David Herring    BCAL engineering LGW, Avionics

Ana Eva Heuberger
So many memories!!! I joined CALE//BUA on September 1971 working on the ground at Rio de Janeiro Airport,  wearing the BUA uniform to start with. Started to fly May 73, and was one of the "South American" girls based in Rio. My base was taken over by British Airways in 1985 and I carried on flying until retirement, in 2003. Love to all of those who still remember me from the good old days in Casablanca, Freetown, Recife, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Madrid, and of course Rio !

Alan Heyhurst
I worked in the Finance department between 1975 and 1978. This was when BCAL launched the Houston route and also introduced of the DC10-30. I remember watching G-BEBM landing at Gatwick on it's delivery flight. I was part of a publicity photo shoot and was on this aircraft before it entered service. It was a great aircraft.  BCAL was a great airline. It reminds me of the recent take over of Canadian Airlines International by Air Canada. Another great airline bites the dust.

Richard Heywood 06/09/11
Joined Caledonian Airways on 4 November 1970, just 26 days before the merger. Worked through Operations to Planning to Overseas Admin and then Sales and Marketing. Left in March 1986 after 15+ years which hold so many good memories. I left to start Genesis, which organises conferences and is also a business travel agent, thriving in Haywards Heath. I would love to hear from any former colleagues through the wonders of the web.

Barbara Hicks (Terryll)  03/2012
Sadly Barbara has passed away, aged 53. She joined BCal in 1980 and was a manager in Engineering Training. She left BA in 1991.

David Hicks  18/08/15
Joined BUA in February 1966. Worked in BCAL Accounts at LGW till Sept '82, then transferred to Houston as VP Finance and Admin. Back to LGW in Sept '85 in Marketing Administration and then to Lagos in March 87 as Commercial Manager. Then back to LGW. With BCAL to the end. Many happy memories. Regards to all who read this.

Chris Hill  
Joined B-CAL in 1978 in cargo sales LGW. Moved to ATL in 1982 then to LAX in 1984. When B-CAL was acquired by BA, I moved to SFO and was there with BA until 1994. Worked with other airlines in the U.S. including United, Pan Am II, and BMI. Left BMI after 9/11 and worked in Beijing China with Menzies. Now living in rural France and trying to live the good life. Had a great time with the B-CAL family and have retained many good friends throughout the world. I believe cargo always had the most fun. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Please contact me anytime as I would be pleased to hear from anyone who may remember me. Chris and his wife also runs two Gites in France, special rates for Ex-BCal Staff too, see their website 

Bernadette Higgs (later Hughes) 07/02/22   Bernadette Remembered
Sadly Bernadette passed on 5th February 2022 after battling cancer. Bernadette was one of the original British Caledonian hostesses. Before that she was at Southend in the early days of Bristol Freighters (Frighteners) and jumping on wheel chains in 1965, later moving on to Laker's recalls Anne Jack.

Anne Highams
(now Lindup) 
Flew from 1973 - 1979. I Loved every minute of my life at BCAL, married someone I met through flying. Still in touch with some of those I flew with - in fact it turned out that a fellow cabin crew member was living in the next village and we never realised! Great memories which live on, which just goes to show what an amazing family we were!

Nick Higson 13/06/17
I was with BCal Cargo Revenue from 1983 until the merger with British Airways in 1989. After BCal I spent 2 years at Air Europe Cargo and 19 years with AIR MILES/AVIOS whose Head Office was in Astral Towers (Caledonian House). In 2011 AIR MILES decided they no longer needed my services and following a temporary post, I found myself working for CCUK (a credit card company) for 2 years before the Crawley operation was closed and the work moved to the US. I have now had to resort to temporary work.

Rod Hoare 16/08/16
Sadly Rod has passed away. Rod held roles as General Manager Passenger Services and rose to become BCAL's Director of Ground Operations. My sincere condolences go out to Rod's family, friends and former colleagues. Rod's service was held on 5th September 2016. Rod Remembered

Linda Hobbs (now King)  14/06/14
I joined BUA from 1969 when as a new Secretary I worked in Special Projects Dept - main projects being selling VC10's and choosing replacements - I was very lucky to be inviting and indeed joining the passengers for the DC10 demonstration flights (very sad to see the last commercial flight of DC10 recently). I worked for Bob Isted, Robbie Roberts and Stuart Matthews with Cynthia Roberts, and Pat Turk who was secretary to the Legal Manager. Robbie later left to start Caribbean Airways (?) etc then Stuart took over from Alastair Pugh as Head of Commercial Planning and I went with him. I left in 1973 to have my first child - funny in those days no one even asked if you would be returning to your job after the birth of a child. Have always been following BCAL in the press and was very sad to see British Airways takeover - seeing as they had always been the 'enemy'!

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and also if anyone knows what happened to Stuart Matthews - I know he later went to America to work for either Douglas or Lockheed

Roy Hodges 01/10/21
Sadly Roy passed on 23rd September 2021. He worked for BCal in the early days. He was in the Purchasing Department, buying aircraft spares. His wife, Jeanette, invited friends to attend the funeral, which was held on 11th October at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium. Roy Remembered

Roger Hogbin  05/08/15 
I had 10 years with BCal from 1973 to 1983 at Caledonian House, mostly in Internal Audit visiting all Gatwick/UK and overseas operations on a regular basis. Made some very good friends at BCal, still in touch with many of them. Some great memories of the best airline ever. Later worked for Ogden's at Gatwick along with many other ex-BCal, later at Sercair/Serco Aviation, along with other ex-BCal, later still at Liverpool Airport, along with other ex-BCal. Now retired. Married to Marie, who I met at BCal!

Dick Holder
When one sees the industry today, we can all feel proud of the days of the Golden Lion, They were the best years of my life. It is nice to see so many old friends names on one site. Thanks. I am in touch with quite a few past colleagues. I now have my own consultancy. Please contact me if you wish to keep in touch or need some work!

Martin Hole (Captain) 22/01/19
Sadly Martin passed away on 14th January 2019 whilst in St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing. My sincere condolences to Martin's family, friends and former colleagues.  Martin's service was held on 11th February at Worthing Crematorium, Martin Remembered

Douglas Holland 03/07/20
Sadly Douglas has passed away (June 2020), he had been ill for a while.  My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Douglas, a former Red Cap also worked in Ops Control and was a well liked and respected member of the BCal team.  Douglas Remembered

Jenny Holland   13/10/08
Joined BUA Reservations late 60's and onto Traffic at LGW and worked in Amsterdam Sales from 1976-1978.  Came back to UK to London Sales at Victoria and worked for Ray Jackson.  Left London 12 years ago and live in Norfolk.  Semi retired  2007 and work for the RNIB as a telephone fundraiser.  BCAL still in my system and always will be - they were the best days of my life. Remember me ?

Steve Holland
1974-1979 traffic, res, and flight watch. Some of the best years of my life-fondly remembered. Would be pleased to hear from former colleagues-any chance of a reunion at/near LGW sometime?  Now fly 747-400 for Atlas Air ex STN.

Pete Hollingsworth 27/01/13  I was a BUA Apprentice, 1965 intake, then stayed through BCal and into BA until 2003. Then with DAS Air Cargo until they folded.

Gerry Hook 22/02/21
Sadly Gerry passed away on 4th February 2021. He was taken unwell and passed in his sleep. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Gerry started with BUA as a loader progressing to Service Control.
Gerry's service was held on 11 March 2021. Gerry Remembered

Pauline Hook (now Cornish)  15/10/15
A real blast from the past going through my old photos. They truly were the good old days and I cherish those fond memories. Lovely to see my AB course graduation photo following our months training. I am now living in Montreal; Canada.

Captain Martin Hogg 06/2002
Sadly Martin passed in 2002, aged 44, he joined BCal in 1980 and was a First Officer and then Captain on the 707 fleet.

Frank Hope 02/10/10
Frank, one of the four original founders of Caledonian Airways, passed away peacefully at home on Saturday 2nd October 2010, after a long illness. His funeral took place in the St. Richard's Chapel at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium on Tuesday 12th October 2010. Frank was an RAF Navigator and went on to join the old Eagle Airways, before being invited to help launch Caledonian Airways. He went on to be a board member of British Caledonian and was subsequently Chief Executive of the subsidiary charter airline, Cal-Air. Sir Adam called Frank "my master planner" recollected Tony Cocklin. The Scotsman - Obituary for Frank Hope

Steve Hope 
I worked in the tariffs department for a period of time in my first commercial job, lots of fun and a little bit of high quality work from what I recall. Many good experiences with BCAL/Calair over the years everywhere from Monrovia to Dubai...

Brian Hopper 
After spending 18 years with Canadian Pacific Airlines, ten of which were spent in their Trafalgar Square office as res agent, tariff advisor and rep I was posted to Toronto and eventually to their HQ in Vancouver as System Interline Manager. During my London days we formed the London Interline Club and I was lucky enough to be their first chairman.

Bob Norris - Caledonian and Henry Williams - BUA contacted me to let me know a new airline was being formed called Caledonian/BUA and would I be interested in joining. I did indeed join them and enjoyed several years promoting the company throughout Canada as Sales Manager. They were happy years, we had an excellent team and when Bob left we were joined by Rohan Alce as VP Canada.

After a short spell in New York I returned to the UK and became the Senior Sales Rep for the Midlands eventually becoming the Regional Sales Manager with offices in Newhall Street, Birmingham.

I accepted early retirement when the company was swallowed by BA and turned myself into a writer/photographer concentrating mainly on illustrated travel articles. I have reached my first century in national publications and am now working on my second. I am a Past President of our local Rotary Club and enjoy digital photography, music, gardening and rambling group meetings with the U3A. Until earlier this year I was a Investigator and Auditor with IATA.

Sarah Hordern (now Boustead)  20/02/16
Joined Caledonian in 1969 and left 1973/74 - can't remember exactly! Would love to know where Jackie Le Mesurie is, I lost contact with her. And anyone else who I may have known? Live in West Sussex with husband and dog - have two sons, one of whom is married with one daughter of 18mths so am loving being a grandmother!

Paul Horsting 02/05/15 
We sadly learn that Paul passed away in October 2014 after a long career in aviation. My sincere condolences go out to Paul's family and friends.  Paul's original crewroom entry: Great airline-worked as a pilot for a number of years, with Caledonian and previously with Air Ferry, Manston Kent. Retired from Cathay Pacific Airways-Hong Kong (26 years).

Bill Hotchkies  28/11/12
Sadly Bill passed away on 23rd November. Our sympathies go out to BIll's family and fiends. Bill's service was held on 7th December 2012 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.

Kathy Howe
(now Martin) 14/11/22   I worked from 1970 to 1977. I flew Long-haul. Started as Cabin crew and moved into Promotions.

Denyse Howie    I was ground staff and worked in the Clansman Lounge. Joined in 1971 and left in 1985

John Hughes   02/03/16
Sadly John passed away on 23rd February after long illness. My condolences are with John's family, friends and former colleagues. John was a founder member of Caledonian. His service was held on 8th March, details can be seen here John Remembered

John's original crew room entry : Thought I'd register before anything else so still have the anticipated pleasure of browsing. My time was Caledonian Airways - a founder member from 1961 - before they had their first DC7c until the arrival of the B707-320C's Was Charter Sales Manager and then headed up the new Cargo Sales unit just prior to the delivery of the first B707 which we operated - remember the first went out on lease pending the solution to the import duty levy which the government was imposing fully backed by BOAC at that time. Great company even then - short of work, cash but certainly didn't lack enthusiasm and dedication. First office over the estate agents on the corner of Massetts road and Victoria Road Horley. What days they were.

Beryl Hulme (now Mason)  15/08/15
I was cabin crew from 1971/1981. Married BCAL Golfing Lion Carl Mason in 1980 and still going strong. We have one son. I have spent the last 35 years as a golf groupie. So many happy memories of my days with BCAL, would love to do it all over again.  Now live in Oxfordshire and still have Lyndsey Robinson (Walker) as my best pal. We were on the same course Feb 71........Happy days!

Dyan Humphrey  16/07/20
I joined the company in March 1971 just when the merger between BUA and Caledonian was taking place. I started on check in/PHU but also worked in several other departments finishing on the ticket desk. I spent seven years' working for this wonderful company and have lots of wonderful memories. We were all a team including the management and worked well together with give and take on both sides. Customer service was second to none. Maybe some of you may remember my annual 21st birthday parties which started having missed out on a celebration for my actual 21st. I left BCal in 1978 and joined British Airways where I worked as cabin crew on the longhaul fleet for the next 26yrs. My heart always belongs to BCal though and those wonderful people I had the privilege to work with.

Philip Hunkin 24/06/19
Sadly we learn that Philip passed away on 23rd June 2019 after a battle with cancer. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Service news will be added once known, in line with family wishes.
Philip's crewroom entry from 25/07/15 : I flew from May 1977 to 1982. How fantastic to see so many names from the past. I can honestly say the best years of my life was spent with BCAL. After BCAL I flew for Caledonian then Thomas Cook. I married Maggie Macdonald a BA stewardess and have one daughter Georgia and we live in the Highlands of Scotland where we have a small hotel.

John Hutchings 08/11/14
I joined BCAL in 1978 as an aircraft electrical supervisor working in the hangars at Gatwick. I had come from BA at LHR having served my apprenticeship with BOAC from 1961 to 1966. BCAL had an openness that was sadly lacking at BA and I was so impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of all the people I met. It was a pleasure to work with a group of friendly and keen engineers. I had some good times and the airline gave me valuable experiences and opportunities that greatly advanced my career.

After the "merger" I soon realised that life under the new regime was not for me. In June 1989, with my wife and two children, I emigrated to Australia where I worked at Sydney for Qantas as a licensed aircraft engineer on base maintenance. In 1996 I accepted a position in the airline's Maintenance Watch where I remained until my retirement in 2010

Iain Hutchison 08/04/17
Joined British Caledonian in the Glasgow town office at 127 Buchanan Street in 1973. Parted company along with 'the 800' when the 1974 Oil Crisis bit and BCal cut back routes, etc. I think it was in 'High Risk' that Adam Thomson recorded how that had pained him, but added that he gained some gratification in being able to re-employ most of those made redundant during the following years - he must have mislaid my phone number! I was proud to work for BCal and, although it was for only a short time, I look back on those days with fond memories. I am currently a research historian at the University of Glasgow.

Some of the folk I remember from BCal GTO are Marlene Gordon, Susie Lander, Jim Lucas, Tom Moore, Debbie Rushbrooke-Williams, Marilyn McMahon, Jim McSorley, Cath Kerr, Barbara Goodwin (ex British Eagle), Colin Lamont (Tariffs), Mabel Sangster, John Brien - apologies to those whom I have omitted.

End of Page

Richard Ha   
I was the first local to join BCal HKG office in 1980, as a Sales Executive, and the last local to leave the company in May 1988, after took over by BA, as the Far East Regional Sales Manager. We had such excellent and exceptional team and leadership, this outpost had been expanding rapidly and successfully. It brings back lots of wonderful memories. I value and treasure those days and I thank all colleagues that I met. Those were the brightest and happiest days of my career in the industry. It is such a good feeling to be reconnected with this warm ďmotherlyĒ community.

Edward Hack Dakotas with Transair at Croydon Viscounts, Britannia's and BAC 1-11s at Gatwick. Very lucky to serve with Transair, BUA. and BCAL. They were the best!

Del Haggith 16/06/16
Sadly Derek passed away suddenly on 12 May 2016 aged 61. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Sylvie, family, friends and former colleagues. He joined BCAL in 1977 and went on to work with British Airways. He was always very proud of working for BCAL then when British Airways took them over he said it was a very sad day. A celebration of Del's life was held on 7th June, remembering a wonderful and great life of travel which he loved. He worked for British Airways as a Aircraft Despatch controller.

Del's original crew room (02/02/13) : From the workhorse BAC 1-11 through to the mighty 747 the one thing that stays in my mind is the golden lion that adorned the tailfins of our aircraft and what it stood for. Pride in the service we gave, and the great comradeship within the staff made the airline what is was. A airline that was envied all over the world and one through this website will not be forgotten. Remember ' We never forget you have a choice.  Started at BCAL in Oct 77 and now with BA ...Still at LGW.

Ian Haines 10/12/19
I was taken on by Pete Lucas as an Instrument Mechanic on 08 May 1967. It was BUA in those days. He put me on Line 4 on shift with Pete Taylor. I found life on the Ramp very rewarding, I worked with some very competent engineers, and learnt so much from them. I have very fond memories of certain personalities, John Faulkner and John Buck, they were very helpful to me, JF soon guided me in the right direction, JF always had the right tool for the job, he gave me half my tool kit. These two were always being called upon to go overseas on AOG down route, Arnold Sheed's Special men!

When Caledonian and BUA joined forces the Logo changed to the Rampant Golden Lion on the aircraft tailplane. A totally Flamboyant Image,the tartan uniform, the brand was impressive. It gave one a sense of well being working and representing the airline.

Sports tours overseas followed, Football and Cricket matches to overseas destinations. Mick Wearing and John Cook were two very enthusiastic personalities, who promoted and arranged these events, sadly they have both passed on.

In 1985 I was seconded to the Auto Land Team working with Eddie Jones. Happy days! Eddie's scouse wit, and joking sense of humour, it was a comedy show working with him. Des Green was the No1 Ramp Rat! unofficially Aircrew Liaison Engineer, he talked the hind leg off a donkey. Sadly they too have passed on.

Just to note the ends BCAL would go to get an aircraft on service. Terry Brown and myself were sent to Paris where we were put on a Flight of a lifetime! on Concorde to Dakar, then a flight on a Cessna to Banjul. Here we replaced the F/O Pitot Head on a B707. Then returned on the aircraft to Gatwick, The B707 was then put on the morning service to the USA. These days are all gone now, but somethings remain. Those were the days of our lives with BCAL.

Maurice Hale
Maurice sadly passed away on 8th November 2008. Maurice was born on 14th December 1924, he joined the RAF in 1943 and served his country until leaving the service on 19th November 1962. He soon joined BUA at Southend, working with Fred Laker. Maurice, an Engineer, rose through the ranks joining becoming Chief Project & Development Engineer for BUA by 1968, and was soon the P&D Manager for BCal in 1971. His work in Engineering continued and he was soon an integral part of the DC10 Liaison Group formed to develop and oversee the new fleet into service, and latterly the A320. Maurice retired on 2nd July 1986.

Ros & Peter Hall   Ros harvey and Peter Hall were married on 19th August 2016, many congratulations. Photo here

Bob Hallman  20/03/15
My name is Bob Hallman and I was the PR and Promotion Manager for BCAL on the West Coast, U.S.A. from 1986 until Feb. 1988, as BA took over.  Our group in L.A. was a fun team to work with and I miss those days! - Bob

David Hamilton 10/07/19
I joined BCAL in August 1971 as an apprentice. I was based in Toulouse as the Technical Representative for the acceptance and delivery of the A320ís, and was there when we were taken over by BA.

Tony Hampson  01/02/16
I joined BCal from Dan Air in 1985 working on Line 1 in Engineering with Steve Carter / Steve Wright / Paul Chapman. Then went to AMS to work with Nas El Masry until the merger with BA. After a few years as an overseas engineer with BA I left to go as a Flight Engineer on the Tristar with Caledonian. I am presently a Training Captain on the 757 based out of Manchester. Would be good to hear from old friends.

Ted Hankinson 
I joined BCAL in Easter 76 working in the flight kitchen, as a subby painter doing the ceilings. I went on to spend that hot summer painting the old terrapin buildings. By the end of the year I was full time BCAL and stayed until the end. In my time I must have worked in most of the hangars and offices, including Wilton Road, Tripoli and the station managers flat in Geneva. I still work at Gatwick for B.A.A. security and still see a lot of old B/Cal faces. We all say the same that it was the best airline ever to operate out of Gatwick. I still have a large print of the painting done of Sir Adam done in hanger five. You can pick out individuals in it including "Buster" Brown. I think this is a great site and a tribute to what Sir Adam achieved.

John Haney  16/06/22
Just visited the site and it was great to see the many great characters that were in BCAL. Following the merger with BA I decided to work for Meridiana at LGW as their airport manager. I then re-joined BA in 1994 but as Airport Manager Turin, Italy. I'm currently still in BA in Safety & Compliance. Having done all this however, my best memories were with BCAL in load control.......lots of laughs and a great fun time! Relocated up to Glasgow in 2015, and held positions at Thomas Cook Airlines and Loganair until redundancy in 2020. Now pursuing consultancy roles. Would welcome news from friends and former colleagues.

Cathy Harbour   (now Mounce)
I worked for BCAL 1984-1986 in Dallas Texas. My name then was Cathy Harbour. I worked with Kay Boot, Joe Warkentine, John Love, Vickey Manley, Kathy David and Will Blunt on the freight side of the equation. Would love to hear information regarding Harry Davis, Taffy, or others associated with the BCAL Rugby Team I helped chaperone and sponsor to a rugby tournament in Austin and San Antonio Texas 1985 and '86. Yes it was fun and of course there was not any beer. Married for 12 years and living on 11 acres with cows, horses, dogs, cats, and husband. Working in the International Dept of Blockbuster Video in McKinney, Texas. No I can't do anything about your late fees.  Thanks for making this possible. Hope to hear from you

Roger Harbour
Sadly Roger passed on 19th February 2017, aged 79. Roger worked for BCal Engineering as a Supervisor. His original crew room entry:- What a great idea to create this website. Until now we used to reminisce about BCAL, the world's greatest airline, while drinking, preferably Scotch whisky, from those beautiful crystal cut glasses with the Lion emblem, used in First Class. Has anybody ever thought about reproducing those posters BCAL issued? The "Robert Burns-Scottish Bard" poster, hanging in our staircase, is beginning to look a little worse for wear.  Keep up the good work. Be rest assured we will be visiting this site often. I worked for BCAL up until the takeover from British Airways. One of Maggies worst decisions!

Karen and Martin Harbour - looking for contact email if you can help please?

John Harding  30/01/16
Sadly John passed away, aged 72, at his home in Essex on 11th January 2016. My sincere condolences go out to John's family, friends and former colleagues. John joined BCAL in 1970 as managing director of the companyís Blue Sky Holidays subsidiary. He went on to become general sales manager, North Atlantic; and general manager of Golden Lion Travel, BCALís in-house Advance Booking Charter operator serving the Far East then later the trans-Atlantic routes. John's service was held on 10th February. John Remembered

Peter Harding  01/08/15
Joined BUA. Flew Heralds at Blackpool, Jersey, Isle of Man, Southampton and Gatwick. Transferred to the 1-11 at the merger. Later flew the DC10. Continued into BA and ended up on the 747-400. Lost my licence in 2000, but problem since sorted. Now enjoying retirement as a cricket scorer. Look back with huge affection to my time with B.Cal, and my 29 years at Gatwick.

Valerie Hardiman (now Poole)  11/03/16
I flew as crew to Hong Kong, Singapore and round world for British and Commonwealth on both of their Britannias, G-APNA and APNB. I have also crewed on Vikings, Viscounts and DC6.  I was employed by Hunting Clan and also did some BUA flights on changeover. When I Got married I flew for Royal Dutch Shell on Ambassadors. I used to meet up with Caledonian crew in Bombay!

Martin Harewood 15/02/2018
Sadly we learn that Martin passed away on the 15th February, whilst under treatment in Guys Hospital. His wife Kirsti and their two sons Nick and Daniel were with him.  My sincere condolences go to them, his wider family, friends and former colleagues.  Martin started his airline career with BUA back in 1966. He worked in so many different areas for BCAL both at home and overseas and achieved so much in his career which took him to both Air Seychelles and Air Mauritius during the 80's and 90's. Martin's service was held on 9th March 2018, Martin Remembered

Gary Harfield  12/05/15     I was an A/C cleaner from 1982, then a tug driver until the merger in 1988, I carried on with BA until 2012 when I took VR, BCal times were great.

Barbara Harmer
Barbara passed peacefully, aged 57, at the St.Wilfrid's Hospice - Chichester on 20th February 2011. Barbara flew as a pilot with BCal's BAC 1-11 and DC10 fleet and stayed on the DC10's post BA until transferring to the Concorde fleet. Barbara's Memorial Service - was held on 19th May 2011

John Harman 21/01/21
Sadly John passed away on Sunday 10th January 2021. John worked in Ops, Service / Load Control and had a spell in Passenger Services too. His service was held on 1st February, remembrances here: John Remembered

Carole Harris (nee Pratt)  19/03/16
Hi my name is Carole Harris and my maiden name was Pratt although I used the name Carole Ryan after changing by deed poll also.  I was Cabin Crew with BCal from 1981 to 1993 when I left to have my first daughter.  I have the most fantastic memories of BCal and don't think I've ever got over leaving.  Being Cabin Crew in the 80s n 90s was a fantastic experience and spent many a long week in South America,  West Africa and America. I also did a contract with Sabena whereby BCal had 1 side of the aircraft and Sabena the other (very bizarre).  I married Paul Harris who was also a steward. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me and also would love to email Beth Skivington,  We bought your house remember.

Roger Harris  01/07/19
Sadly Roger passed in late June 2019. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Roger's service was held on 19th July, details and Remembrances here Roger Remembered

Roger's entry from 17/01/15 : Decided to take early retirement from Portman as it wasn't the same company after their last acquisition. Really enjoyed my BCAL days in the UK, Sierra Leone, Mexico and the US and the great people I had the pleasure to work with. As one of the many casualties when BA 'merged' with us and so glad I didn't become part of that huge faceless organisation after the friendliness and family like atmosphere which was BCAL. To fill my time now heavily involved with the Royal Naval and HMS Cambria Associations in Cardiff and enjoy walking with my lady Penelope, playing bowls and enjoying life in general... not to mention the odd glass of wine or two !

We now have 24 foot boat so working on bringing her up to standards and Penny is in charge of messing and victuals ...have contacted MOD as may need to do a RAS (Replenishment at Sea) with a RFA supply ship if gin runs out !

And who said its great to be retired, never been so busy!  Was volunteered aka press ganged into being Cardiff branch Royal Naval Association Honorary Secretary.  Now in charge and arranging various events, Trafalgar Night Dinner, a big night for us, and Ceremonial likes of which are parades and funerals. On the plus side are the invites for visiting RN ships cocktail parties. 4  visits last year including being asked by the First Sea Lord (next the Queen in RN pecking order) to join him drinks on board HMS Enterprise. These ships visits are not for the faint of heart. Hopefully will be able to attend one of the BCAL reunions this year to meet up with old chums. As my good lady says the smell of LGW kerosene would be good for me!  Still doing the walks and fishing with fully loaded hip flasks when sailing out of harbour. After a few tots the caught fish look bigger.

Pauline Harrison  25/02/16
Pauline passed away peacefully on 16th February, at home, aged 77. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Pauline joined Caledonian in 1968 and left BCal in 1986. She was married to John Harrison (External Affairs) and was a Secretary in several capacities including working for Ray Searle, Roy Roffler and Jerry Farnsworth.  Pauline's service was held on 4th March, details can be found here Pauline Remembered

Hughie Hartley  26/05/15 
I first started at BCAL in the freight shed at Heathrow at the bottom of the 'Z' cul de sac in the July of 1975 moving to the loading section at LGW in April of 1982 and then onto the Transport section in September of 1983 where I stayed until the merger in April of 1988 transferring back to Heathrow in November of that year.

Denis Harvey 27/02/16   I was a DC10 captain with BCAL and before that flew for HCA and BUA. I would like to hear from old friends and also if anyone knows Mavis Overy. 

Mike Harvey  24/09/16
In the 1960's I worked in Southend Air Traffic before joining BAF OPS in the mid 70's before being taken over by BIA for the SEN schedules.  When AirUK came into being in 1980 I was asked to become their Guernsey manager and worked there until 1985 before setting up the base at Stansted when it was made the third London Airport. I was a member of SEADG (South East Airports Development Group) and the design team for BAA for Stansted's new terminal. Interesting times.

Richard Havers  03/01/18
Sadly I have heard that Richard passed away on the 31st December 2017 after a short battle with cancer which was diagnosed when very advanced. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues, he will be missed by many
. Richard Remembered

Richard's original crewroom entry
I joined BUA in 1969 as a messenger in cargo sales. After we became British Caledonian Airways I worked in cargo sales and then planning. In the early 1980s I went to Houston to work in cargo and for 6 months in Los Angeles to set up the BCAL office after we took over the route from Laker. I returned to the UK and started British Caledonian Commuter, which apart from almost costing me my job was great fun. In 1984 I joined Continental Airlines (cries of traitor!). In 1989 I decided that airlines had had the best years of my life so I went into the advertising and music business. Since the end of the last century I've been writing books and working in TV and radio a little bit. All in all I've managed to spend my whole life never having a proper job! I live in Scotland where I'm married to Christine (who has always been Christine but was Firth) who worked for BCAL at Edinburgh airport.

Martin "Mike" Havill
Martin, known as Mike, was one of the stewards and pursers recruited for the South American first class service, sadly we have heard passed in 2018 (ish).

Les Hawkins
I joined 1971 in flight kitchens/cabin services. Became a porter in 1978 and was still there at the end when the merger took place. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me during that time.

Duncan Haws 19/08/21
Duncan passed away peacefully on 2nd August 2021, aged 99. Duncan was BCal Sales Director and his career sat alongside his lifelong interest in shipping. He published over 50 specialist maritime books and he had an article published about his hobby in the BCal newspaper. Duncan Remembered

Elaine Hayes 18/06/2011
I worked with BCal from 1984 as cabin crew, there for the BA take over, but what a great company to work for, now living back in my native Dublin, married with 4 kids, still have such fond memories of a fab airline

Theresa Haylor
1976 - 1989 Engineering Stores. Now working for VAA with lots of ex BCAL people, have you engineers improved on your howling in the hangar's or are you still doing the call from the wild.

Keith Haynes  work email  home email   
At long last I have taken time out to visit this great site. The name and the memory live on and still people in the travel industry talk about "the best" Airline this country has ever known.

John W. Head    Delighted that this website enables past employees to ensure the BCAL flame is not allowed to extinguish

Richard Hearn    Worked in Engineering (Commercial), looking forward to meeting up with old friends and foes,  Richard (BA rtrd. hurray)

David Heal 15/10/13
I joined BUA in 1966 in Rostering with Bill Florey as my Boss. After the amalgamation in 1970 I remained with BCAL until September 1986 in what became Crewing, where I was responsible for Long Range Crew Planning. I miss the good old days and the camaraderie with the Crews. After I left I worked for a Market Research Company for a number of years and now I write articles for Railway Publications. I still manage to get abroad quite frequently and mostly in pursuit of Steam Locomotives and Paddle Steamers. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me & best wishes to all

Captain Martin Heath  16/01/24   Martin Remembered
Sadly we learn that Martin has passed away. My sincere condolences to his wife Helen, his family, friends and former colleagues. Martin flew the 707 and was a Training Captain on the DC10. Martin's funeral was held on 31st January 2024. Followed by a reception at the West Sussex Golf Club, Pulborough.  Martin's original crew room entry: I enjoyed your site and was very pleased to see memories of the old company. It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to work for BCAL and I had a tremendous regard for Sir Adam, who shone out as a beacon of honesty and integrity in an airline world that didn't always exhibit many of those qualities.

Sally Hedley (now Fothergill)  03/03/15   I proudly worked at C.L.A.T between 1981 and 1987

Geert Heetebrij  24/02/15
I used to work for BCAL at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam from April 1st 1978 until July 31st 1988 (ten years).
Not that long ago I got to hear about the Crewroom here. I enjoy the site very much. Warmest regards and hopefully I may hear from people I knew.

Glyn Henderson  28/02/23
Joined BCal Engineering Base Maintenance 1978-1988. Participated in a number of WARR events during that time with the BCal running club. Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me during that time.

Marilyn Henderson   
Joined Caledonian in 1969 as a hostie, had a great time & met some lovely people along the way. Flew on Brittanias, 1-11s & the good old 707. Missed it terribly when I left to get married in 1974. Went on to work for BAF out of Southend in the late seventies & early eighties. Moved to Australia in 1983 & after brief sojourns in Fiji & PNG have been in Brisbane ever since. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from the good old days. I used to share a house at Three Bridges with Jenny Wardrop (who went to work for BA I think) & Fidelma Doherty (Irish girl) who went to work as ground staff after she got married.

Roger Henning   19/09/17 
I was appointed VP-External Affairs for BCAL, when Sir Adam was bidding for the right to take on QF/BA with one-stop flight UK/Aus, via Sri Lanka. As usual, he was way ahead of his time. It was my job to brief Margaret Thatcher, at No 10, on the collapse of Laker Airways and rescue of stranded passengers by BCAL, for Sir Adam. I also accompanied Sir Adam to a meeting I set up with Rupert Murdoch, in a bid to form a duopoly with Ansett and also participated in CAA hearings in London. After I recommended Bill to be appointed Manager Australasia, I stepped into the role as Public Affairs Manager, (because I didnít know anything about ticketing and still donít). These days Iím in the business of protecting critical infrastructure including airports, seaports, missile bases etc.  Billy McNamara kindly advised me of the great job you are doing rounding up BCAL survivors.

Fiona Herdman-Smith  13/06/17
I joined BCal in 1983 on a temporary contract to do the IPS analysis for the Market Research Department - 6th floor.  I never looked back: I was lucky enough to be offer further work and stayed!  From Tariffs and Pricing, to Domestic Routes to European Routes, all great experiences with brilliant people and memorable colleagues.  Thank you to all.

Michael Herndon 19/01/22   Michael Remembered
Sadly Mike passed away on 17th January 2022 aged just 67. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues
. Michael's original crewroom entry: When BCAL began Houston service my employee number was 6. I started in cargo service, went into cargo sales and was promoted to Regional Sales Manager St. Louis when we began service to STL. I later went on to work for Continental as Vice President of Cargo Sales in the mid-80's. I still keep in touch with many close friends who were my associates at BCAL. I later went on to form my own specialty travel and marketing company; sold it in the late 90's and in a fit of insanity went to law school. I now practice law in Houston Texas and find myself wishing I was working for the airlines at least once a week.

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