John S. Katsaros  07/09/16
We have heard from George, John's son, that John passed away peacefully in 2013, aged 82. Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. John worked for Esso in Libya and being a regular on BCal's flights he got to know the Tripoli staff well, so when his work with Esso ended he was soon offered a job with BCal. John worked as a Sales Executive based in Tripoli.

Richard Keast
Hi to everybody, I started in the Airline Business with BUA as an apprentice in 1967, so I was there at the start and finish of that great airline British Caledonian. After 36 years I retired from BA in October 2003 and moved to the Isle of Wight in 2004. Enjoying retirement very much, did some part time bus driving for a few years which was exciting on the island roads but stopped that in 2018. I would like to hear from any former colleagues. Best regards Richard.

Mike Keely  09/01/22  Mike Remembered
Sadly we have heard that Mike has passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Mike's original crewroom entry from August 2017:- I joined BCal as an apprentice airframe / engine engineer in September 1975 (M entry for those who remember it). It was a different world then, the aircraft we used to work on were real aeroplanes - the Boeing 707 and the BAC 1-11, as well as a little bit on the Air Malawi VC10 (7Q-YKH). I transferred to British Airways in April 1988 when the merger happened, rose to the rank of shift manager and retired in May 2016.

Christine Keith (nee Horner) 04/11/23  Christine Remembered
It is with sadness we learn Christine passed away in October 2023. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Christine joined BCal in 1973 as a member of Cabin Crew and later married Peter Keith. Christine moved on to become Manager Reservation Services.

John Kelly  30/08/23   John Remembered
John, a former Captain, passed away peacefully on the 29th August 2023 at his care home in Horley. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. John was formerly of the BAC 1-11, DC-10 and latterly 747 fleet at Gatwick and had a flying career with over 20,000 hours logged.

David Kemp (Navigator) 23/11/17
Sadly we learn that David passed away early in November 2017. My condolences go out to David's family, friends and former colleagues. David joined the RAF in 1949 specialising in navigation, flying on Ansons, Wellingtons, Lancaster’s, Shackletons plus Air Sea Rescue helicopters. On leaving the RAF he joined Air Charter as a navigator flying Tudors and DC4s carrying on through in to BCal via BUA. By 1973 he was Manager Economics & Navigation in Flight Ops before taking the position in 1985 as GM Flight Ops Services at the Training Centre, and in 1986 he was made Managing Director of the BCal Flight Training Centre.

Along the way David also found time to navigate the Lancaster, Spirit of Caledonia, on its flight from Canada to the UK, with Mac MacKenzie at the controls. More on that epic flight and David's involvement can be found here  Spirit of Caledonia

Elaine Kemp (now Wright)  16/02/12
I flew as cabin crew from 1983-89 long haul and had a wonderful time and so many fond memories. Living near Suffolk with 3 mad children, would love to hear from any old pals

Keith Kennard   28/11/14   Sadly Keith has passed away. Im afraid I do not have any further details. Our condolences go out to Keith's family, friends and former colleagues. Keith's original crew room entry: I worked in MT Workshops at Gatwick from1978-1988, it would be good to hear from anyone who worked there then, great memories and good times.

Ian Kennedy 01/02/22
Sadly Ian passed on 31st January 2022. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Ian was a Flight Engineer and was well known and well liked. His service was held on 24th February. Ian Remembered

Ethna Kenny 07/08/15
Sadly Ethna passed away on the 6th August after a long illness. Our sincere condolences go out to Ethna's family, friends and former colleagues. Ethna was fomerly a Caledonian Stewardess before coming British Caledonian Cabin Crew Manager and Fleet Manager Cabin Crew Gatwick. Ethna is remembered well "A great girl, kind, funny, sharp and always positive even in difficult situations. RIP Ethna, with much love x" says Anne Marie Dunn. Ethna's service was held on 21st August 2015.  Ethna Remembered

Jenna Kent 
Had the pleasure of flying this wonderful airline on several occasions to Hong Kong and back when I was a girl. I also remember wanting to become a Caledonian Girl when I grew up !!!!!!!!  So sad to know it never happened, so I settled for the next best thing and became a pilot. It is sad to see such a landmark and icon in the aviation world, become a distant memory.

Peter Kenworthy  Updated email 01/03/22. Entry from 29/07/15
Joined BCAL in 1985 as a graduate trainee in the Planning Division (Caledonian House Fl.6, reporting to Laurie Price & Mike Carter). After the graduate trainee scheme my first full time role was as Route Evaluation Analyst (reporting to Dick Forsberg/John Osborne) evaluating new route opportunities including the following new destinations which came online: Aberdeen (via Manchester), Gaborone, Kinshasa, Muscat, Nice, Moscow & Tokyo. 

When Peter Smith became Commercial Director I became his assistant (Caledonian House Fl.7) and during this period I was seconded to Tokyo to assist Robbie Baird and Russ Davies set up the BCAL office ahead of the launch of the first non-stop flights between London and Tokyo by BCAL.

Upon returning to the UK and prior to the BA merger, I transferred to the European Route Office (Caledonian House Fl.5) and became Route Marketing Controller (working alongside Fiona Herdman-Smith who was European Area Marketing Controller) and reporting to Jim Beauchamp and Mike Bathgate.

Following the BA merger, I moved to Speedbird House (Heathrow) to work briefly in the Marketplace Performance office before leaving in January 1990 to start my career working for a number of independent airlines in Commercial roles including Birmingham European Airways, Brymon Airways, GB Airways, VLM Airlines, Air Transat and bmi regional. At GB Airways, I worked with many former BCAL colleagues including John Osborne, Jim Beauchamp, Mike Carter, Brian Readman, Damien Breen & Joan Beadle.

Frank Kerr 08/2010   It is with sadness that we learn that Frank passed away on 27th July 2010, he will be missed by his family, many friends and colleagues.

William "Bill" Kerr 26/01/24
A post in the Facebook group reported that Bill’s funeral was held on 22nd January 2024 at Torbay Crematorium, he was 99 years young. Bill was an Engineer rising to be Engineering Ops Manager and a Special Project Manager. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. From Hugh Cowan: "Bill was for many years my boss's, boss's boss but that didn't stop us striking up a very mutually  respectful and friendly working relationship. He taught me a lot about industrial relationships as well as an ability to look strategically at things i.e The Bigger Picture. As a manager, I knew that I could turn to Bill for advice before making changes. Outside of work, I very occasionally met him and his wife Cath in social situations. It was then that I could see why we got on so well as his values and beliefs mirrored mine - a facet of Bill that was not always visible in the workplace. A true gentleman."

Lydia Kettani 22/08/21
Sadly long serving BCAL ticket desk supervisor Casablanca, Lydia Kettani has passed away aged 78 after a brief battle with Cancer. She leaves her Children Kenza Ktu Kras, Rita, and Ali and four Grandchildren. She is survived also by her sister and brother. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. She had an interesting career working for Pan Am, BCAL and Lufthansa recalls George Banks. Lydia Remembered

Michael Kidd - 18/08/14
Sadly Mike passed away on 17th August 2014, in hospital near his home in the Dominican Republic. Our deepest sympathies go out to Ken, Mike's brother, his family, friends and former colleagues. Mike was in Operations with Caledonian and then BCAL at LGW, before transferring to the Ops Team in New York where he was one of the senior managers.

Mike is remembered well by friends and colleagues, Fred Fenton, Trevor Warburton, Mackenzie Grant, Alan Killick, Dick Holder, Tony Cocklin, and Linda Roscoe; who recalls "Lovely, gentle Mike. Such a great guy. We had some adventures in the 70s whilst in NYC, when we were VERY young. I met up with him again at LGW about 18 years ago with Rohan Alce and Pete Aplin to reminisce, he was living in California at the time."

Mike's original crew room entry :I have just learned of this site from a Xmas card from an old friend and former colleague at Caledonian Airways. Many old friends and happy times from my years 1967 - 1977. I note with great sadness the news about Alan Stronach a great boss and dear friend.

Alan Killick (Ex Crewing)  04/11/14
After leaving BA in 1993 I spent 7 years at GB Airways then moved from there in 2000 to SITA near to LHR where I spent my time demonstrating a Crewing system that we developed at SITA and then training and supporting customer airlines worldwide. I attend the Flight Deck reunion most Septembers which is a fantastic way to recall the wonderful times we had in ‘The World’s BEST Airline’.

At the end of Feb this year, 2013, I was made redundant by SITA and have joined the ranks of the unemployed. If anyone knows of any reasonably well paid crewing or crewing systems jobs I'd appreciate a mail please. You can write to me at  I am willing to relocate for short term contracts if required.

Jill Kingsman (now Hall)  29/07/15
I joined Morton Air Services as Sammy Morton’s secretary at Croydon in Summer 1959 - after Croydon closed the offices moved to Gatwick later that year and I worked for Sammy until 1961, when I joined BEA on a summer contract at Gatwick to fly on Channel Island Routes and then flew for them out of Heathrow and Manchester.  I joined Caledonian as it was then in May 1964 as a stewardess, flying out of Gatwick on DC6s and DC7c, and then flew on the Britannias until July 1965.  Caledonian then was a very small airline, with the office at Horley, and I have to say it was hard work but great fun, although somewhat hairy at times!

Lesley Kirkwood (now Spence)   24/01/14
Had a fabulous time with British Caledonian between 1980 - 1986.......We didn't know how lucky we were! Worked hard but played harder! Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me...

Brian Kneen 07/04/16
Sadly Brian passed away on 2nd April 2016 after a long illness. My condolences are with Brian's family, friends and former colleagues. Brian was an Engineering Supervisor (Airframe / Engine) retired.

Keith Knight   I joined BUA in 1961 (wheel bay) and retired from BA 1996 (seat bay) for me the best years were with BCal. A nice friendly company to work for, not to be forgotten.

Bill Knox 08/04/24  Bill Remembered
Sadly we learn Bill has passed away, my sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bill worked in the stores at BCAL and then for BA.

Gene Kolkhorst       Sadly Gene was lost in a motoring accident in 2008. Gene's original Guestbook entry: I was the station manager for Western Airlines from the fall of 1980 and until Jan. of 1982. BCAL was our ground handler. I keep in touch with 2 friends, Phil Bowell and Dave Perkins who are still the closest friends I have ever had. Dave just came to visit me here. There was a couple of young ladies that I met [cant remember names] that I would like very much to meet again. I so enjoyed my friendship with so many of your employees. I have such fond memories of my time in the UK.

A message from Phil Bowell
Gene became a BCAL-file when he arrived at Gatwick as the Station Manager of Western airlines - an airline which flew from Denver and Anchorage to Gatwick. Western was handled by BCAL and Gene and I became good friends. After Western was bought by Delta, he retired and bought a Truvalue Hardware store in Mammoth Lakes, California before moving to another store in Butte, Montana. We had some good times together, including a great trip to the the Normandy Beaches and another to Yellowstone National Park.  A great guy, sorely missed.

Susan Kriebel /Pockett /Kriebel
Worked with BCAL from Nov '76. With engineering for 5 years and remember I was brought in to work on G-BEBM G-BEBL now slaving away with BA cargo and I was hanging on till the pension was right and the money got good enough to go and I ran from BA in May 2009. I have plans to do nothing except sleep and chat up with all my mates all over the world, and will prob spend a great deal of time in Japan.

Kim Kwong   
Greetings from Singapore. I am Kim and I was a secretary to Martin Harewood and then to Jeffrey Youtan from 1972 to 1975 until BCal was closed down by the Singapore government. Hello to Geoff Lord and sorry to hear about Jim Spalding. I would be pleased to hear from Martin, Jeff and those that remember me.

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