Stephanie O'Connor (now Hawkey)  30/03/15
I worked at BCAL between 1978 - 1981. I worked in both passenger services landside, airside and as cabin crew on the Airlink. I took part in the 900th Anniversary of Charlwood where the Airlink did flights for the celebrations, which I took part by being cabin crew on the day.

Coreen O'Flaherty (now Wilcox)  25/07/15
I joined Caledonian Airways as ground staff 1969-1972. Cabin crew 1972-1989 BCAL/BA. Great years... but the reason I was prompted to add my name to guestbook was because while watching Pope Benedict board his Alitalia flight from Birmingham to Rome on BBC News channel tonight it brought back fond memories of that memorable flight when we flew Pope John-Paul from Cardiff to Rome in May 1982 on board BCAL B707 after his historical flight to UK. After landing in Rome we were delighted to be presented to Pope John Paul and have our photos taken by Vatican photographer. I just wanted to say hello to my ex colleagues on that flight ... Happy memories of a flight of a lifetime!

Roger Olden  12/07/13
I joined BCal as an Engineering Supervisor in August 1977 from BOAC/BA who I had joined on leaving the RAF in April 1969. The change was like a breath of fresh air. My new colleagues in the Engineering Department displayed a pride in the company and work ethos which was sadly lacking in BA. Expertise, job interest and overall technical competence were clearly evident. During 1983 I moved from base to the ramp as an Assistant Station Engineer Avionics. I stayed on after the "Take Over" in 1988 (It was NOT a merger) and left BA in January 2000. Of my 31 years in civil aviation the years at BCal were without doubt the most enjoyable and I would'nt have missed any of them for the world.  Roger had a DC10 model made, its a super model, see it here   Roger's DC10 Model

Judith Oliemans (now Tarry) 
Great site! I flew with BCal from 1978 till 1986, what a fantastic time it was. After that I got married (got divorced last year) and raised three children, Nikita, Tiana and Jake. We lived in Spain and Holland, where I am still living now, north of Amsterdam. Through your site I was reunited with my very best friend after 18 years, Sally Lewis; like seeing family again. Also got in touch with a few others, so thank you for the site!

Christine Onslow  22/02/21
Sadly we have heard that Christine passed away a few days ago (Feb 2021) after a battle with cancer. Christine was flew cabin staff. Sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues.

Lydia Oreegal  (using my sons email) 23/09/22
updated email
Hello I worked with BCAL in Caracas from '77 to '85 at that time of the merger I continued to work for BA and presently work for them at JFK. I would love to hear from anyone.

Robert (Bob) Orridge  
My son found this site months ago and is fed up with passing messages from old friends. I Joined Transair in 1960 and spent 28 years at Gatwick with BUA and BCAL mainly in Operations Control as well as overseas postings. A Fine web site and a great way of finding old colleagues from the Best Airline ever !

John Osborne  26/01/15
Sadly John passed away on Monday 26th January 2015.  John was General Manager in the Commercial Division, working under Peter Smith. John Remembered

Paul Osborne   Great to see so many familiar names from the good old days, so much fun without the hassle. Would love to hear from any one who remembers Sue and I .

Sue Osborne
Great site - it gave me a lump in the throat. Those were the days, there will never be another BCAL so it's really good that someone has taken the time to compile this site. I guess there are a lot of people who have the same fond memories of the company. Keep the memory alive !

Terry Osbourne  28/06/11
Sadly Terry has passed away. Terry was Maintainance Planning Manager and will have been known to many. Our condolences go out to Terry's family and friends.

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