got to planes was putting pax on the train to LGW.

By May the following year I'd got to the airport and was delighted to be an Assistant Duty Operations Officer, plotting the aircraft whilst they were down the line. My bosses were Capt Cecil Bebb, (who'd flown Franco out of Spain in their civil war, and 'Pop' Carreras who'd been trying to stop Franco getting out !!) Wing Commander 'Atty' Atkinson was the top Ops boss and he later went with Freddie Laker (BUA's MD) to start up Laker Airways. In February 1966 a new department was introduced called Service Control (Redcaps) and we had a great time dispatching the new 1-11's and VC-10's, back again in the Traffic Dept uniforms. During my time I'd had the opportunity to travel the line on what was conveniently known as 'Ops Familiarisation Flights'. I flew to EBB and NBO and back over a long weekend on a Britannia, then did the West African BR321 route LGW/LIS/LPA (nightstop)/BTH/FNA/ACC(nightstop) and return, on a Viscount. Very civilised. Also flew the VC10 to S.America which was really enjoyable although I couldn't get off in SCL as planned as a coup was underway !! The Canary Islands were regular stops for us as we got 90%'s which equated to 7 quid return - a bargain.

Finally left BUA when the 'big bucks' of Saturn Airways, the US supplemental airline, were offered to me in February 1969. I therefore just missed the Caledonian/BUA merger but feel glad to have been one of the BUA pioneers which led to the big Golden Lion era. I never did fly B-Cal but whilst working in the USA circa '85 my company shipped John Lennon's Mercedes on the 747 freighter G-HUGE. At LAX a couple of years later, I used to see the 707's a lot, and renewed my friendship with Gordon Tedder who was Station Manager LAX for B-Cal at the time

I'm now officially retired but do chauffering work on a 4 day a week basis, just to keep out of trouble. I live in Sandhurst Berkshire and welcome contact with any old BUA folks. Fantastic days with BUA, and many memories, so much so that when Mike Barrett had the idea in 1993 of organising a Traffic Dept reunion, I offered to assist him, and we've organised one every 3 years since, starting in 1994. At one stage we held over 350 names on our contact list and we were delighted to host almost 150 people at our first reunion at the then Holiday Inn at Crawley. Mike has sadly recently passed away (November 2008) and our next get-together in October 2009 was dedicated to his memory.

Keith Thomas   13/03/15  A friend at work told me you are on the net, in my dept, we are all ex BCal, now working for BA

Marjorie Thomas (nee Josephs)
Marjorie passed away peacefully in her sleep on 1st April 2012. Our sincere condolences to her family, friends and formr colleagues. Majorie moved from the UK in 2004 and was living with her daughter, Helen, in Virginia in America. She had been suffering from Parkinsonís Disease for the last 22 years.

Majorie joined BCAL in the early 70ís and first worked for John Chase in Transport & General Services before transferring to Sales & Marketing to work for James Eadie. Marjorie was also the Membership Secretary for the Wingspan Club. When everyone moved to Caledonian House she went to work for Gordon Davidson before eventually moving to the Interline Department to work for John Patterson. She then married Tudor Thomas and left BCAL. It was after Tudorís death that she moved to the US.

Ian Thompson 17/09/15
Former BCal cabin crew, Ian passed away suddenly at the beginning of September 2015 in Vancouver. Our sincere condolences go out to Ian's family, friends and former colleagues. Ian's service was held on 25th September in Canada. Ian's career started with a degree in Theology, he then worked for the HKG Police before joining BCal in the early 80s as a Chinese speaker. He went on to further assemble an impressively varied CV as an Assistant Prison Governor, Cine-multiplex Manager, Recruitment Consultant, Manager of Mersey Ferries, then manager of a larger ferry company in the Philippines before moving to Canada with his wife where he set up as Security Consultant. He was a unique character and will be sorely missed by all who knew him recalls Tim Williamson

Peter M Thompson 
I worked for BUA and BCal from 1966 to 1988 all at LGW as Ops Duty Officer/LGW Ops Controller/Manager Ops Control. A very happy and at times frustrating 22 years but the people and the spirit of the whole thing were of legendary proportions

Peter T Thompson
Was with Cally from the Britannia's to the bitter end, the best bunch of people in the world!! Love to hear from old friends! Great to see some more familiar names since my last visit to this wonderful site. Found this site in the first place wondering if there have been any reunions. Does anyone remember " more push and we'll be over the hump..."? Well I guess it's all downhill, ( for most of us), now!

Valerie Thompson (now Aldred) 
I was a BCal hostie from 1970 -71 and had a wonderfully happy time on 1/11s and 707s.  Sadly I have lost touch with all my airline chums but would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me and, in particular, Sheila Vanson whom I have not seen or heard of since 1977

Dawn Thomson 31/05/18
Sadly Dawn passed away on 26th May 2018. She passed peacefully in her sleep. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Dawn was known to many, she was the wife of the late Sir Adam Thomson. Lady Thomson's service was held at noon on 27th June in Brighton. Dawn Remembered

Brian Thorburn   22/04/15
Sadly Brian passed away on 21st April 2015. My sincerest condolences to Brian's wife Beverley, their family, friends and former colleagues.   

Brian's original Crew room entry.
I joined Caledonian Airways in 1970 and served in engineering at LGW and various outstations. Retired 1993 and have been enjoying myself ever since!    Update - 16th Sept 2014. Sadly we learn that Brian is not very well at all and is suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer's; both of which have worsened these past months. Brian has now had to go into a nursing home though Beverly visits often and is able to spend time with Brian; and he is happy in his new home which is good to hear. I am sure we all wish Berverly and Brian the very best and our thoughts are with them.

Jane Thorogood  31/03/15
Sadly Jane passed away on 16th March 2015 after a long illness. Jane joined BCal 1982 as cabin crew. Lots of people will remember Jane as she was a real character, funny, cleaver and kind recalls Joy Old who also says "I will miss her always. If anyone has any photos of Jane from trips etc I'm sure her father Les would love to see them as would I." Jane's service was on 31st March 2015.

Maria Thorpe
After a gruelling interview from Vanda ( good cop ) and Val Cutler ( bad cop ) I joined LGW passenger services in Mar 84. My fellow class mates were Helen Bird, Julie Dear, Joan Kavanagh, Lydia Suttle, Ralph Austin, Dave Basham, Peter Malone, Martin Wills and Trevor. We were trained by Sue Bernadis ( PHU ) and Nick Green ( Check In ) before finally being let loose on the public. I worked for a couple of years in pax svcs before moving to Terminal Control where I remained after the merger. I eventually ended up as a dispatcher for BA which is were I am today. Although my time with BCal was relatively short, I have very fond memories of working for a company whose uniform I wore with pride.

Robin Tilbury  17/10/15  I worked for BCAL from Apr '81 until the takeover, now working for Britannia Airways at Luton. Son of Bryan.

Vicki Timms 17/07/10
Hello - I flew for BCAL between Jan '78 and 'The Merger in '88. Stayed on with BA until April '98. I'm well and happy, living in Lincolnshire, working part time as a doctor's receptionist (I'm the nice one!!) and Mum to 2 gorgeous Norwich Terriers. I'm still in regular touch with Mo Abel and Joy Twigg (nee Smith) and if anyone who remembers me would like to get in touch - I'd love to hear from them.

Ray Tingley  17/08/13   BCal crewing 1978-1985. Good to see most are still going, sadly some have passed away. Will always remember the good days.

John Titterell 03/04/2022
Sadly we learn that John passed on 3rd April 2022 aged 83, my sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. John was an Engineer, starting with Transair at Croydon and retiring after 45 years of service to the airlines in BCal's lineage. John Remembered

Pino Torricelli    
Have just found this website! Worked for BCal from 1966 to the dreaded merger with BA in 1988. Now retired but loved and still love the airline. Was Airport Superintendent GLA but did overseas relief's in Ghana. Zambia, Casablanca, Nigeria, Jeddah, etc. Missing  you all dreadfully. Best Regards to my old friends who will never be forgotten. Had I been younger would have loved to work for BCAL and airlines managed by top BCAL ex-employees such as Emirates, etc.  Missing Ray Jackson, Neil Warringer Etc etc. As John Rouse used to say " The Blue and Gold Will Return !" Pino Torricelli

Yvonne Tough   I flew with British Caledonian from March 1984 until 1991, I was a Number 1 with BCal and Purser in the end with BA. I now live in Dubai with my family

Bet Townley
I joined BCAL in 1978/Houston/Tours Dept. Worked for David Rushton ( who I will forward this site to in the UK) then went to San Diego as a sls rep working for June Lane out of the LAX sls office. Retired 4 years ago from BA.

Margaret Trett   24/12/21
Sadly Margaret passed away on 21st December 2021, after a long illness. She was 89. My Sincere condolences to Margaretís sister and brother-in-law, Joan and Bob Degenhardt, her family, friends and former colleagues. Margaret served as Personal Assistant to Sir Adam Thomson throughout his career as Chairman of Caledonian Airways and subsequently British Caledonian. Margaret Remembered

Caroline Trinder
(now Rose)
Came across this web page by accident, the first thing I thought of was the song ,'If I could turn back time'! Great memories, probably some of the best days of my life as BCAL cabin crew. Now domesticated and married to a BA pilot( someone had to do it!) Thank you for this web site, oh and hello Bob.

Jeannie Trotman (Duncan) 18/01/12
Started in Frankfurt with Maurice Cleaver and four Britannia aircraft, air crew for a couple of years prior to working with Alan Stronach in JFK and YYZ and, finally, with Rohan Alce in ATL. Now 'settled' in EDI, still in touch with Alan, Tim Gibson, Geoff Walford and Keith Aitken but would be delighted to hear from any blasts from the past or join in any reunions. Still miss the good old days

Captain Peter Trowsdale
23/12/22    Peter Remembered
Sadly Captain Trowsdale passed away suddenly in Mid-December 2022, aged 90. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. His first civilian flying job was with British Air Ferries, flying the Bristol Freighter and Carvair. Various mergers and acquisitions led to British Caledonian where he flew the 707 as both First Officer and Captain. After a spell on the DC10, he finally ended up on the 747 which he continued to fly for a few years after the BA/BCal merger.

Peter Trowsdale  02/12/18
Brings back many happy memories. I joined BUA in 1968 and worked at the London Terminal (CLAT) for many years Left BCAL in 1980 and moved to USA. Now work as an independent travel consultant for a large travel agency, but I miss those early years with the airline. I will try to find some of my old BCAL giveaways etc and will write again.

Jeff Trueman 
I worked for BCAL from 1981-1988 - started in Reservations and then moved to CRC - best job I ever had ! - I ended up moving over to BA at LHR/Waterside and worked in Revman / Pricing and then sales - spent 2 and a half years in Singapore which was good but then came back to the UK - I left BA last August and taking a gap year or two while I work out what next to do! Would be great to hear from anyone who knows me

Glynne and Alison Tucker
(nee Randall)  28/12/16
What a great website. I joined BUA in 1970 in Passenger Services and survived the merger with Caledonian Airways.  In 1972 I transferred to the Ramp to become a Load Controller and then a Redcap.  I became an Aircraft Dispatch Manager with BA and took early retirement in September 2012. 

Ally joined BCAL in 1974 as a secretary for Ken Wolstenholme in the Sports and Special Events Department and transferred to the Ramp as a Load Control agent in 1976.  For the following three years she shared a house in Crawley with two BCAL air hostesses, Biddy Geoghan and Linda Martin.  Ally gave up work with BCAL in April 1981 to have our son and never returned. We have some great memories of BCAL and look forward to hearing from any old friends.

Paula Tuffs (later Martin)  29/01/21
Paula was a duty receptionist for BCal at LGW in the early 70s, and possibly with BUA before that. Sadly Paula had suffered from bad health for some years and had Parkinsonís yet she always remained cheerful. She lost her battle on 4th January 2021. Paula Remembered

Pat Turk 03/12/15
Sadly Pat passed away, aged 90, during November 2015. Our sincere condolences go out to Pat's family, friends and colleagues. Pat joined BUA as Catering Manager Katy Wilde's long standing secretary. She was then Graham Elliot's very efficient admin officer. Pat retired at 60 but then came back on a consultancy contract and stayed on with BCal and then with BA working for Pat Rock (later Bates). Pat's service was held on 9th December. Pat Remembered

Pippa Turner  12/07/10
I joined in March 1977 and still flying on BA jobshare up till this day - 33 years later!, but just not the same!! From those great days when we used to go to Map Patel's camp in Zambia on Lusaka trips, I continued helping him until 2005 when they sub-let Lufupa Lodge, Shumba Bush Camp and Kafwala, so I decided to start my own small safari bush camp in the Kafue National Park in 2006. Myself and 2 Zambian partners run it (I am there every 4 weeks as am on jobshare) and would be very happy to hear from any old BCAL mates. Anyone wanting to come on safari from BCAL, will get the BA staff rate for old times sake! Have a look at the pictures on or just drop me a line for a chat.

Pat Turpin July 2005  
Sadly Pat passed away in July 2005.  Although she had not enjoyed the best of health for some time, Pat always maintained her spirit, cheerfulness and wonderful sense of humour.  She was a dear and very loyal friend, Janet Edland [nee Hagate]

Pat's original crew room entry : I Joined Caledonian in 1966. Worked with a great bunch of people and have many very happy memories. People I remember include, Ellen Flynn (nee Latimer), Gordon Pragnall, Norman Craven, Collette Wilson, Claudette Law, Tom Morman, and Frances who married Jimmy Stevens.    

Stewart Twaite  29/01/21
Sadly we have heard from Sarah Hayes, Stewartís partner of 17 years, that Stewart passed away on
28th May 2020 from Myeloma (an incurable blood cancer) which he fought with 7 different chemotherapy regimens for two and a half years. Stewart was a MOCON and later one of the LGW Duty Airport Managers for BCal. Stewart Remembered

Joy Twigg (Nee Smith)
I joined BCAL in 1972 and flew until 1986 leaving as CSD with baby no. 2 on the way. Loved flying and had a wonderful career. Lots of memorable trips and parties! I'd love to hear from any ex working colleagues.

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