Iain Lachan   (Work
I joined BCAL in 1975 as an Engineering technician Apprentice remaining until the end. I had many colleagues and friends whom I have sadly lost touch with and many questions to ask. I look forward to making acquaintances with all who had a real passion for the company and the history it created. It was a unique experience and will live as very many happy memories.

Dale E Lakin   17/08/17
Sadly Dale passed on 16th August, and our sincere condolences go out to his friends, family and former colleagues. Dale, formerly BCAL Regional Sales Manager S.E.USA was based in Atlanta. He worked with Trevor Warburton who recalls Dale; "A funny and experienced man, who I enjoyed working with. I kept in touch with him ever since the BA takeover. Condolences to him family. RIP "Del Boy" A "Fine Airman"  indeed." Dale's original crewroom entry : I worked for BCal in IAH and ATL between 1981-1988 .I am looking to hear from former employees.

Christopher Lamb 
It seems a very long time ago but I joined Caledonian in 1963/4 having been personally interviewed by Sir Adam in an office above a bakers [might have been a butchers] shop in Horley. I recall doing all sorts including flight plans, load sheets and making tea from a freezing cold office at the end of the sole finger at Gatwick. Moved across to Dan-Air after a while doing load sheets for Ambassadors and something to do with newspapers on a Derby Airways DC-3 / C-47? Long periods at the Gatwick Aero Club [Vic and Chris Townsend] and names spring to mind - Adelaide Campbell, Jeannie Rayside and especially Bob Norris whom I would love to renew contact. I recall that he moved to Mallorca from Warninglid.

Graham Lambert  19/01/14
I joined in october 1979,worked in Hangar 3, then Hangar 1, then joined ground maintenace / then down to the south terminal  / then on to the north terminal, onto Hangar 7 ,then up to LHR until 2003, I just loved the four on four off shift patterns.

Jane Lambert  04/07/15
I was with British Caledonian from 1982 - some of the most exciting years of my life. In 1991 I gave up flying to follow my childhood dream of working in theatre and have appeared in "Calendar Girls", "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" and "Deathtrap" in the West End.  I have just had my debut novel published. It's called "Learning To Fly" and is a romantic comedy of self-discovery, set in the contrasting worlds of airline and theatre. Please click on the link read about Jane's book.  Learning to Fly by Jane Lambert

Phil Lancaster     Although we were at the northern outpost we still served and enjoyed the crack, right onto the end.

Alan Lane   Alan passed away peacefully on January 27th 2009. Our sincerest condolences go out to Alan's family and to his children John and Judith. Alan Remembered

Alan's original Guestbook Entry :
Would love to hear from old friends who remember me from my aircrew days (DC4, DC6, Britannia, 111, B707, DC10 )...Air Charter 1954, through to BCAL 1983.

Darlene Lane  17/03/22
I am so pleased to have found this site. I was executive assistant to John Story, EVP of North America during the years 1986 to 1987. I was originally hired as secretary to Gerry Swift. I worked with Marilyn Cook - Peter Barrie - John Stiffler - Alan Stronach (so sorry to hear of his passing) and the whole gang in Houston. Those were some of the best days…I was proud to be a member of the BCAL family! I love the website!

Paul Lane  21/04/17
I joined BCAL at Gatwick in 1982 as an Engineering Apprentice. On completion of my apprenticeship in 1986 I worked in Hangar 5 until transferring to the permanent nightshift - working in all the hangars (1, 3, 5 & 6) on the entire fleet and third party aircraft, as work dictated. In 1987 I transferred to the Line where we worked on the BCAL fleets and several other operators (Air Zimbabwe, Sabena, Britannia & Virgin). I left to join Iberia at Heathrow in July of 1988 after the takeover - I couldn’t stand the pay cut and shift change!

Bruce Langham     Excellent site and good to hear about so many ex BCAL colleagues. Very sorry to hear that Jim Spalding has died, he was a great character.

Judy Langridge (nee Cannon)
1973 to 1986 - cabin crew.  So pleased to have found this site.  What fabulous memories come flooding back!  It truly was the most remarkable airline with the most remarkable bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  I have been living in Spain for the last six years with my husband, Ken, and it's fantastic!  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Captain Lech Laszkiewicz 13/03/21
Sadly we learn that Lech passed away on 29th January aged 99. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Lech escaped Poland at the outbreak of WWII and flew for the RAF before being captured thus becoming a POW. We believe he started with Silver City, then BUA and finally a 1-11 Captain with BCal. Lech Remembered

Ros Lauder
I Joined BCAL May '73 and now due to retire July '02 from BA! (Cabin Crew) What a wonderful way to remember and keep in touch. - Will always be pleased to hear from old colleagues and friends.

Elaine Lawrence (nee Watts)  14/02/20
After 11 years with bmi, last May 2011 I joined Etihad Airways as Special Services Manager LHR at Terminal 4. My days with BCAL seem so long ago but when I speak of it I notice the airline still has the same respect as way back then. I've even found a couple of people in Etihad who used to work there too - we have a good pedigree! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Tony Lawrence  02/08/17
Sadly Tony passed away, aged 85, on the 27th July 2017 after a long illness. My sincere condolences go out to Tony's family, friends and former colleagues.  Tony worked for BCAL as an Engineer in the MT Section and also played cricket for Wingspan going on many of the overseas tours. Tony's service was held on Tuesday 8th August at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium, near Gatwick.

John Le Feaux
Sadly John passed away on June 12th 2022. John was an avionics engineer on line at Gatwick. His funeral was held in St Richard's chapel at Worth Crematorium on July 8th 2022. From Ian Haines: I worked alongside John on and off for many years, who became a good friend, actually became everyone's friend. He was the nicest person you could ever meet. John was a light hearted reliable team man, who will be sadly missed. R.I.P. John.

John Leach (Captain) 27/12/19
Sadly Captain John Leach passed away on 20th December 2019. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. He was a commander of long standing, having joined Caledonian, he started with service on the 707, following onto the DC10 & B747. John's service was held on 7th January 2020, Remembrances here, John Remembered

Karen Leach   27/03/15   IAH in res then Account Exec LAX, great memories

Jacques Leceuve  01/07/2014     Worked as a Tradesman in Engineering both Base and Line

Doug Ledingham 24/03/13
Joined BUA 1968 and continued with the group until 1996 when I left BA and joined new entrant British Mediterranean Airways. I met with many old friends at the memorial for Sir Adam, a tragic loss to aviation.

Tom Lee  20/04/18
Sadly Tom passed away on the 16th February 2018. Tom was a Line Maintenance Engineer for BCal. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Tom's service was held at the Downs Crematorium Brighton on the 9th March 2018.

Harry Leggett 19/01/21
Sadly Harry has passed away. Harry started with Transair at Croydon then on to BCal, he was an Airframe fitter / Engineer. Harry's service was held on 22nd February 2021 at the Surrey & Sussex - Harry Remembered

Lynn Leigh (now Clarke) 14/03/15
It's great to see so many familiar names on this site. BCAL was the only Company I ever worked for from when I left college. I spent 13 happy years there working in Tours, Leisure & Group Sales and finally with Dan Brewin on the 7th Floor. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Mandy Lenanton (nee BOON) 
I flew with British Caledonian from 1977-1981 when I left as a No.1. One of the happiest times of my life!....Would love to meet up with anyone who flew with me! This site brings back the memories and I've still got some of my old uniform to remind me!

Geoff Lewis  25/04/22   Geoff Remembered
It is with sadness we hear that Geoff passed, aged 86, on 22nd April 2022, my sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Geoff was bravely battling cancer in a Worthing nursing home. Geoff's original crewroom entry: I joined BUA. in 1965 as an Aircraft Engineer. It was the best New Year present when Caledonian arrived. Things changed so rapidly it was unbelievable. The Years with BCAL were my best years in aviation having started in Aviation in 1953.We were a great big Family. Which sadly all ended with the arrival of B.A.! The years from then on were my worst in aviation. From 1987 until I retired in 1997. It rapidly got worse. I have been lucky since I retired, if you can call having both knees replaced, surviving cancer, a hip replacement and the list goes on. About a dozen old BUA. engineers get together at the Wingspan every Wednesday just to reminisce. Happy Days

Ron Lewis 16/05/24
Sadly we learn that Ron passed away on 5th May 2024, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Ron sat on the BCal Board for many years and retired in 1988 at the takeover by BA. Ron Remembered

Sally Lewis 18/01/24
Sadly we learn that Sally passed away in mid January 2024. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Sally was a member of Cabin Crew. Sally Remembered

Jennifer Leyborne
Sadly Jennifer passed away on 16th July 2015, after a long battle with cancer. Jennifer was a member of BCal cabin crew and later a CSD with BA. Our sincere condolences go out to Jennifer's family, friends and former colleagues.  Jenny is remembered well by friend and colleague Ana Eva Heuberger who says "Jenny was a very dear person and fought very bravely over many years against this horrible illness". The family held a private service for Jennifer.

Bob Lillywhite  27/11/15
Joined BUA in 1967, within In Flt Services, catering. Great to be part of the best airline ever. Made redundant in 1988 when BA took over. A sad day for all. Still at LGW with BD on the Virgin account. Have just been taken over by GHI, another part of Gatwick history gone. Good to see so many familiar names on the site.  Having now spent 12 years working as part of the UK Border Agency at Lunar House East Croydon and a short time with OCS at LGW assisting for disabled pax passing through the airport, I am semi-retired but still looking to carry on working part time within the industry, but I have had to take a short break whilst undergoing some needed surgery.  So looking fwd to 2016 to see what is in store.

Anders Lindblom   
I was a member of  British Caledonian staff in the Buenos Aires Branch office. I Started in 1974, where I worked as Sales Rep. Later on as Sales Exec. until the Malvinas / Falkland war when B.Cal had to suspend activities in Argentina and various other cities in South America. B.Cal was more than a job. My wife always used to say, "you don't go to work to your job, you go to the club". And that was so. We had the most fantastic "family" at B.Cal / Buenos Aires. And lots of friends that one remembers in the South America route. Graham Broadbridge, Bruce Langham, Valerie Houston and lots of other great friends that one worked with during years.

Anne Lindup (nee Highams)   23/09/22  Love to hear from old friends

Captain Roy Linnington  04/10/12
Sadly Roy has passed away. Roy was in command of G-GLYN on BCal's inaugural 747 service to Hong Kong; Roy flew the Gatwick - Dubai leg. Roy lost his battle with cancer on 14th September. Our sincere condolences go out to Roy's family and friends. Roy's Thanksgiving Service was held on Thursday, 4th October 2012 at St. Andrew Parish Church, Nuthurst, West Sussex.

Dave Linsell 23/04/20
My links with BCAL go back to 1976 when I met (and eventually married Gail Ward) one of the Caledonian Girls. Gail joined BCal in 1973. Many happy memories, and the airline DEFINITELY was way ahead of its time in both innovation and style - never to be matched since. Sadly Gail passed a few years ago now. But does anyone have a copy of the calendar (around 1982 I think) with the girls in various BCAL destinations?

Bob Lister   14/03/15    I joined BCAL in 1980 and enjoyed flying as cabin crew until 1988. A great company to work for.

Bill Llewhellin 13/05/20
Sadly Bill, a former Redcap, passed away at the end of April 2020.  My sincere condolences go out to his wife Beryl, family, friends and former colleagues. No more is known, and any info much appreciated please. Bill Remembered

Cathy Lloyd  (nee Wright)
Still flying after 26 years with BA as a Purser at LHR and as most people have said it's definitely not the same. Still got all my old BCAL uniforms although some of them are somewhat smaller than I remember. I have managed to maintain my links with LGW as I am actively involved with the Gatwick Panto which is held at the Hawth Theatre every February. It is a great opportunity to catch up with some old friends Jacqui Radley, Barbara Clough, Elaine Baigent, Sarah Albrow nee Robinson to name but a few. Married to Barry.

Alan Lock  24/04/17
Sadly Alan has passed away. Alan service was held at the Sussex and Surrey Crematorium on the 28th April 2017. 
Alan's original Crew room entry: I joined BCal in 1973 having just completed 7 years with BEA, man what a difference I felt at home straight away and after 36 years I still have many friends from BCal none from BEA. Some of Alan's photos can be seen here  http://www.british-caledonian.com/Alan_Lock.html

From Ray McCammond. So sorry to hear about Alan. We were on the same training course at BCAL and I had also known him from BEA days. Such a nice fellow. RIP Alan

Nick Lockwood  13/02/17   I was in Planning and Marketing from 1978-1988; now an independent aviation management consultant and living in Hong Kong.

Elizabeth Lockhart-Mure  22/12/09
I worked for BUA and BCAL from 1966 - 1976. I have very fond memories of my time with BUA, I always felt were just one great big family, on arriving at Gatwick there were always so many faces one knew: Those really were the days - aviation at it's best, it was fun and such a privilege to work with BUA and later BCAL!

Riaz "Ray" Lodhi 03/07/20
Sadly Riaz passed away on 25th June 2020. Known to many as Ray, he was an Engineering Supervisor at Gatwick. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.  Riaz Remembered

Denis G. Long
Sadly Denis passed away just before Christmas 2002. Our sympathies go to his family and friends. His years with BR saw service in UK, Uganda & Ghana finishing with (1977 to 1988) in Sierra Leone. During all of this period he received tremendous support (particularly when on the tough stations) from so many colleagues.

Herbert "Lofty" Lord
I never worked for BCAL however I am currently researching my grandfathers flying career in both the RAF and his subsequent time in civil aviation including time with Caledonian. His name was Herbert Lord, also known as 'Lofty' or 'Bert' and he did 2 stints with Caledonian Airways as a Radio Officer and then Flight Navigator. His first stint was May till October 64' when he was seconded to Caledonian from BOAC and his second was from April 65' through to his retirement in February 73'. He flew on various aircraft whilst with Caledonian including DC6's, DC7's, Britannias and 707's. I would love to hear from anyone who may have known him as he passed away in 1987 and I did not get to know too much about him whilst he was around. Contact Simon Lord on  thesaint0102@yahoo.co.uk

Geoff Lord  18/09/22  Geoff Remembered
Geoff sadly passed away overnight on the 30 / 31 August 2022 in a nursing home, Perth, Australia. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Geoff's original crewroom entry with updates from 2011 and 2015: Marvellous site - great memories. Started with BUA, Edinburgh in 1965 then as Station Manager, Monrovia (skippered the Liberian Rugby team !!!), Bahrain and Singapore. Redundant '73 but later re-hired back in  Edinburgh then W Africa again. Married (still) Lisbeth (nee Thomas), also Traffic in Edinburgh then with Training LGW. Moved to Australia in '82 where I became national Cargo Manager for SQ - after 6 years consulting for DHL am now back on the right side of the fence and with some old BCAL colleagues in Emirates. Update 13/12/11. My EK contract finished 5th Dec '11 - an amazing 6 years with an amazing airline - BR to SQ to EK, it just got better! Working on one more contract then I think it's out to grass!   Update 31/03/15. I think retirement finally here! Finished a three-year contract with Qatar Airways yesterday which took me past fifty years in the industry. I would like to keep going a bit longer but unlikely I'll pick up anything else at 68!

Andrew Lothian  /
Maurice Lothian 24/02/21
My father Maurice was with Caledonian from '65 until '75. He flew DC-7's, Brits and 707's. Finished up as Fleet Manager on the 707's before he finished. He passed, aged 93, in 2008 sadly. I was a 747-400 skipper with Virgin but retired in September 2020.

Wim Louwers  08/10/11 
I worked for BCal from ’76 till the end, march ’88, latest at Sales & Service Manager in The Netherlands. Since then I enjoyed life but the twelve years in BCal were never beaten

Jan Lowes nee Shrimpton    I had the pleasure to work for BCAL from 1973 to 1977, short but sweet. Over the years I have worked for several airlines but none come close to BCAL.

Frank Lucas (contactable via Ian Lucas; his son)  04/09/21 
Enjoyed looking through web site. Noticed many names of yesteryear. Joined B.U.A. Engineering in June 1966 retired June 86 from BCAL It was a good company to work for especially after it became BCAL. All the best to the site and may it go from strength to strength. (Frank is now 99 years old, still very active, and still takes a keen interest in all things to do with aviation.)

Ian Lucas 18/08/15
I started my apprenticeship with BUA and during that time it became BCAL. Found memories of good people and good fun. My career with BA took me down many routes and different jobs. I started working in Gatwick Support Unit(GSU) in hangar 3 sadly no longer there. from there I went on to do various planning roles, Duty Control Engineer which brought me into contact with Flight Operation and Ground Operations for the very first time. This experience was to lead to my final role with BA as a Terminal Engineering Manager, representing Engineering at the Gatwick Centre, a job I thoroughly enjoyed until many I took early retirement in October 2003. I then worked at Northbrook College at Shoreham Airport instructing students' with a view to becoming Licenced Maintenance Engineers. I have now retired from Northbrook College and enjoying being fully retired. My father Frank Lucas (just above) is still going strong at the age of 94. BCAL with live for a very long time yet. 1st April 2015 represented 27 years since it vanished but it is not forgotten. I hope all my former colleagues are well hope to see some of you in the future.

Pete Lucas 30/01/16
Sadly Pete has passed away. Pete was an Aircraft Engineer, having joined BUA in 1960 until he retired from BCal in 1985. He received a long service award (25 years) from Adam Thomson just before he retired. My sincere condolences go out to Pete's  family, friends and former colleagues. Pete's service was held on the 10th February 2016. Pete Remembered

Dave Lusty 
I first joined BCAL Engineering at LGW in 1978, left in 1980 for four years with MAS in Kuala Lumpur but luckily came back to BCAL in 1984. Stayed with BA until retiring, have now lived in Normandy since 2003.

Gerry Lydon 31/08/19
Sadly Gerry passed away on the 24th August 2019. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Gerry worked in Ops both in the UK and overseas. Gerry's service was held on 9th September, remembrances can be found here Gerry Remembered

Hazel Lyttle (now Lane)  20/07/20
I would love to track down some old friends, especially Pari Sagoo.   We worked at LGW from 1972 until 1975   I moved to Amsterdam the same year to work for the Manager BCAL Armand Weiss and Hans Sennef. Now married and living in Oxford but would love to arrange a 'catch up' from that period.

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