Alan Painter  26/03/15  
Sadly Alan passed away on Wednesday 25th February 2015, whilst in Guys Hospital; London. My deepest condolences to Alan's wife Brenda, his family, many friends and former colleagues. I was fortunate enough to meet Alan on a few occaisions over the years and also to visit his home to talk BCal and a warm welcome was always extended. Alan Remembered

Neil Pakey  16/10/14
I joined BCAL as a temp in 1979 at Prestwick and stayed until 1984. Although we only had a weekly Guttersloh flight and the BR568 707 freighters from IAH, we were also a top handling agent for many of the Canadian airlines like Wardair and Worldways as well as Flying Tigers on the freight side. Several of our ground staff went on to fly from Gatwick; others transferred locally. My mate Garry Burns went onto ATC at Prestwick and Paul Hunter later flew with Airtours last I knew. Other names that spring to mind include Jackie Burns, Dorothy Harding, Tricia Welsh (Young), Craig Hunter, May Horton (who was BA groundstaff in EDI till last year or so), Mary Wilson, Nick Duck, Lyn Valentine, Shona Ritchie, Fiona, Gillian, Carole……..apols if I have missed you! Alex Boyd was our Duty Officer with Craig Hunter snr our Station Manager. I went onto work with Air Seychelles for a bit but largely I have spent my post-BCAL years on the airports side.

Dennis Palmer
   26/07/15  I was an Engineer from 85 to the the BA takeover in 88. Still with BA at Gatwick.

Linda Palmer  17/06/24  Linda Remembered
Sadly we learn that Linda passed away on 16th June 2024, my sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Linda joined BUA in 1966, taking early retirement from BCal in 1986 when she was a Senior Flight Hostess on the DC10 fleet. Linda's crewroom entry from 01/09/16 : Just discovered the web site. I worked for BUA, joining in 1966 with my sister Renee, then of course with dear old Caledonian. A few years later, another sister, Elvina joined. I left in 1986 after 20 years, and remember all the happy times with great nostalgia. I still have my uniform and golden lion tie pin! Our airline was unique, and we always kept to the saying 'we never forget you have a choice'. I was proud to be part of the team.

Sylvia Pannell (nče Wigley)  16/08/16
Sadly Sylvia passed away on 11th August 2016 after a long illness. She was the wife of Tony Pannell a long-serving manager with BUA and then BCAL. My sincere condolences go out to Tony, their family, friends and former colleagues. However Sylvia also had her own career within the airline and its predecessors. Sylvia operated as a ‘Number One’ and was known affectionately back in the day as ‘Wiggles’. She joined Hunting Clan in 1956; later moving to Gatwick after they merged with Airwork to become British United Airways. Sylvia operated as a ‘Number One’. Sylvia's service was held on 24th August 2016. Sylvia Remembered

Tony Pannell  16/07/18
Joined Transair in 1959 at the New Gatwick Airport, became British United thence British Caledonian, remained until BA takeover. Worked in ground services, overseas contracts. Sales and marketing in UK and Liberia and Zambia thence to BCAL Helicopters and finally to Caledonian Aviation Services. Since then have been self employed as a consultant, finally in partnership with a Swedish colleague working in Denmark. I retired and moved to Devon (Paignton) some 4 years ago. My late wife Sylvia (nee Wigley) was an ex Hunting Clan and BUA airhostess. Kindest regards to all old friends and colleagues

Simon Parnell
I was with BCAL engineering at Gatwick from August 1983 until the end. Moved on to BA, Caledonian, Flying Colours and now JMC. Still see some old faces around the airport from time to time. Best wishes to everyone.

Bob Parker
Sadly Bob passed away on 8th April 2011 after a short illness, our sincerest condolences to Bob's family and friends. His service was held at Eastbourne Crematorium on Tuesday 19th April 2011.

Hazel Parker  (now Wilkins)  05/08/15
I worked for BCAL and might I add the best years of my early life. I left school in 1964 and after 3 months of working in a local shop in Crawley town Centre I applied to BCAL and pleased to say I was successful. I was at BCAL for 15 years and only left due to expecting our first child. My first job was Pre-listing all the Airline tickets from Travel Agents i.e Thomas Cook and American Express in the Group Revenue Department headed by Ken Cope. Then I became Ken's Assistant moving on then to working with Fred Mitchell.

During my time I also ran the Wingspan Sports and Social Club and Captain/Organiser and founder of the first ever Netball team. Those good old days playing Netball in the freezing weather with the loaders looking on and cheering us along. The Airline gave authority for a Netball Pitch to be marked out by the Hanger so we could enter the league. I cant see that happening now!!! We travelled all over representing BCAL in our little tartan kit along with frilly knickers lol.

As I said the Good Old Days and how things have changed and I can still remember the old Terminal and the Greasey Spoon Staff Canteen. I returned to the Airport after quite a few years and have only just left on 26 May 2015 after another 9 years but not so my fun!!  It was great looking at the website and I remember Sir Adam Thompson who was a really nice man

Ivan Parrilla
British Caledonian Airways was the first airline I ever worked for and I have great memories of the people and the company. I worked for BCAL from Sep. 1981 to some point in 1987 (in San Juan and Houston). If anyone has info on Vivienne Anne Bissett (I hope I spelled her name right). She worked at Newcastle Upon Tyne for BCAL and I would love to get in contact with her again. The last time I saw her was April 1983.

Mark Parsons  02/02/21
Sadly Mark has passed away. Mark worked in Crew Scheduling and was well liked. He had retired to Goa and was loving his life in retirement. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Mark Remembered

Michela Pasta  15/08/15
I joined BCal at Charles de Gaulle airport in 1986. I had always dreamed of working for an airline and Phil Baker, the Station Manager, trusted me enough to give me my chance. I'll allways remember those 2 years I spent with BCal before the takeover, with affection, pride and grattitude. I'm still in an airline, and love it, but it dosen't feel the same as with BCal.

Ron Paterson  (work email)     Home Email    
I joined BCal at EDI in Dec 1976 (from Servisair so I only had to step over the baggage belt to change offices). I was interviewed initially by Peter Steel who right up to retiring reminded me that it was all his fault! A great guy. Worked for Neil Warringer - also in the pics. I have lots of happy memories of EDI as it was a great place to work and there were some fantastic people to work (and play) with. I used to hoon around on motorbikes with Brian Aitchison, fix cars in the cargo shed with Jack Williams and hang around in the workshops with the engineers - Alan Cairns, Andy Band, the two Georges and Fred Kirk were stalwarts and taught me a lot about spanners! Anybody remember Pat Hoey ?? 

I eventually moved to Load Control LGW in Oct '84. I had a stint in Training where I again worked with Brain Aitchison until he went overseas and I moved to Aircraft Dispatch in Apr '88 (BA merger). I then moved around from Ops to Aircraft Services, to Passenger Services and culmintated in Manager Central London Terminals. I jumped ship from BA in 2000 and worked for another company at LGW until Sep '01 when the business was decimated. I now work in local government managing the road safety team for West Sussex which might come as a shock to anyone who remembers me on bikes in the seventies ! I'm still riding bikes and amongst others still have the one I owned when I was at EDI. I live 10 miles away from Brian Aitchison (is he following me?). Brian is also still active with motorbikes and we're even planning a trip to Scotland in June. Eventually married Angela McConville (check out that pic from the town office !) and we have a 17 year old daughter who's at college but now looking at Uni and already costing me a fortune. Would like to hear from anyone who has memories of EDI.

Jim Patrick
Joined Caledonian 1970, Flight Watch Sussex House. Moved to Crewing for 8 years then into Cargo Sales Based in Manchester. Bailed out with the merger, took the money and went Flying Commercially. Been with Air UK/KLM Cityhopper for 14 years operating from North of England. Its great to see all those familiar names.  Hope to hear from some of you now I have discovered this site

Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz
In 1979 worked for BCAL in CCS for a short time. I had worked for BOAC, which became BA,  but when I re-joined it was BCAL but same staff. I moved back to the US and since 1982 I have been in California.

Carlos Paulo  22/12/19
Started in 1973 as an Airframe/Engine Apprentice. Had to endure a week of ‘Buck’ Ryan lecturing us on what to expect. Great Apprenticeship, even better friends, from playing football against BA and Dan Air Apprentices to doing ‘doughnuts’ around a car park in Worthing with Carl Traynor and Dick Slaney. Got my DC10 Approval in 1980, worked in Hangar 5 and Hangar 3, left in 1982 for MAS. Stayed there for 2 years, came back and thanks to Bill Kerr got my old job back. Happy days in Hangar 5 till the ‘takeover’, things weren’t the same I am sorry to say. Lots of great people had their ‘spark’ removed, finally left in May 1989 for Australia. As I  look,  I see all those familiar names in the Guest Book and memories fill my head full of funny stories and snapshots of moments. I wish everyone the best and a long healthy life. Those memories will never be lost, I just wonder - what if?

Mike Payne 27/01/12
Returned to the UK from Florida and now living in Bratton Clovelly, Devon. My aviation career started in 1954 with Aden Airways as a Engineering Trainee, working on DC3 aircraft, a great back round which generated my enthusiasm for the airline world. Next 5yrs in the RAF, then British Eagle, BUA, BCAL, BA and finally Caledonian Charter. (Total 47yrs) Retired in 2001. My fondest memories will always be the BCAL years and my engineering colleagues during that time.

Rhoda Pearman

I joined BUA in January 1971 - a day I will never forget. British Caledonian took BUA over so hence I became a Caledonian girl. I am still flying with British Airways and have been based at LHR for the last eight years. Looking forward to meeting up with you all at the next Reunion.

Noel Peazold   16/4/13   Just to say how mush I enjoyed my time working for such a great company 1964 - 1997. Nice to see some old friends names.

Cherry Perkins formerly Wells (nee Sparks)
Ex-colleagues will remember me, having joined BUA in 1964 and was secretary to John Grant/Mike Reynolds/Derek Richardson/Vic Sheppard in Passenger Services, then onto Cabin Services with Roy Roffler, from where I retired in 1982 when Dave was posted to Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I regret to report that Dave passed away in January 2007, having been suddenly taken into hospital whilst we were in our holiday home in Spain. He had a heart by-pass, which led to complications and, regrettably, he did not recover. I have had two years now to come to terms with my loss and continue living in Spain, having recently met a nice, understanding, man. . My maiden name was Sparks and then Wells after my first marriage. Dave and I were married in 1982, having been together since 1976, Pleased to hear from all friends.

Dave Perkins 
Sadly Dave passed away in January 2007, having been suddenly taken into hospital whilst with his wife Cherry at the family holiday home in Spain. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Dave's original Crewroom entry : "Great site to view and to find old friends. I joined Channel Airbridge 1961 at Southend, transferred to Gatwick Ops BUA/BCAL, passenger services. Overseas postings inc BRU LOS BAH DFW ROB. Took early retirement in 1988."

Marie Petit (later Day) 31/03/23
Sadly we learn that Marie Day (nee Petit) passed away on 30th March 2023, aged 91. Marie was - ex Training and LGW Ticket Desk. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Marie Remembered

Mike Pettit 03/08/22
Great to stumble across this. I worked on the ground for BCAL from day one to the very end. Started with the original Caledonian Airways in 1968 (Sussex House, Crawley) and was Airport Manager Lagos when taken over by BA.

Anne Phillips (nee Marriot) 29/02/16
Sadly Anne passed away on 28th January after a sudden downturn in her health. Anne was married to Jim Phillips and they had lived in South America for many years. My thoughts are with Anne's family, friends and former colleagues. Anne's service was held in Rio de Janeiro on 4th March 2016. Anne Remembered.

Caron Phillips (nee Holman)
[Alias 'Aunty'] joined Feb 77 into PAX services. Went on to become an acting asst supervisor, charter control, cashiers and finally scheduling. I left in March 93. Married cabin crew member Dave Phillips and we now have 1 son. Even today I still miss the people I worked with. What a great airline we worked for and if i had the chance to do it all again the answer would be 'YES PLEASE'.  Thanks everyone for some great memories.

Dave Phillips  04/12/11
I joined BUA as a Redcap in Service Control in April 1969 having sought a short term 'fun job'
after an apprenticeship in Crawley. In August 1970, I became a steward with Caledonian flying on Britannias and 707s for Hadj flights, Australian immigrants, horse freighters in addition to the tourists. Can anyone beat my 132 round trips to Houston, [mostly with BCAL], on the 707, Paddy Zulu, and of course the DC10. I retired [from BA] in Oct 2009. It really was a great way to earn a living, especially the BCAL bit with the 'work hard, play hard' culture. BCAL was and still is highly respected. It gave me an unexpected opportunity to visit many corners of the world with fantastic people on and off the plane. Definitely a lifestyle to be envied. It's great to brouse the guestbook and galleries.

Captain David "Flash" Phillips 23/05/16
Sadly David passed away aged 91 on 8th May 2016; my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. He is survived by his wife Eve, 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Captain Phillips was born to fly and held a flying licence until his 80th birthday, accumulating 31,037 flying hours in a long list of commercial and light aircraft. A Thanksgiving service was held in June 2016 - David Remembered

Lesley Phillips 16/05/12
I was an Air Hostess with BUA on VC10 and BAC1-11's starting in 1967. I have some photos to share. Remember a long haul charter down through Africa and on to Colombo and many other great trips also.

Neil Phillips 20/09/17
Sadly Neil has passed away. Our sincere condolences to Neil's wife Alison, their family friends and Neil's former colleagues. Neil was a Chief Steward on BCal's DC10 fleet. Neil's farewell was held on Friday 22nd September 2017 at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium. There was a gathering to remember Neil at the Heathy Farm Inn afterwards

Roger Phillips   01/11/08
I served with BUA then BCAL in R & D Dept originally with Alistair Pugh, Des Mansfield, Ken Waterman, Frank Skinner, Ranald Noel Paton etc then moved to Interline in '71 with Bill Rothera, Pat Barrass, Liz Holiday, Jane Archer, Brian Mitchell and others. I went out to Gulf Air in July '75 to take over from Bill in Gulf Air where I stayed for 16 years, greeting a lot of ex BCAL people over the years. I went to my first reunion last Friday (13th Oct) and was overwhelmed by how many of those present I recognised and was recognised by! Time seems to have stood still. It was a very happy evening and my thanks to Audrey and Diedre for all their efforts. I welcome any contact from former colleagues, both from within BCAL and our Interline contacts, here's to the next reunion!

Jose Pinto   01/06/15
I joined BCAL in Rio Airport in 1976 as a Check-in Agent. In 1985 BA took over. In 1987 I moved to Lisbon, still with BA, as a C.S.Supervisor, Duty Manager and finally, Airport Manager from 2009 till 2013. All in all, I have been 39 years in the industry (started with TAP in Mozambique in 1974). It has been an unforgetable trip and I still keep in touch with colleagues from the Rio years. Congratulations for this site !

Sue Pipe (became Sue Webb) 19/03/17
Sadly Suzanne was killed, aged 64, in a tragic riding accident on 4th March 2017, my sincere condolences go out to her mother Sheila, Sue's husband Peter and their son Chris, family, friends and former colleagues. Sue joined BCal as cabin crew in 1973 and flew until 1983, rising to Senior Hostess and was also selected as crew on a 1980 Royal Flight carrying The Queen and Prince Philip. A memorial service for Sue was held on 21st April, Sue Remembered

Janet Pitt (now Simmons) 26/04/14
I joined in March 1973 and did the AB Initio course; Rita Quinn and June Rifkin were the trainers. After 18 wonderful years of flying with amazing people I left BA in 1991.  I married Flight Engineer Andy Anderson. I am now living in Florida, and have fond memories of those wonderful days with BCAL!!!  If anyone remembers me, please feel free to get in touch.

Mike Platt
Worked in Sales for BCAL from around 74 to 80 both in the UK and Zambia.  Had some great times and met some great people. Part of my heart will always be in BCAL. Now I am MD of BTI UK sometimes known as Hogg Robinson a Business Travel Agency.

Tony Plumridge  13/02/19
Sadly Tony passed away on Monday 11th February, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Tony, who joined BUA, worked all over the world and trained many staff worldwide. He was a great friend to the website, and sent many interesting emails over the years. He will be missed. Tony's service was held on 6th March 2019, details and messages here Tony Remembered

Tony's crewroom entry from 29/07/15  Having looked after BUA in Tenerife for 2 years in the early 60’s, I joined BUA in 1964 at Gatwick, starting in Load Control. After moving on to Reception (as it was called in the 60’s), I became involved in the first LGW Passenger Agents training courses, and was in the Training Department for the next 10 years, as we crossed from BUA to B.CAL. As B.CAL expanded, I trained staff in CCS, BOG, RIO, SAO, BUE, LOS, KAN, NBO; and then helped set up new station staff in USA at IAH, DFW, STL.  On leaving Training, I transferred to CDG for 2 years, followed by 2 years in SPL.  When B.CAL left us, I joined BA in the Lost Baggage office, finally retiring in 1999.  I consider I was very fortunate to work in BUA and B.CAL at the height of expansion in the airline business, when it really was so enjoyable to work alongside great colleagues, in a job one could be genuinely proud of.

Jim Pockett 14/09/22    Jim Remembered
Sadly Jim passed away recently a few days after his 90th birthday celebrations. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Jim worked for 17 years in the Equipment Handling Department.

Paolo de Pol August 2010
Paolo was the former GM of the Copthorne Hotel and has sadly passed away after a short illness in hospital.
Paolo managed the Copthorne in the 1970s/early 1980s when it was part-owned by BCAL. He was very much part of the BCAL team and well-known to many people in the airline.

Robert (Bob) Pomroy  29/03/22.  Bob Remembered
Sadly we have heard that Bob has passed away. Sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bob's original crew room entry: Joined as an apprentice with BU(CI)A in Jersey in 1963 . Transferred to Gatwick as a fitter thanks to Mr Bristow in 1968. Continued with BUA until taken over over by Caledonian and remained in service with BCAL and BA eventually as a LAE until taking early retirement October 2003.

Derek Poole 25/06/16
Sadly Derek has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Derek who lived in Dorking, used to work in BCal Cargo at Gatwick, and later with the MT department.

Peter Popp   29/07/15
I worked for BCAL cargo at JFK 1985 great airline, great people I recall now how proud I was to work for such a great company. I will always have great memories of my days with BCAL. My family and I just returned from a wonderful summer by the ocean enjoying each other and our new God daughter as well as fantastically fresh sea food and some excellent wines..but it was also most enjoyable to be able to have a couple of warm and nostalgic conversations with old colleagues...all in all a great summer.

John Potter 10/04/16
My name is John Potter, staff number 65056,  and I joined BCAL. in June 1976 as cabin crew. I am still flying out of Gatwick as a CSD on long haul with BA. BCAL was best airline to fly with and was a great family to belong to.

Lyn Povey (nee Wilson)   Hi there, I am an ex cale stewardess circa 1968 - 1973. Remember with particular fondness the uniforms and the unbeatable VC10. Would love to hear from other old Cale girls.

Charles Powell  07/11/11  I worked for BCAL for 17 years. Good info you are producing

Karol Powrie (now Kane)  09/03/13
I joined in 1971 and left in 1980, I was on the same training course as Coreen O'Flaherty and I remember most of the girls on the course.  I also remember Brian Morgan. I had fond memories of Brian, he was such a sweetie.

Captain Edward "Eddie" Pratt
Sadly Eddie passed away on 14th August 2015, aged 91. He had missed Pauline, his wife, terribly since her passing in a few months earlier in June 2015.  Our sincere condolences to the family. Both Eddie and Pauline will be sadly missed by their children, Sandra, David and Joanna. Eddie flew for Hunting-Clan, BUA and finally as a 707 Captain with BCal. 

Pauline Pratt   25/06/15
Sadly Pauline, a former BCAL Auntie, passed away on the 24th June 2015. Pauline was 92 years old and was survived by her 3 children Sandra, David and Joanna. Our sincere condolences go out to family, friends and former colleagues. Eddie, her husband, was heartbroken and passed away shortly after Pauline (see his entry above)

Clare Price (now McBain-Williams) 27/03/11
Joined CRC from ATC in 1985, worked in Cally House till 1986, when I joined Bag Facs. Throughly enjoyed that ,then joined the Commuter Ops team and was there till the merger. Stayed with BA till 1998 when I took VR. Married to Mark who was F/O on 1-11, then 747. He went on to his command on the -400 with BA but also took VR last year. Lovely to see all these old pics.

Laurie Price 08/09/18
Sadly we learn that Laurie passed away peacefully on 7th September 2018 with his family close-by. My sincere condolences go out to his wife
Barbara, son's Matthew and Alex, his family, friends and former colleagues. Laurie had been battling cancer for eight years. He was in no pain, and passed peacefully with his family at his side. Laurie's service was held on 25th September, his remembrance messages here - Laurie Remembered

Laurie's original crew room entry: The spirit of BCAL lives on in all those that worked for the company. The former BCAL team, affectionately known as the BCAL mafia or "CALE NOSTRA" provide a quite amazing network. Long may it continue. With best wishes to all my former colleagues.

Barry Proctor  28/07/21
Sadly Barry passed away in May 2021. Barry had long been a good friend of the BCal website and he was a regular at the BUA Traffic reunions. I am sure many will have fond memories. Barry Remembered

Betty Prothero-Thomas 17/12/18
Sadly Betty has passed away, our sincere condolences go out to John, their family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Betty PT looked after JPT for a very long time and was known to quite a number of people particularly in John's area of Planning and also Marketing. JPT himself was of course a popular and respected Planning Director.  Betty's service was held at on Tuesday 8th January 2019 at Guildford Crematorium. Anyone who wishes to do so may make a donation to any charity in Betty’s name. A reception, was held in the nearby Tithe Barn at Loseley Park after the service to remember Betty.

John Prothero-Thomas (JPT) 19/10/20
It is with sadness we learn that John, widely known as JPT, passed away on 15th October 2020. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. John's area of expertise was Planning & Marketing, and he was Planning Director, and he was popular and well liked. Sadly John's wife, Betty, passed in 2018. John Remembered

Alan Proudfoot  
I worked in Purchasing at Gatwick from the early 80's through to the merger but left as I decided to return to Scotland. This forced a move away from the airline industry but I ended up being a customer for the next twenty years travelling all over the world. Oh that BCal still existed during those years. No-one else came close to the service BCal provided. I am retired now and live most of my life in Spain but it is funny that whenever I am asked what I did during my working life the first thing I mention is the time with BCal. It was too short but I enjoyed almost every minute. If there is anyone out there from Purchasing or anyone who remembers me please get in touch.

Graham Provan 25/10/15
Sadly Graham passed away on Monday 19th October 2015. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Graham was an Instrument (Avionics) Supervisor in Base Engineering and was very well known to all in Engineering recalls friend and former colleague Keith Dagwell. Graham's service was held on 17th November. Graham Remembered

Alastair Pugh 07/03/19
Sadly Alastair Pugh, former Managing Director and Executive Vice-Chairman of British Caledonian Airways, has passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his family, many friends and colleagues. Alastair collapsed at home after a day out racing his classic car last weekend and passed on 6th March 2019, in East Surrey Hospital. He was 90 years old. I had met Alastair a few times over the years, a great source of advice and friend to the site. He also helped with the book and kindly wrote the foreword for it. He had an indomitable spirit, and I felt that not much would stand in his way. A Thanksgiving Service was held on 23rd March 2019; Alastair Remembered

William Puk 
How can anyone who worked for BCal ever forget that wonderful company and the wonderful people who worked for it. Great times, great people. I joined BCal in 1972 in Flights Costs, and left in 1991 as Manager Western Cape in Cape Town where I still live with my wife Suzanne. I'd love to hear from anyone who knew me for a catch up.

Lorna Pyke
(now Turner) 09/01/11
I joined BCal in April, 1986 and 2 years later became BA after the merger. I went to LHR after 9/11 and still really love flying and the crews I fly with but miss the LGW days! I'm living in Somerset with my husband and our 2 beautiful labradors, working part time.

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