Nigel Quiney 23/01/15
I joined in 1979 as a Airframe/Engine Technician in Hangar 3 and continued in base maintenance until 1982 where upon I moved down to the line on Shift 4. Such happy days, and I repeat what I have read on the website that those years were the best and most formative of my career.
I left in 1984 to become an expat in Saudi Arabia with Saudia. I did this for 2 years and then came back to Gatwick to work for Dan Air.

Cathy Quinn
I joined Caledonian Airways at the end of May 1970, This was when Caledonian had the charter for Qantas. So the start of my flying I was off to Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumper and Karachi. Along with a few other hosties, I spent an interesting evening stapling press statements together telling of the take-over of BUA. This was in Sussex House Crawley, so we all ended the evening with drinks, excitment and a little sorrow before the news was relesed the next morning. I left BCAL in August 1986. I still fell very lucky to have worked for this wonderful company at the best time. I look forward to the 40th reunion, and remember the 10th at the Brighton Center. I am now a director of a property company, but I still travel a lot, but most of the time by ship (I never learned to pack light).

Rita Quinn  08/02/24  Rita Remembered
Sadly we learn that Rita has passed away, my sincere condolences out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Rita's original crewroom entry from 2018, I joined BUA in 1968 and left the newly formed British Caledonian in 1987. Orginally joined the Cabin Services Training Dept., was a Route Controller and then a Cabin Staff Supt., the last period of my time was in Marketing. All in all, an interesting and enjoyable time.

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