Ornella Figà Raanaas  09/05/15    I joined BCal in June 1980 and went on to BA once BCal was sold

Pete Rafi 31/08/17
Sadly Peter passed away on the 24th August 2017. My condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Pete was a well known and respected Engineer, retiring in 1997. Inline with his faith Pete's service was held the following day, 25th August.  He is remembered well by many including Mel Sanders, Bob Cooper, Pete Hollingsworth, Bob Rice, Belinda Burton, Bob Hounslow, Riaz Butt, Phil Christy & Tony Rider.

Derek Ralph
I was with Caledonian from 1976 to 1990 when I was forced to retire.  I occasionally see old friends when I fly BA staff travel but now so few and far between.  If you do get together I would like to Know.   I live in Savannah Georgia and now fly the Gulfstream G5/550

Mike Rawles      
I was a Structures Engineer in BCal's Gatwick Design Office (2 years) under Doug Empleton until BA took over......... stayed for 6 months under the BA regime .......... left to start AIM Aviation R&D in Crawley, providing Virgin amongst others with design support ....... joined GB Airways and left to further own company, Dragonstone-UK, providing Geopathic Stress consultancy

Barrie Rawlins  02/08/16   16 wonderful years with BCal, keep in touch with many ex colleagues via the website. Now living near Stamford, Lincolnshire and enjoying the rural life.

Bryan Reburn  07/06/19
Sadly Bryan collapsed suddenly on 6th June and passed away. My sincere condolences go to his wife Agnes, his family, many friends and former colleagues. Bryan was a regular contributor in our FB group and his many posts always garnered lots of interest. Bryan's service was held on 5th July 2019, details and remembrance messages here Bryan Remembered

Bryan's latest entry from June 2012 : Very pleased to have found this site and so many old friends. I joined BCAL in 1972 in Glasgow, moved to Gatwick in 1976 and left in 1988 after the "merger". Having worked for a number of airlines I know that very few matched BCAL and its people. Many names come to mind; Gordon Mason, Reg Goddard, David Joy, Bruce Langham, Mike Platt, Ray Jackson, Tony Pannell, Bill Rothero, Larry Langley and down in South America - Carlos Lopez, Alfredo Healy, Charlie Wegner, Carlos Cervera, Celio Alvin and many many more. HAPPY DAYS. I am retired now and living in Sussex, we have 3 grandchildren, who keep me on my toes !!!

George Reed  27/11/15
Sadly George passed away on the 27th November 2015 from complications following an operation. Our sincere condolences go out to George's wife Angela, his family, friends and former colleagues. George, formerly a Red Cap, rose to Manager Customer Services Standards and was involved in many aspects including BCal's Royal Flights. George Remembered

George's original crew room (June 2013) : Fantastic years to have shared with you all. All those names in the guestbook, I can nearly taste the InterJet breakfast, best eaten in a redcap van under the centre pier). ps. Angela (Booth) has still not shaken me off. Today, 1st June 2013, is my last day with flybe. I am retired! I have work 4 days a week planned and have kept Wednesdays for hunting….Legally!!  I have been in the business a long time, 14 April 2003 was my 44th anniversary in the business, enough! Brill site. Brgds to all.
Crewroom - R

Latest page update : 20th January 2023

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Shannon Reed (Mr)
BCAL- USA from 1984 up to/through merger joined BA with the merger and was with them until September 2001.  After a "hiatus" I am now working for Malaysian Airlines in Los Angeles as Corporate Development Manager, N.A.  Call if you're ever in LA.   310-726-6207.

Sara Reed-Purvis  I was with BCAL 1977 until the very end. I now live in the USA with my 3 wonderful children, I'd love to hear from some old friend .... what a time we had!!!!!

Kathleen Rees 07/03/20
Sadly Kathleen has passed away. Kathleen worked for British Caledonian in the Purchasing Department at the Ian Stewart Centre, she had to leave due to ill health in 1988 and sadly passed away on the 14 January 2020. She is survived by husband Vincent who has our sincere condolences.

Perry Rees 20/07/20
Sadly Perry passed away in April 2020 following a battle with Cancer. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this time. Perry was an Operational Research specialist in BCal's Ground Operations division before he went on to join BA as an IT specialist and then working as an independent consultant before retiring to Spain.

Alan Reeves  01/12/10
Joined Cally back in 69 when we went self handling at LGW. Ended up spending 18 years overseas with Bcal/BA and could bore most of you with tales of laughter and disaster. Am still in Aviation with DHL and it has been amazing how many of us Cally people there are spread around the world still having something to do with the industry. It is interesting to go through the list of people on this site and how may memories pop up just seeing the names. Good luck to you all. Have now retired and changed my e mail. Caterham 7 kit on its way, retirement here we come...always up for a game if you are short of a partner (15).

Nicola Reevey (now Hutchings)  29/04/16
I started in 1987, on one of the last AB initios before we became British Airways. I was flying for a year before we joined with BA and I I was long haul on DC10 and then 747. I carried on with BA out of Gatwick until my marriage in May 1993 when I moved to Hong Kong. I am now back in UK working for John Lewis. I am still married, 23 years, and have two children.

Lance Relff-Arnold  20/01/23  Lance Remembered
Sadly Lance passed away early in January 2023. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. He worked in Catering, then Engineering, at Gatwick. He was involved in the Union and a Health and Safety representative.

Alina Rennie nee Michalska
BCal flying Staff 1978-1980 and Cargo 1980-1987. BCAL was the best. Would love to hear from any old mates who remember me either flying or on the ground at LGW

Steve Reynolds  24/03/16
I worked for BCal Helicopters as a Base Controller in Falmouth at the very start having been recruited direct from RNAS Culdrose in 1979. I remember the Dom Perignon toastings at hotel, Ron Salt and Chris Powell. I flew many flights with Ron Salt out into the Western Approaches and around the Coast of Cornwall!! I was honoured to meet `Warby' Warburton down at Shoreham, many years later I saw all his medals displayed at the Army Air Museum at Middle Wallop. Wow it was a long time ago but I still remember it all with a smile, even the time I was offered a job on board the Rainbow Warrior when I was in town and met the crew at a quayside pub.

Geoff Rhodes   07/05/15
Sadly former BCal Crewing man Geoff has passed away. After school Geoff went to work for BKS & then Caledonian / BCAL. Geoff's service was held on 15th May 2015 St John's Church, Epsom, followed by a committal at Putney Vale Crematorium and a gathering was held to remember Geoff at St Joseph's Church Hall, Epsom.

Bob Rice  01/06/13
Joined in '73. As part of family concern. Dad Jack and I in Engineering. Uncle Don and Cousin Tony in Flight crew rosters.  Am a committed "When we" as in when we worked for BCal. Still finding reference to the watered down version that BA started up after '88. Though the crews tried hard they could never compete with the real thing.  Best memories of watching the crews disembark on a windy day with both hands full. It must have been a man who designed those kilts. From where we sat everything was in perfect working order!!!!!!

Don Rice
It is with sadness we learn that Don passed on the 3rd January 2023. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Don from Crewing was known to many. Don Remembered

Linda Richards (now Nicolello)
Being with BCAL was the best time I ever had at a job. We really loved the airline and were all devastated when it was purchased by BA. I was in the Los Angeles Sales office since the inception and the close. Love the web site, thanks for your creation. Linda

Linda Richards (now Hollingsworth)
Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me from those very good old days. I was searching through some interesting photo's only last night....another beach, another bar and another hotel room!

Pauline Richards 
What a wonderful site and reading the comments in the Crew Room so many people seem to agree. We are so lucky to have had such a wonderful time working for BCAL and its predecessors. It was the best job I ever had. Joined in 1973 and worked in the Terrapins in the Advertising and Publicity department with Chris Kewbank, Paddy Langley, Tony Robinson and many others. Stayed in that department through its many changes until I left in 1983 to start a family. Only have really happy memories and some great friends from those days.

Bill Richardson (Engineer) 22/12/19
It is with sadness we learn that Bill passed away in East Surrey Hospital on 20th December 2019. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bill, was an aircraft engineer, who after serving in the RAF went on to work for Iran Air, Transair, BUA, BCal retiring from BA we think. In line with Bill's wishes, the family will be holding a private service for him. Bill Remembered

David Richardson   05/06/17 
Joined BCal in April 1977 after 5 years at BEA/BA. Worked in Planning as Product Manager Europe then South America. Then Pricing and Product Development. By 1988 I was Head of Government Affairs and Business Strategy. These were the best years of my working life and I still have many friends from my time at BCal. There cannot be many companies which feel so much like a family.

John Richardson 01/01/17
Sadly John passed away on Christmas Day 2016 whilst in East Surrey Hospital. My sincere condolences go out to his Son and Daughter, his family, friends and former colleagues. John was an Licenced Aircraft Engineer in Hangar 5 with BCAL and BA, he concentrated on GE CF6 engine work at Laker before joining BCAL. He was in the RAF serving in Malaya doing stores drops and also served on RAF Sunderland flying boats. John's service was held on 20th January 2017 at Worthing Crematorium, Findon, West Sussex.

Simon Rickard 
I worked for BCAL 1973-1988, in Finance, Charter Sales, Advertising & Promotions, and the Southern Routes (Africa) Team. Great company to work for. Attending Sir Adams memorial service and the recent reunion evening brought back many memories. I have now retired from BA.

John Rickman  
Was in BCAL from 1973 to 1987 in various positions in sales and marketing in London, Gatwick, Liberia etc. Left when BA reared its ugly head. Joined a Lockheed company marketing computer flight plans (Dataplan) and a 24 hour flight ops department. Was eventually bought by Jeppesen. Went to AirData in similar situation. Then semi retired to the Institute of Directors in 1994. In December 2002 I fully retired and am now concentrating on my golf, trekking, garden, old cars etc. etc. Too busy to work ;-). BCAL for me was a lot of hard work, made lots of exciting fun by the challenges it provided and the people I came into contact with, both inside and outside of the company. We all had such a youthful attitude to life. No doubt it was the most enjoyable period of my career.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Simon Rickman  
Loved every second of working for BCAL, despite a daily commute from Shooters Hill in South East London. Worked in Leisure and Group Sales, where hard work and hard play were the order of the day. Doubtful if you are ever likely to find somewhere as good to work, which is a terrible thing to say as it was my first job!! I have since worked for some great airlines, JAT, ANA, Malaysia, EVA Air, and some really shocking ones.....you know who you are!! Living in Camberley, married, with two children, one at University, the other just starting secondary school, and of course, my lovely wife works for an airline. Love to hear from anyone from LAGS, meet up for a drink and a curry.

Tony Rider  06/09/11 Love to hear from any ex-BCal Engineers...

Dave Ridley 17/10/15
Sadly Dave has passed away after a long illness. Our sincere condolences go out to Dave's family, friends and former colleagues. Dave was a member of the Cargo team and he worked in the BCal Cargo sheds at London Heathrow.

June Rifkin 21/07/21
Sadly June passed away on 25th June 2021. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. June worked as a Stewardess, rising to become a Cabin Crew Trainer. In all some 22 years service. June's service was held on 27th July. June Remembered

Thelma Riggans  (nee Halse) 04/09/21
I joined the very new BCal in Jan. '72 and experienced the start of the horrors in Uganda on the VC10 before transferring to the B707 in August of the same year.  From there, I took part in the inaugural New York & Houston Schedule Services and spent so many happy hours in that first class galley!!  A marvelous week in Dublin led me to a very special experience on Paddy Zulu and eventually on to the DC10's.  My last flight at the end of 1980 was back to Hong Kong, bringing back so many happy memories of earlier B707 days!!  Over the last 40 years, I have continued to travel & live abroad, Africa, USA, Singapore, Sri Lanka & Dubai. Walter has finally retired from Emirates & we are now living in Brisbane.

Walter Riggans   15/09/21
Joined Caledonian Airways in 1966 at Prestwick when we had 1 x DC7 and 3 x Brits. Moved to Gatwick in 1969 and later served in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Nairobi, Lagos and Freetown. Best days of my life - so far! Then helped set up (and close down) Highland Express back at Prestwick before moving to SITA in Singapore for 11 years and then to Sri Lankan Airlines for 5 years in Colombo before landing in Dubai with Emirates and eventually retired in 2018. Still married to Thelma (Halse) who flew for 10 years and 'retired' as a Purser. We have two daughters, Emily and Sarah now both 'over 21' which is a really scary thought. The family is finally reunited in Brisbane where we all now live.

Nadine Riley  (nee Pritchard)
I joined B-Cal in November 1980.  Wonderful happy years.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.  I am still in touch with Sue Wright, Liz Mellor, Audrey McCluskey and Chris Carr.  Brilliant idea to set up this website

Colin Ripley
BCAL Pax Services LGW, Commuter Ops LGW, and finally Commercial division in Germany and Scandinavia till BA swooped. Good times and good colleagues. Great site for memories! Thanks.

Rhonda Rippenkroger-Matthews
It was so wonderful to see a picture of the British Caledonian aircraft. It brought back such wonderful memories. I worked at the Houston Airport for years and loved wearing my Kilt. Many Thanks for the Memories. Rhonda

Douglas Robert 06/12/15
Sadly Douglas passed away in East Surrey hospital on the morning of 6th December. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Maggie, family, friends and colleagues. Though not BCal staff he was quite famous in BCal days as the friendly face of HM Customs & Excise and was known to many BCal crews. Douglas accompanied Maggie on many trips from 1968 (his first trip being a 'surprise' appearance in Jeddah on the Hadj of that year) until Maggie's early retirement in 1997.

Barry Roberts   Barry was formerly a Duty Manager with BCal, sadly he passed away 2nd May 2000. Never forgotten by his family and friends.

George Roberts 07/05/18  Sadly George has passed away. Our thought are with his family and friends.

Sid Roberts 31/08/17
Sadly we have heard that Sid passed away, aged 78, on the 15th November 2016. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Sid was a Flight Engineer for BCal and was with the DC10 Fleet when he retired, he was FE on some of the last services from South America and first to fly as FE to the Middle East on the 10. His wife, Pauline Roberts (Nee Ingram) passed a few years ago sadly. His service was held in Swansea on 29th November 2016, close to where his remaining family live. Sid has moved to Wales after Pauline's passing.

Tony (Fella) Roberts    
Joined Caledonian Airways April 1968 in the ‘Nav Office’ transferred to Crewing via operations in 1969. Left in February 1970 with Stuart Goddard and Geoff ‘Gripper’ Ellis and we all Joined B.U.A. Crewing. (  In 1971 Cale took over BUA to eventually become B.Cal ) With the exception of  a six months secondment to Passenger Services, where I proudly wore the Tartan Jacket, I have and am still in Crewing/Rostering/Crew Control with B.A.. I remember those happy days at Gatwick when everyone involved in B.Cal  worked hard and played hard, much enjoying each other's company. I remember the days of the ‘Britannia’s’, our first Boeing.707 ‘TW’ affectionately called ‘Teeny Weenie’ followed closely by ‘KA’ ‘Kinky Arthur’, how many of you remember that. I remember George Bellamy who did one of the most spectacular fly-pasts in a 707 at Biggin Hill. So many memories, but I will always remember the day we went down the river Thames on a protest march, there standing on the forward deck of a pleasures craft with the B.Cal pipes and drums playing at full volume behind me. There were people cheering from the banks, women dancing on the balconies as we passed their flats. How proud I was to be working for B.Cal. ‘The Golden age of my Career’, that beautiful Lion emblazoned on each tail plane. Or as I remember what Capt Eric Rowley once said when he boarded his 1-11 one day after it had left the paint shop without the Lion on the tail, ‘ Someone has stolen my Golden Pussy ‘!! At 63 I should be retired but here I am still working along side Nick Crawford and Alan Boyce, also Martyn Gurton, other names from B.Cal’s past. Great website, and if anyone would like to contact me that remembers this OLD ‘Fella’ then please send an e-mail.

Duncan Robertson 01/01/12
I was a navigator from 1966 to 1974. Trained on DC4's on the Zambian Airlift, then on Britannia's. After that flew on VC10's and 707's. I left when the advent of the wide bodied aircraft, navigated by inertial systems, made navigators redundant.

Pauline Robertson (Webb as was)  
Just found your fantastic site and would like to say hello to Ab Initio 8 1971.  I was with BCal from April 1971 until December 1979 and have wonderful memories of the 1-11s, VC10s (ahhh the Queen of the Skies) 707s and the DC-10. So good to see the names from the past and would like to hear from anyone out there who remembers me (Avril M) .  A super airline to work for, never bettered!

Brian Robbins 22/07/15
Hunting Clan in "Traffic" 1957 - 1960 - LAP, Salisbury and Nairobi. Rejoined BUA "Traffic" 1962 at LGW, also worked on secondment in Bathurst (Gambia Airways) and Benghazi (Kingdom of Libya Airlines). Then onto BCAL, eventually ending up in Atlanta and continued to live in ATL after leaving BCAL for a total of 35 years before moving onto Southern California . Keep up the good work, Dave - a wonderful site!

Brian Robins  13/03/15
Just spent the last hour enjoying this excellent website. I joined BCAL in 1980 having come from BOAC/BA via Hoverlloyd. Was living in Toulouse during the merger and remained with BA until 2001. Still in the business but now in consultancy. Would like to hear from any old friends.

Anne Eleanor Robinson
Please can anyone who knows Anne, let her know David is looking for her. I am trying to contact Anne Eleanor Robinson - who joined BCAL in the early to mid 60's.........I understand she became CSD with the airline.....My name is David Turner and new Anne very well - but lost touch...At the time I was employed in radio production work......then moved to British Airways for 20 years prior to my retirement.... Anne was originally from Larne in Northern Ireland....we met in London (Cromwell Road area) around 1959/60........

Paul Robinson  An excellent website with some superb photographs

Tony Robinson   Sadly Tony passed away on 16th January 2005, our sympathies to his family, friends and forme colleagues. Tony's Guestbook entry read: I worked for BCAL from 1972 - 1986 in the advertising and promotions office and the memorabilia featured on your site, I remember producing! I also remember being with photographers taking most of the shots. I have just spent ages remembering so many names and good times. I actually met Barry Prior a couple of months ago. He has not changed at all. I could drop a few names that would mean something to some of you. Where are they: Chris Gilbert, Arthur Jamieson, Mike Booth, Lunchtime Boize, Deirdre Drewett, Sylvia Morant, Cynthia Roberts, Gordon Mason, Richard Havers etc? Without doubt, the happiest time of my working life. I have just found one or two old pieces of memorabilia in my loft when I moved house. My partner in life, Marion Evenden (now Cursons) was also at BCAL for a few years on the ticket desk at LGW). A small world eh? Good luck to anyone from that great time and thanks to Dave for keeping the nostalgia going.

Sue Robinson  09/08/19
Sadly Sue passed on 6th August 2019, aged 64. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Sue joined BCAL as cabin crew in 1976 and stayed with the airline until she retired from flying on health grounds in 2005, having completed almost 30 years of service with BCAL (and then BA). Sue's service was held on 6th September. Susan Remembered  Sue is placed slightly out of order so as to be next to her Father William Robinson below.

Captain William "Robbie" Robinson  26/09/18
Robbie passed away peacefully on 22nd September 2018. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.  Robbie had been battling cancer. Robbie's service was held on the 19th October, details and remembrances are here  Robbie Remembered

Pat Rogers 
I worked in Passenger Services at LGW from 1977 - 1982 and have some great memories. Moved out of the airline industry in 1983 but remained within the travel industry in various forms. I moved out to Dubai in 2005. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Edward "Eddie" Roocroft  02/10/15
Sadly Eddie, a former pilot with BUAF and BUA, passed away on the 5th September 2015 aged 91. Our sincere condolences go out to Eddie's family, friends and former colleagues. Eddie started his flying career with the RAF and flew 11 wartime Lancaster missions over Europe before becoming a civilian pilot when he left the RAF. Eddie also worked as a stunt pilot on the British film "A Man in the Sky" which used Bristol Freighters (Air Charter experience with B170s) and he also flew the lions to Africa for the filming of Born Free (BUA Africargo maybe). Eddie's service was held on 22nd September at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium. Eddie Remembered

John Roodt 06/09/21
Sadly John passed away in late August 2021. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. John was an integral part of Lusaka and was known to many crew and those who visited the station. John Remembered

Tony Roper  Sadly we learn that Engineering's Tony Roper passed away early in 2011.

Linda Roscoe (nee Houston)  14/12/15
Sadly Linda passed away on the 4th December 2015 after a very short illness. Linda and Alan had just travelled to their home in France when she was taken ill and a few days later she had gone. Fortunately Linda's daughters managed to fly from Australia and see her in time. My sincere condolences go out to Linda's family, friends and former colleagues. 

Linda's original crewroom entry:
I worked in passenger services at JFK in the seventies but probably most people would know me as Tom Houston's wife. He was in Ops and/or Station Manager in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, then at Glasgow and finally in Lusaka. We divorced a few years ago and I have since remarried. However, I made a lot of friends over the years and still keep in touch (amongst others) with John Harrison, Anna Reilly in YYZ, Mike Kidd who lives in San Hose, CA and I also bumped into Rohan Alce. It never fails to amaze me what a small world it is.

Lee Rose
What a great Company BCAL was...still miss those wonderful days...worked in Passenger services at LGW and moved to the ticket desk until that sad day!!!...Lots of happy memories. My father George also worked at CLAT and also my uncle Dave.....for me it was a real family airline....would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me!!....I am still at LGW with BA.....Flight Connections and Sales.. Best Wishes...and what a great website!!

Marjory Rose-Jacobson  26/09/18
Sadly Marjory passed away on Monday 24th September 2018, our sincere condolences go to her family, friends and former colleagues.

Ruth Rose  (Nee Lazenby)
My name was Ruth Lazenby (then Roberts, now Rose) joined BCal as junior stewardess in September 1978 left in June 1986.  Was on Ab Initio with Sue Carne, Leonora Giannandrea, Mark Wilcox, Bill McNab and more! Was lovely to see how many people have joined and remember quite a few names - Tony Roberts in Crewing, Graham Crewe, Phil Sinnott, Janice Friend, Avril Milne etc.  Still keep in touch with Brian (Our Brian) Clarke from Liverpool.  Now own and run a Bed and Breakfast near Southampton with my (latest husband!!) and two daughters and small son.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Jacqui Ross (Now Huxford) 
I flew for B-CAL from 1971 to 1975, it really was the best time ever, I have many happy memories.  I married Syd Welch in 1974 (Ground Staff) but we later parted company, Roy Dodd was the best man. I remarried but my husband died 5 years ago I have 2 children and live in Wales where I worked in a school as a Careers Adviser, until recently, the students were very impressed that I used to be an Air Hostess and it gave me a lot of 'Street Cred'.  I am now the Careers Adviser for children with Special Needs for Powys, I am still in touch with Mauren and Mike Booth but would love to hear from anyone who was around 71/75. Especially anyone who came to my wedding in Lincoln in 1974

Les Ross     BCAL Apprenticeship 1973-1977.  Great web page

John Rouse 07/01/14
Sadly John passed away early in the New Year, 2001. Our sincere condolences to John's family, friends and former colleagues. John worked in BUA Load Control as a Supervisor and later moved over to Ops Control as Ops Duty Officer. After retiring he lived in Spain before returning to the UK.

‘Rousey’ was one of the many real characters of BUA Load Control. His quips were legendary - one of the more memorable (and repeatable) ones I can recall was his oft-stated remark whenever he needed a ‘comfort break’ was “If anyone wants me, I’m in twap 2” recalls Jon Theobalds.

John first joined the Royal Navy (possibly to do National Service). He claimed that most of his time was spent playing football at which he became very proficient, eventually playing for the RN at the top level ! His father, Ted, worked for Transair at Croydon and it seems that John joined him there (prob circa 1958-9) and with several other long time stalwarts from there moved to Gatwick in 1960 at the very beginning of Freddy Laker’s BUA to Load Control doing loadsheets for the burgeoning airline. He rose to become a ‘two ringer’ supervisor, then moved into Operations as Duty Officer. Within BCAL John was eventually placed on the overseas stations list, serving in Lusaka, Zambia and on his return to LGW was made a ‘GOCON’ (Gatwick Operations Control Officer). After the demise of BCAL John worked for Gambia Airways (circa 1980-82), helping to promote tourism to the West African country. Moving to Spain in his retirement, John enjoyed proximity to Dave and Cherry Perkins, and Dave Ridgway, creating a small ex BCAL ‘enclave’ around the Torrevieja region. He returned to the UK some 5 years ago but slipped ‘off the radar’ and he enjoyed his own company living in a retirement home in the Crawley area.

Michael Rousseau 
Thank you for this opportunity to rekindle those happy days working with BCAL. I began in May 1975 with MT as a transport driver and soon after I was lucky enough to be chosen to drive the Mobile Sales Unit under secondment to the publicity department for a few years, which meant that I got to meet and work with so many truly wonderful people from UK and European out stations. It did not take me long to realise just how great BCAL was as it was all the staff that I met that made it great they were just awesome, this was BCAL at its best and I soon felt that I belonged here. I suppose my claim to fame must surely be my experience at one of the many Golfing Lions events that I had to attend, when I witnessed Sir Adam, Brian Barnes and several others including heads of states on stage performing that well known rugby song, "swing low sweet chariot", with the appropriate gestures, now!!!, Sir Adam swore me to secrecy about that "so,,, DO NOT TELL ANYONE I TOLD YOU OK.     Thank you Sir Adam, God bless you and thanks for allowing me into your BCAL family.

Peter Rowe (From Irene Rowe) 
Peter was originally a Red Cap at LGW then EDI.  Peter worked for Saturn and American supplemental for a while - then after we got married (Peter's friend and best man was called Tony Realff); Peter then went into airfreight where he stayed until his death in 1993. We spent two years in Kuwait in Airfreight.

Irene Rowe
As for me, I worked in the city office of BUA in Glasgow - then transferred to flying at Gatwick with BUA in 1968.  Left to go to fly for BOAC about the merger of Caledonian and BUA. I was a Miss Scotland for BUA and attended the BUA Ball at Derry and Toms Rainbow Room I recall in about 1967 or 1968 - what memories! Our eldest son is a Senior First Officer with BA on 747s; Peter would have been so proud. His brother is in admissions for Universities and very much like his Dad!

Andy Rozumski   Very good website ...brings back old memories. Worked for BUA from Sept 1969, then BCAL after merger and finally for BA after take over. Now working for BAA Gatwick.

Pat Ruffles 08/05/21
Sadly Pat, an Engineer, passed away on 4th May 2021 at East Surrey Hospital. My sincere condolences to his wife Gwen, daughter Mandy, family, friends and former colleagues.
Pat's service was held on 1st June - Pat Remembered

John Rumph  29/07/15
I joined BCAL in September 1973 (the 10th I think ) as a steward. I moved to BA when they took over and retired in April 2006 as a CSD. 15 years with BCAL and 18 years with BA.

Eddie Rumsey  01/06/13
Joined Caledonian Airways in late 1969 based at Gatwick as a loadmaster on Britannia's 312/314 aircraft also on B707-320C's before finally working in load control British Caledonian. Moved to Monarch Airlines where I spent the remainder of my aviation career. Retiring after 28years in their service. Based in Berlin,Canary Islands and finally became their base manager in Manchester.

I often reflect on my years based at Gatwick and consider it a privilege to have worked with so many wonderful people and such a great airline. Now retired and living on the west coast of Scotland, enjoying life but unfortunately playing golf badly.

Ted Runciman  07/02/22
Like so many of the entries on the site I came across this following an article in the National Press and what memories it brings back, so many names I remember, Bunny Mason, Capt Hack, Finlay Jones, Peter Nettlefold, Mike Pettit, Lyn Povey,  Roy Sexton, Tony Cocklin, Colin Stovel and especially Pino Torricelli at Glasgow where we were both young Traffic Officers in the late 60's with BUA.  I moved to PIK to help start the trans-Atlantic scheduled flights as a Duty officer and also spent time overseas on relief duty as Station Manager in Bahrain and Tunis and was just about to take over at Nairobi when I was made redundant in the big cut of 1974. However that never took away my love of BCAL and aviation and they were indeed the times remember not just with a smile but a big grin  at all the memories and all the wonderful colleagues I worked for 7 years.  Changed professions and went into HR now work for an International construction consultancy and get to fly round our world wide network but no airline does it the way BCAL did. Kind regards to all who may remember me.

Andrew Rusack   Worked for Caledonian/BUA in Edinburgh

Captain Arthur Rusk
Arthur flew with BUA, as a Captain on BAC 1-11s and also VC-10s. He passed in April 1990, aged 73. In 1966, whilst flying for BUA he was selected to fly a BAC 1-11 (300/400) for the British Aircraft Corporation on a worldwide trip, part of the promotional sales tour for the new aircraft. Phase 1 saw them fly to and around North & Central America, Phase 2 was the Far East and Phase 3 was South America, Arthur flew as part of the team on all three phases. All in all, 150,000 miles was flown over the course of the tour.

Brian Russell     Joined Cale LGW 1969. God we had some fun didn’t we? Homesick for all those wonderful days and people. Overseas since 1980. Now in Canada.

Derek Russell  17/07/17
With BCAL from 1973 to 1988 at Gatwick and overseas - delighted to find out about the web site as I have been trying to find out about any reunions. I spent the time since leaving BCAL in the Caribbean and am now back in the UK so would love to hear from any former colleagues. BCAL was the best!

John Rutherford
Started in the Ramp in 1968 and went on to work in Operations and after the so called buy out with BUA did Operations, Ramp and Catering.Made redundant from XL Airways in 2008 and worked part time as night porter in a local hotel. Retirement has now arrived (07/2014) and all things be equal I will go and live in the Pacific North West USA, where I have some business interests. Always remember working from the South Pier and then across to the North, happy days.  (02/09/16) Well at long last we have now emigrated to the USA, currently in rental accommodation in Tumwater Washington. We waiting for our new house to be built.

Andy Ryder 04/11/15
Sadly Andy passed away following a long fight with cancer. Our deepest sympathies go put to Andy's family, friends and former colleagues. Andy was a BCAL Engineer, initilally on Base Maintenance and later Line Maintenance. After the takeover by BA Andy left to pursue other positions in Civil Aviation and at the time of his passing he was a Surveyor with the CAA. Andy's service was held on 12th November at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.

Captain John D. Ryder
John passed away peacefully on Thursday 25th October 2012, our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. John's service was held on 12th November 2012 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.

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